Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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Program Description

Become tomorrow’s Companies Leader

Learning Methodology

  • Case study method
  • Project-based learning
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Self-guided learning (access to the databases of business content)

Program’s structure

The implementation of the academic course itself, which comprises four different learning blocks: orientation, core courses, concentration, and MBA Thesis.

At the same time, students have access to a set of services outside the classroom designed to make their learning experience fully comprehensive such as the professional careers services, business & social networking services, among others.

Our MBA weighs 75 ECTS credits. It includes French crash courses (4 days – 24 hours) and an induction day (6 hours).

  • Workshops/Seminars will be spread out throughout the program.
  • Profile of instructors: Experts with a strong track record in leading innovative and entrepreneurial projects Core faculty of EDC Paris Business School (Top-ranked Business School in France)
  • The target of Participants: Managers and leaders willing to boost their carrier through an innovative and entrepreneurial vision of management.
  • Learning trip: International seminar of 1 week in Barcelona at EAE Business School (Top-ranked Business School in Spain).
  • Program Duration: 12 months (including thesis).

Career opportunities

Chief Marketing Officer – Chief Digital Officer – Chief Operation Officer – Business Development Manager – Innovation Manager – Strategic Project Director/Manager, etc.


Zoom on orientation

It includes French crash courses (4 days – 24 hours) and an induction day (6 hours).

Zoom on Core courses (48 credits)

Core courses cover basic and essential business areas; core courses are divided into blocks that weight 6 ECTS credits (36 hours). Each block is made of 2 courses which weight 3 credits each.

  • Strategy & Innovation
    • Strategic Management
    • Innovation Management
  • Accounting & Finance
    • Financial Analysis
    • Corporate Finance
  • Value Architecture & Processes
    • Managing Supply Chain
    • Managing Information System & Processes
  • Managing people & organizations (HRM & Organizational Behavior)
    • International HRM (Human Resources Management)
    • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing & International Business
    • Marketing Management
    • International Business
  • Performance Management
    • Cost Accounting
    • Management Control
  • Data-driven decision making
    • Managerial economics (Micro & Macro)
    • Models for decision making/quantitative methods
  • Managerial & Leadership Development
    • Team and Intercultural Management
    • Emotional Intelligence & CSR

Students will learn:

  • To understand the dynamics of the environment in order to define strategic and marketing actions to create sustainable competitive advantages
  • How to drive value creation for stakeholders and to assess opportunities & investments a company can sustain
  • That successful strategy execution lies not only in smart and motivated people but also in effective and efficient processes.

Zoom on the “Innovation & Entrepreneurship” Concentration (16 ECTS Credits)

Concentration courses cover advanced business areas; each concentration course is made of 4 credits (24hrs) – Concentration courses weight 16 ECTS credits

  • Business Model Innovations at the Digital Age
  • New Product Development
  • From Business Opportunity to Business Plan
  • Transforming the Organization – Corporate Entrepreneurship

The key benefits for students

  • Enrichment – thanks to a cross-disciplinary approach
  • Keeping up-to-date as the programs are constantly revised
  • Employability – as a result of acquiring competencies that are in the greatest demand

Zoom on the MBA Thesis (11 credits)

The MBA thesis is an opportunity to put all the knowledge acquired into practice and accredit your skills as an executive.

All the projects are carried out as a group and are then defended in front of an academic panel

The MBA thesis is the central core of the program and holds the status of a course in its own right. On this course, the group designs and rolls out a business plan based on one of two options: a theoretical research project related to any aspect of business organization; or a functional operational plan based on a real company and situation.

The guidelines for the development of this plan and forming the working groups are presented during the course.

The MBA thesis has 4 key objectives:

  • Developing the skills and techniques required to conduct a research project
  • Enhancing the capacity for resolving problems in unfamiliar environments in contexts related to entrepreneurship and business
  • Integrating the knowledge, you have acquired on the MBA
  • Understanding the dynamics of the group roles and team productivity in relation to research.

Before starting working on their MBA thesis, participants will follow a seminar on how to conduct a managerial/business inquiry and research (9 hours)

Zoom on Personal development & Career services (48 hours)

Personal development is critical (an MBA is a life-changing experience!), but career service is equally critical for the rankings and students’ overall satisfaction.

  • 24 hours around personal development including topics around communication and presentation, a free MBTI assessment (or Similar) and networking,
  • 24 hours around career services including workshops, events, CV clinics, mock interviews, etc.

Workshops/seminars will be spread out throughout the program.

The Corporate Relations Department will be deeply involved in the design and delivery of this track.

Admission requirements & Selection Process

  • Official Bachelor’s degree in any field/Titre RNCP level 2 minimum / M1
  • 3 years of full-time experience
  • Proficiency in English: English test scores (TOEFL/ IELTS/TOEIC) – B2 level, compulsory for all non-native speakers or applicants that did not complete their higher education in English.

Application process

  • Complete Application file (Interview Preparation File, Resume, Grades, Degrees, ID)
  • Interview with the Admission Team No GMAT/GR/TAGE MAGE Required
Last updated Nov 2020

About the School

EDC Paris Business School is ranked in the top 10 business schools in France and 1st for entrepreneurship with a business creation rate 3 times higher than that of other graduate schools, while 80% of ... Read More

EDC Paris Business School is ranked in the top 10 business schools in France and 1st for entrepreneurship with a business creation rate 3 times higher than that of other graduate schools, while 80% of its young graduates go on to work in business development, intrapreneurship or innovation. Read less