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Executive MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance UOC-HBMSU

UOC Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The Executive MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance is a Joint-Degree developed as a collaborative effort between Handam Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), supporting the development of human capital and competencies in the areas of Islamic finance.

Credits: 60 ECTS
Start: 15 March 2017
Degree: Executive MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance UOC-HBMSU
Language: English

Islamic finance has experienced impressive growth over the past three decades. It has become a major source of wealth creation and a vehicle for investment in major financial centres around the world, offering viable and innovative models for investment and finance; a serious alternative to conventional financial systems which are under significant strain due to the recent financial crisis.

The Islamic banking and finance industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and employers value candidates with solid Islamic banking skills, paired with extensive business knowledge. To help prepare our students, Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya are offering a unique programme that combines a focus on Islamic banking with the dynamic market conditions and factors that will enable them to graduate with the skills required by future employers. The Executive MBA in Islamic Banking (MIBF) degree will help students prepare for the business world with confidence, as well as provide an in-depth education in-depth knowledge of the workings of global markets and competitors and to make the most of the strategic potential of multi-cultural teams. It also enables participants to discover the strategic elements related to start-ups as well as the entrepreneurial spirit to work within, or outside of, a company. In addition, this unique approach encourages the use of open innovation resources to service new business projects.

Objectives, profiles and competencies

The mission of the Executive MBA in Islamic Finance programme is to contribute to the human development in Islamic banking and finance through the provision of quality education and research, as well as promotion of best practices in this area.

The Executive MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance Degree is unique among Master Degrees offered in this area. At the heart of this uniqueness is the integration of the experience of UOC and HBMSU into the programme. This, in addition to the mode of delivery, which will enable far greater access to Islamic finance education to those who have not been able to access higher education in Islamic banking and finance for myriad reasons.

The Executive MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance Degree prepares graduates for a career in the specialized area of Islamic banking and provides them with a solid foundation in banking operations. Its aim is to enhance and develop the students' competence and intellect to succeed in this increasingly competitive business environment. Introductory courses provide a fundamental understanding of traditional business functions and processes. This is followed by the application of theories, methods and techniques of problem solving, and developing strategies for Islamic banking and finance.

A strong foundation in the evolution of business principles is set out in the early courses of the programme. This provides students with a fundamental understanding of traditional business functions and the processes that link them together. Advanced courses such as Islamic Banking, Finance and Accounting provide a more detailed examination of the functional areas of Islamic banking and finance. Graduates could expect to find employment in the private sector, manufacturing, government, not-for-profit, and service industries.

Academic goals:

  • To develop and promote strategic thought for integration in all the areas and aspects of a company.
  • To acquire criteria to be able to understand, and take advantage of, the evolution of markets and to improve the ability to operate effectively in a diverse and global business environment.
  • To promote critical thought, acquire a core of knowledge of the functional areas of the business and learn to use analytical instruments that help in decision-making in a complex business world.
  • To discover the models that favour excellence in management and the implications of new organisational formats, as well as to develop the organisational skills required to put new policies into practice efficiently within the context of the organisation.
  • To understand the strategic nature of innovation and technology and to develop the ability to use them as effective management instruments.

The strength of the programme comes from a number of sources:

  • The Broad-Based Curriculum - The programme covers the full range of Islamic banking functions. The curriculum is also enhanced by the inclusion of a general business component.
  • The Programme Focus - The programme emphasizes a learner-focused experience where theoretical concepts are integrated with practical applications. Special emphasis is placed on: the integration of business and Islamic banking, knowledge to promote strategic decision making, the applicability of these concepts in organizations in both the public and private sectors, including a wide range of functions within those organizations.
  • The Programme Delivery Method - The programme will be delivered using an online delivery methodology which allows the University to increase access to Islamic finance education as much as possible in a cost effective manner.
  • The Industry Advisory Board - An experienced advisory board, with representation from several countries guides the development of the programme.

Admission requirements and qualification

Studying the Executive MBA programme enables students to undertake tasks with senior responsibility within company management.

It is specifically aimed at:

Company Directors, Business Unit Managers, Line Managers, Functional Managers, Technical Professionals with general management vision.

The programme is aimed at professionals with a minimum of 3 years work experience. We will consider applications, on a limited basis, from strong individuals with less work experience. The applicant must hold a bachelor's degree and a good level of english.

The admission process requires a letter of application, curriculum vitae and a personal interview.

Prior knowledge

For these studies no prior knowledge is required.


Once the overall assessment process has been completed successfully, the UOC will issue a Master Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma/Specialization Certificate to those participants with an accredited university qualification that is valid in Spain.

Should you not have such a qualification, a Certificate will be issued.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Cost & Fees

The price of this programme is that which is in effect at the time of enrolment. Consult the section on Instalments and other payment options. When enrolling, you will be able to choose the payment option that best meets your needs.

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