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Program Description

The goal of Executive MBA is to educate leaders, not simply managers. We do this by delivering the essential knowledge of business functions with our innovative curricula. We help shape our students' capacity to think both functionally and critically. We strive to teach students to learn how to work as a team. We also teach students to understand the strategic and operating implications of new technologies.

The MBA Program for Current and Future CEOs

KU E-MBA, the first 2-year master's program started in 2003 in Korea, is a specialized intensive program, which provides the enhanced quality of education. KU E-MBA program mainly concentrates
on improving abilities of current executives and developing the potential of future executives. Thus, the program is designated for the executives and directors who have more than
10 years of working experiences, and it is also suitable for those who have potential to take an important role in their organizations.

The Best Quality of Education for the Leaders

The goal of E-MBA program is to provide the best quality of education in order to create specialists who will lead organizations in an age of keen competition. The students will be able to learn various global manners including table manner, wine-tasting technique, and art-viewing. These students will achieve confidence and competence as E-MBA students by interfacing
with the managers and CEOs of the future. Furthermore, the International Residency Program in China and North America held during the school breaks will help the students
acquire global sense.

Intensive Module System

E-MBA program provides intensive education and training primarily oriented toward not only specified courses in business administration but overall business administration as well base
on practical management theories. The program will be conducted on every Fridays and Saturdays, as each subject will be completed in two weeks based on its modules. Thus,
intensive practical coursework offered by E-MBA program can be one of the main differences between ordinary MBA programs and E-MBA program. Consequently, the students will interface intensively with professors and other students by involving in class discussions. Specifying a major and writing a thesis are not necessary for students, but the students may study their own field of interests through 'Independent Study' and 'Executive Learning and Interactive Team Exercise', which offer students the opportunities to study one-to-one with a professor or participate in small-group discussions.

Program Structure

Founded in 2003 as the first Executive MBA program in Korea, Korea University Business School (KUBS) Executive MBA program aims to train and guide competitive candidates to become global business
leaders. KUBS leads the way in educating business leaders who want to take their career to the highest level with exceptional academic and practice-oriented curriculum.

The Executive MBA program provides a solid academic base in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations, organizational behavior, statistics, and strategy. Each subject provides opportunities for students to become involved in projects that address fundamental issues in the subject. The state-of-the-art facilities, including LG-POSCO Hall, provide a world-class educational and research environment for both students and faculty members.

-- An exclusive program reserved for top candidates tailored to suit their diverse educational needs to become the global business leaders. The admitted students will constantly be challenged along with solid support from KUBS and keep up with the rigorous expectations throughout the MBA program.

-- An intensive and thorough curriculum operated on a module basis, in which one semester consists of 5-7 modules (1 module = 2 weeks) with certain time for individual study and preparation is allowed after each module to boost the program's effectiveness. Classes will be held mostly on Fridays (4 hrs) and Saturdays (8 hrs) in consideration of the students' work schedule.

-- At the forefront of the global business education - a wide range of joint academic exchange programs with renowned institutions worldwide.

--A program with practical benefits - everything learned in class is highly relevant and immediately applicable to present business management.

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