Executive MBA Program


Program Description

The Executive MBA program at the Marriott School of Management will be the most challenging two years of your life. Designed for the working professional, this intense experience provides world-class managerial instruction in a unique atmosphere. We stress not only the development of rigorous analytical tools and problem-solving skills but also the application of moral principles needed to use those abilities wisely. We want to help develop complete managers and leaders: men and women of outstanding professional capability but also men and women with integrity, faith and strong moral character who will influence the world for good.

Brigham Young University is known for teaching excellence. Marriott School of Management faculty members who teach in our EMBA program is our very best instructors. Not only have they had extensive teaching experience; most have had significant managerial and consulting experience as well. In addition to this stimulating faculty, your EMBA experience will be enriched by the talented and well-prepared students you will work with. Like you, your fellow students will have been carefully selected to bring to the program a rich variety of managerial experiences from different kinds of organizations.

Our program is not easy. It demands hard work, long hours, dedication and sacrifice. But, if you ask our past graduates, they will tell you the rewards are great in terms of personal growth, professional advancement, and the formation of life-long associations with faculty, staff, and fellow students.

Program Purpose

The BYU Executive MBA (EMBA) Program will attract, admit and graduate students who are committed to BYU's unique mission. The purposes of the program include

  • Help each student strengthen his or her testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Develop in students those management skills that will assist them in becoming influential leaders in their home, their church, their community, and their professions
  • Expand our student's vision of their possibilities and opportunities for their future professional development and service

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students in BYU's EMBA Program will

  • Develop a better understanding of how faith and professional accomplishment are complementary
  • Learn to work in groups and be part of effective teams
  • Be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Increase their ability to translate ethical values into business practice
  • Develop the ability to use technology efficiently
  • Be able to participate actively in a global environment
  • Become proficient in the subject matter of the degree

Target audience

minimum 5 years' full-time management work experience with an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.

Last updated Dec 2017

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About the School

Named for J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott, the Marriott School of Management shares many of the same values that have built one of the world's most successful hospitality companies.When founding his ... Read More

Named for J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott, the Marriott School of Management shares many of the same values that have built one of the world's most successful hospitality companies.When founding his company in 1927, Mr. Marriott said, "success is never final." We follow in this spirit-encouraging innovation, watching the details, and pushing for perfection. Mission Education To attract, develop, and place men and women of faith, character, and professional ability who will become outstanding leaders capable of dealing with change in a dynamic, global environment. Research To advance knowledge by building on strong conceptual foundations to identify and solve critical management problems, focusing special attention on global, technological, and entrepreneurial drivers. Outreach To extend the blessings of management education to members of the worldwide Church. Friendship To develop friends for the university and Church around the world through service in professional organizations and by collaborating in the development of management-education programs. School Brigham Young University's college of business became the School of Management in 1975. The school was named for Marriott Corporation founders J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott in 1988. The Marriott School is housed in the N. Eldon Tanner Building, a seven-story, 120,000 square foot, granite building located on BYU campus in Provo, Utah. Students Approximately 1,900 undergraduate students and 1,100 graduate students are enrolled in the Marriott School. Nearly 75 percent of the students are bilingual, about 20 percent speak a third language. Most have lived abroad. The school enrolls approximately 10 percent, international students. Alumni The school has nearly 44,000 alumni. More than 900 alumni actively advise students through the volunteer mentor program. More than 500 alumni and friends are involved with the school's advisory council and program-specific boards. Read less