Executive MBA risk, globalisation and diversity

MINES ParisTech

Program Description

Executive MBA risk, globalisation and diversity

MINES ParisTech

Executive MBA risk, globalisation and diversity

with Skema Business School

Taking decisions in a globalised world means being able to find one's path in a complex environment marked by the diversity of cultures and rationalities. It means making choices in a short space of time while taking a broader and more heterogeneous array of information into account. It means taking decisions in an uncertain environment in which opportunities often go hand-in-hand with risks.

Whether working in an SME, a multinational firm, administrative body or international organisation, executives must be able to orient their decision-making so that it encompasses this kind of complexity. To do so, we believe that they must review their way of seeing the world in order to understand how it interacts with other symbolic systems, other rationalities, other social, economic and geopolitical contexts.

Our Executive MBA does not, therefore, merely offer sound management training. Whether they are based in France, work with foreign partners or as ex-pats, our students will also benefit from high-level training in social and economic sciences.

Currently unique throughout Europe, this course aims to train executives and managers who will be capable of handling and anticipating risks - industrial, environmental, legal, financial - confronted by companies, but who are also aware of the changes (economic, geopolitical) affecting their environment, and who remain open to the diversity of cultures and rationalities. 

By signing up for our Executive MBA, you will benefit from the exceptional richness of a partnership enabling students to share the networks, international partnerships and academic resources of our two Schools. 

Consisting of 10 modules lasting 4 days each, the course has been designed and structured to allow you to pursue your professional career. During four trips (to China, Lebanon, the USA and Russia), you will discover new academic and professional horizons.

The aims of the programme

  • To acquire/deepen your working knowledge of the various aspects of management through training dispensed by highly qualified teachers from SKEMA and MINES ParisTech     
  • To obtain in-depth knowledge of the context (economic, geopolitical, cultural) in which companies evolve, and understand the stakes involved in globalisation   
  • To learn about risk management and be capable of managing situations of crisis     
  • To develop your critical thinking and ability to anticipate     
  • To approach the world in all its diversity, open up and see yourself from the perspective of other cultures


The EMBA MINES ParisTech – SKEMA is designed for company executives and managers who:   

  • Are actively employed and wish to develop their potential    
  • Want to advance their careers, and in particular become more involved in international projects     
  • Feel a need to step back and take stock     
  • Want to improve their management skills, not as a prolongation of what they have learnt and already know, but with a spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness towards acquiring new knowledge and new ways of thinking    
  • Have at least a diploma at Bac + 5 level or its equivalent      
  • Have at least 5 years' experience in a supervisory position      
  • Are capable of following courses and reading texts in both French and English     
  • Are prepared to work hard and commit themselves to a project which is highly demanding at personal level.   


The programme revolves around four main themes:

1. Understanding the stakes involved in Globalisation

2. Risk management and managerial skills for crisis situations

3. Seeing the world in all its diversity

4. Mastering basic management principles in order to act within a global environment.

Price : 38,000 € including stays abroad (accommodation fees, excluding travel fees) 

500 hours of training over two years, including:

Four stays on international campuses (Raleigh and Suzhou), in Lebanon and Russia

70 hours (ie. 10 days) devoted to personal development  

Training dispensed in Paris and at Sophia-Antipolis on the premises of MINES ParisTech and SKEMA, Wednesdays to Saturdays, once a month, ie.:

  • 12 sessions lasting 4 days each
  • 2 "international" sessions lasting 8 days each (China and the USA)
  • 2 international sessions lasting 5 days each (Russia and Lebanon)


  • Progressive approach (fundamentals, followed by in-depth analysis)      
  • Case studies and group work to develop analytical skills and put theories into practice     
  • Time devoted to individual reflection and discussion among students     
  • Sharing of experience (company visits in France and abroad, lectures)     
  • Testimonials from management executives and major players in the economy      
  • Project work (specific time dedicated to each session):    

- A professional thesis undertaken individually on a topic of your choice and supervised by a Professor;      
- A project undertaken as a group (strategic audit).


  • Our campuses in France and abroad benefit from the most advanced facilities for classroom and e-learning sessions    
  • The digital campus provides a community which facilitates exchanges between participants and members of the teaching faculty by means of :  

- e-learning modules     
- on-line access to the mediatheque    
- access to the "Companies and Careers" intranet

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2017
2 years
Full time
38,000 EUR
Start date Sept. 2017
France Sophia Antipolis
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End date Request Info
France Paris, Ile-de-France
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
Duration 2 years
Price 38,000 EUR
including stays abroad