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European & american official online MBA accredited degree - Unique in Latin America

ADEN International Business SchoolThrough the Francisco de Vitoria University - Madrid, He won the approval the curriculum of its Executive MBA before the ANECA - Ministry of Education of Spain. This allows MBA degrees have official validity in Spain and throughout the European Community and, in turn, can be comparable / refrendables in other countries that do not belong to it.

In addition, the MBA has been accredited by ACBSPRecognizing their standards of educational and institutional quality internationally. This means that no matter where they graduate, graduates always have a certified USA title, the most decisive organization regarding the chosenness of the MBA.


The objective of the Master in Business Administration - Executive MBA is to prepare people able to perform successfully in the business world with an ethical and social perspective. To do this it aims to develop the following skills:

  • Understanding the dynamics of the company, understanding and mastering all aspects related to business management, enabling an integrated and comprehensive view of this reality, which is essential to arrive at the highest levels of quality modern organizations.
  • Develop the management skills needed to implement successful competitive strategies by integrating personal leadership models, essential to perform in front of teams composed of high performance organizations.
  • Generate a global vision with a strong anchor in regional businesses in Latin America.


Executives with university degree and at least 3 years of management experience.

academic content

The curriculum consists of 13 compulsory subjects (66 ECTS), 1 Elective Practice (12 ETCS) Work to Master (12 ECTS) and the Academic Week in Madrid (40 hours), as described below:


  • Organizational Management and HR
  • Finance and Economy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Corporate Strategy and Business Development
  • Business plan
  • Personal Management and Leadership
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Address High Performance Teams
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Great Books of Management
  • Strategic marketing
  • Financial analysis


The participant will complete 12 ECTS credits according to their interests and professional profile in programs to choose from any functional or sectoral area:

  • See Electives Practices


Perform personal work in which the mastery of the competencies of the Master is demonstrated. They are fundamental application of acquired knowledge and demonstration of ability to solve problems in new or multidisciplinary environments. It is intended that the participant integrate knowledge and face the complexity of making judgments based on information that was incomplete or limited, includes reflections on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments. In addition they can communicate their conclusions and the ultimate reasons that support to specialists and non-specialists in a clear and unambiguous manner.

applied knowledge


The Advanced Management Worshop aims to immerse in an enabling future graduates to generate a global vision and experience an intercultural experience environment. It is the instance of presence of the MBA to develop on the campus of the University Francisco de Vitoria. Academics, entrepreneurs and executives participate in the program generating direct learning experiences through business tours, lectures, group discussions and dynamics of integration. In addition successful cases reported by the actors which seeks to achieve a relaxed and enriching dialogue among colleagues, allowing thoroughly discuss the successes and failures in the business world they will be presented.


The main feature of ADEN International Business School is its focus on applied knowledge and skills learned to work. This allows our students to lead business projects related to each training dictate. To do this during the program completed the student must actively case analysis, project development, specialized workshops, project management and activities directly linked to the management participate. These applications are made through specialized software, video conferencing, simulation platform and other technical resources.


Integrative in each module and videoconference presentation.

Through a revolutionary technology incorporated as a means of participant / teacher interaction, a videoconference platform through which we promote mentoring, networking in presentation meetings, meetings integrators in each module and apply new learning activities as the resolution of cases and development of collaborative projects.


After completing the curriculum the participant will receive the title "Master's Degree in Executive MBA Enterprise-"Official title granted in Spanish territory the Francisco de Vitoria University.


To obtain the degree of Master in Management Executive MBA Enterprise-, it requires: Have completed and passed all the subjects included in the curriculum (90 ECTS).

The Final Work Applied to a company (TFAE) and Electives forms part of the curriculum and must be performed under the guidance of a tutor and presentation will follow the requirements of the academic Regulation.

Attend completed intensive week in Madrid, only requirement of presence.


The Executive MBA is designed to be completed 100% online, with the only requirement of the face week in Madrid. The completed of the subjects are done through the Virtual Campus ADEN, with personalized and constant monitoring of the participants in charge of general and expert tutors. Tests are face and take place at the headquarters or offices of ADEN.

Because online education is asynchronous, the participant and the teacher does not have to coincide in time or space, you need not agree or a place or a time to study, everyone can organize their own agenda to advance studied, and can access the virtual campus every day of the week, 24 hours extension period subjects. The only prerequisite is to have unlimited Internet access.

The participant will find answers to all your questions on the proposed content through forums for this purpose by teachers, tutors and subject matter experts will also have administrative and technical assistance through the Virtual Campus.

ADEN has developed a pedagogical model called interactive learning Transfer Model Pericles, that enables the transfer of knowledge acquired to the workplace with a practical approach.

The methodology is focused on the participant and adapted to their intervention can enrich the learning process. Participation in forums and videoconferences allows collaborative learning and networking, fostering conceptual and analytical skills necessary to lead, make decisions and bring them to fruition with tools and latest knowledge.

  • interactive educational platform.
  • Custom accompaniment.
  • Paced.
  • Academic excellence.
  • No fixed schedules or geographical displacement.
  • Direct link to work activity.
  • Videoconferences scheduled.
  • Case analysis and project development.
  • multicultural learning.
  • 100% Acceptance for mobile.

Access to virtual campus

The participant will receive a username and personal password with which will be identified in the Virtual Campus ADEN ( By accessing the campus you will be enabled sequentially to the contents of each of the subjects that make up the program.

Contents, as the subject to which they relate, are constituted by:

  • Mid materials developed by experts in the subject, presented in different digital formats (documents, videos, presentations, charts, concept maps, specialized links, etc.).
  • Application exercises, self-assessments, games and case development.
  • Video conferences.
  • Discussions and consultations.
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