Executive MBA in Marketing


Program Description

Search for solutions for your organization in complex and changing environments.

The Executive MBA in Marketing course aims to train experienced managers to work in the areas of marketing and strategy and generate greater results for their organizations of different sizes and sectors. It is a postgraduate course that leads outstanding professionals to better understand trends, analyze scenarios and seek solutions for their organization, in complex and changing environments.

The course was designed for professionals who want to become autonomous, dynamic managers who are able to positively inspire and influence their teams.

The range of disciplines contains essential themes for training in business management and encompasses the main marketing aspects, in order to sharpen creativity and innovative spirit, expand analytical capacity, improve communication skills and encourage teamwork and ethical behavior.

The Executive MBA in Marketing aims to support the training of transforming professionals, capable of questioning the status quo and leading the necessary organizational changes, considering both technical and behavioral aspects.


Course objective

The objectives are to discuss innovative concepts of entrepreneurial business management with an emphasis on the marketing area, to train a professional with the ability to lead and apply knowledge in adverse scenarios, who is able to deal with challenging situations and make more assertive decisions. The objectives include the development of an entrepreneurial attitude and the awakening of a critical view on marketing and business management, stimulating the development of managerial attitudes compatible with the philosophy of focusing on the market and business ethics and responsibility.

Who is it for?

Aimed at professionals with more than 5 years of experience in management positions, from the most diverse training areas, who wish to continue to evolve in their careers through the development of managerial skills in business administration and in the main contemporary marketing concepts. Suitable for professionals undergoing consolidation or professional recognition.

What you will learn

The course has a workload of 600 hours, composed of the following subjects:

  • Context
  • Leveling
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Integration



  • Fundamentals of Finance - Distance Education
  • Fundamentals of Marketing - Distance Education


  • Consumer Culture and Society
  • Information Technology and Digital Platforms
  • Business Economics
  • Consumer Insights

Strategy, Planning and Inspiration

  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Operations Management
  • Financial Management Applied to Marketing
  • Branding
  • Innovation Planning and Management
  • Quantitative Methods and Decision Theory Applied to MKT

Management, Execution and Sweating

  • Organizational behavior
  • Sales, Channels and Trade Marketing Management
  • Communication and Digital Marketing
  • Corporate governance
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Web Analytics & SEM


  • Course Conclusion Paper (TCC)

Classes are held on the ESPM graduate campus, and can be taught in other locations, pre-booked by the professor. The disciplines in distance education, indicated in the course program, will occur concurrently with the classroom subjects and in the initial period of the course.

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Last updated Aug 2020

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Com mais de 65 anos de história, a ESPM é referência brasileira em comunicação, marketing e gestão no ensino superior, com DNA de inovação e tecnologia presente em todos os processos de aprendizagem, ... Read More

Com mais de 65 anos de história, a ESPM é referência brasileira em comunicação, marketing e gestão no ensino superior, com DNA de inovação e tecnologia presente em todos os processos de aprendizagem, formando profissionais preparados para o futuro. Read less
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