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Program Description

The Executive MBA in Business Innovation (EMBAIN) is designed for managers who want to exploit the opportunities offered by the new technologies to increase the agility and transform the business models of their companies.

It combines a solid MBA core with a fluid business innovation edge, that explores the deep tech-driven business innovation challenges.

Deep tech is the set of cutting-edge and disruptive technologies based on scientific discoveries, engineering, physics, and medicine enabling a new cadre of business model innovation, the most powerful asset for steady growth.

Designed with a part-time formula to be totally suitable to your personal and professional life, the EMBAIN program is structured in:

  • training sessions in the classroom
  • distance learning
  • on the field projects
  • a business tour in Israel (elective activity)

An accredited MBA

The Executive MBA in Business Innovation is accredited by AMBA – Association of MBAs, the international certifying body which only accredits the leading 2% of the world's business schools with MBA programs, focusing on impact, employability and learning outcomes.

AMBA accreditation denotes the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education.

In Italy, only 3 schools can offer AMBA Accredited MBAs.

The Environment

What we call digital transformation is a new competitive condition characterized by the need for continuous innovation and agile experimentation of new business. The pressure to innovate is enormous because tech-based innovation is not a choice, nor a one-time shift to be survived – but a wheelset in motion that will continue to demand constant change, and unrelenting forward-looking leadership.

The Executive MBA in Business Innovation Impact

Business Model Innovation at the center

Focus on agility and customer-centricity as basic tools for business creation in a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Designing and planning your business

A key element is the development of an impact project consisting of a real business start-up by teams with the aim to create brand new ventures or new business lines within existing enterprises.

A part-time program

The Executive MBA in Business Innovation is held in English and lasts 22 months, experiencing classes and activities in 4 cities: Trieste, Milan, Padua, and Venice.

This is a cutting edge program, designed to mesh with the intense work schedule of a successful business professional.

It is composed of 2 parallel learning streams:

  1. The Master Core, that brings the solid backbone of an MBA program.
  2. The Innovation fringe that puts students in touch with some state of the art technologies directly into some of the most prestigious innovation centers in Italy.

A weekend formula

The Executive MBA in Business Innovation lasts 22 months, with classes structured in:

  • 3 residential weeks in Trieste from Monday to Saturday (Sat. only in the morning): one at the beginning of the Master, one in the middle and the last one at the end of the program.
  • 19 weekends with training sessions on Friday and Saturday (17 weekends in Milan, 1 in Pisa and 1 in Padua).

The part-time format allows you to continue advancing in your career while you study, in an innovative environment.

MIB’s online platform will be a precious tool to keep in touch with lecturers and classmates and to always stay updated with all teaching materials.


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The EMBA-in Phases

To gain the Executive MBA in Business Innovation diploma, you have to reach 60 ECTS credits.

General Management Core - 40 Credits

It is developed in 7 courses lasting 8 weeks of training sessions, in Trieste and in Milan. Each course has an opening and a closing session of 2 days. Here are the Core courses:

  1. Human Resources and Leadership Skills | 6 credits
  2. Accounting and Reporting | 6 credits
  3. Corporate Finance and Business Planning | 6 credits
  4. Strategic Marketing | 6 credits
  5. Agile Operations & Project Management | 4 credits
  6. Strategic Management and Organization Design | 6 credits
  7. Managerial Accounting and Balanced Scorecard | 6 credits

Business Innovation Edge - 14 credits

A vertical of 7 courses (out of 16 in total):

  1. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for business | 2 credits
  2. Open Innovation Platforms and Ecosystems business models | 2 credits
  3. Design Thinking Lab | 2 credits
  4. Robotics: from Logistics to Companion | 2 credits
  5. Introduction to Venture Capital: put yourself in the shoes of the investor | 2 credits
  6. Lifescience Zone: how to develop winning solutions in global markets | 2 credits
  7. The Agile Company 4.0 | 2 credits

Entrepreneurial Management Course - 6 Credits

This is a central element of the EMBI program that links the two streams of the program: the General Management Core and the Business Innovation Edge. In a small team, you will experience the challenge to develop a real business start-up.

It is designed as a longitudinal growth process that starts the first week of the program and ends on the last day of your learning experience, with the discussion of the project in front of the final graduation commission, composed of both trainers and real investors.

The course integrates the tools learned in all the other EMBI courses into an overall framework to help general managers of all kinds of organizations to become more effective at managing their evolution, developing with a bias for action.

Aims at three Learning Outcomes:

  • Defining and Developing the Business Model
  • Resourcing the Business Model
  • Operating the Business Model

What you get out

  • Cross-fertilization of competences between managers and scientists.
  • A new business mindset.
  • Top Knowledge with academic and industry experts.
  • Relations and access to Partners networks.
  • Real-life projects and new ventures.
  • Best practices and strategies for your business and career.
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