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  • Prepare people able to perform successfully in the business world with an ethical and social perspective.
  • Understanding the dynamics of the company, understanding and mastering all aspects related to business management, enabling an integrated and comprehensive view of this reality, which is essential to arrive at the highest levels of quality modern organizations.
  • Develop the management skills needed to implement successful competitive strategies by integrating personal leadership models, essential to perform in front of teams composed of high performance organizations.
  • Generate a global vision with a strong anchor in regional businesses in Latin America.


Is an indispensable condition hold a university degree and have three years of managerial experience.




After completing the curriculum the participant will receive the Títulode "Master's Degree in Business Administration - Executive MBA" (*) o cial title conferred on Spanish territory the Francisco de Vitoria University.

(*) The official title recognized in all countries of the European Union, to be issued in Spain, with attendance requirement academic week in Madrid. online mode with optional support classroom actions.


It focuses on the participant and adapted to their intervention can enrich the learning process. It is eminently active and participatory. It develops case studies, workshops and exercises. Dictation Master aims, rather than just transmission of expertise, promote conceptual and analytical skills necessary to lead, make decisions and bring them to fruition with the tools and latest knowledge.

ADEN has developed an interactive learning pedagogical model called PERICLES transfer model that enables the transfer of knowledge acquired to the workplace with a practical approach.

To reinforce retention and applicability, heavy use of both digital simulators and board, based on mathematical models that allow to experience and play situations within the business world, where decisions are made and their impact verica in an environment is performed playful.

At the same time, the MBA is designed from the concept of self-managed, while each attendee chooses the specific perl his own career, selecting option programs and also manage manage their academic times, through obtaining academic credit within four years contemplated a maximum time completed.

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Jan 2020
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Jan 2020
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