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Program Description

The Drucker School Executive Management Program (EMP) is looking for professionals who have been successful in business, yet wish to prepare for future advancement. We seek to enroll well-rounded individuals who possess strong analytical and communication skills, as well as a record of advancement in management. We select students from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. We want people who will benefit, as well as contribute, in our dynamic classroom environment. Candidates for the EMP must possess a minimum of:

* Five years of mid- to senior-level management or professional experience.
* A U.S. bachelor's degree or its equivalent

We do not require the GMAT or GRE for admittance to the EMP. We do require:

- A Claremont Graduate University application (printed or online)

- Official copies of all undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts.

- Three letters of recommendation.

- Your career statement.

- Your resume.

- TOEFL results for international students.

- A $60.00 application fee.

- A personal interview with you. This can be scheduled after your application has been received.

Drucker Executive Management Program (EMP) students come from an incredibly broad spectrum of industries - corporate, private, governmental and non-profit - and a wide array of ethnic backgrounds. This diversity introduces a variety of perspectives into the classroom, generating lively and insightful discussions. You'll be impressed with your peers' intelligence, experience and fresh viewpoints, and how they will provide you with a greater understanding of today's business community, both domestically and globally.

The wide range of knowledge our students bring to the classroom encourages you to open up to ideas that you wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore without coming here. It gives you the chance to think in deep ways, leap beyond your own experience, and thoughtfully contemplate issues that impact the world.

Out students are noted for their eagerness to explore and learn from industries and environments other than their own. It is not uncommon for our faculty to comment on how impressed they are with the number of students who choose to work on projects that are not directly related or associated with a student's company or trade.

At the Drucker School, we discourage boundaries. You are encouraged to interact as much as you'd like with other students, alumni, and current prospects, as well as their families. It's part of our effort to foster connections and communities that expand beyond the classroom and increase your personal and professional network. If you are seeking advice on a work issue, we can even put you in touch with faculty, students or alumni with experience that might help.

Summary of Our EMP students
Average age: 42
Average years of management experience: 15

Percentage of women: 45%

Last updated Dec 2017

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Why Drucker? What makes one school different from the next? We believe it is the philosophy and the people that will ultimately define your grad school experience. And our philosophy is based on peopl ... Read More

Why Drucker? What makes one school different from the next? We believe it is the philosophy and the people that will ultimately define your grad school experience. And our philosophy is based on people—management as a human enterprise, as a liberal art. The people you’ll meet at the Drucker School reflect this philosophy—from the staff to the faculty, to your fellow students—in every interaction. You will be treated with respect, praised for your individuality, and embraced by the collegial synergy of our academic community. Here you’ll find high expectations and challenging programs, but also words of encouragement and expert guidance. You’ll find professors publishing the leading books in their fields who are eager to engage you in lively discussions about today’s most pressing issues. You’ll find a management style that values the cultivation of human potential as a company’s most valuable resource. You’ll find a school that is global, diverse, and rich with resources while being intimate and flexible enough for you to explore the path that is right for you. Here at the Drucker School, you’ll find something different. But don’t take our word for it—experience the difference firsthand and discover the possibilities your future holds at the Drucker School. Our Purpose We make a difference in the lives of those with whom we learn and the institutions we serve. Our Mission We achieve our purpose by developing and enriching the professional lives of our students: Enhancing their ability to think rigorously and ethically about complex, ambiguous issues, to make sound strategic decisions, and to lead and inspire others to achievement of common purposes Providing a personalized and practical, yet reflective learning experience Instilling intellectual curiosity and learning skills that will sustain a lifelong search for understanding and openness to innovation and change Read less