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Top Executive MBA Programs in Zurich Switzerland 2017


An EMBA from Zurich can provide world class opportunities and career advancement, particularly in the investment realms. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and a financial powerhouse. It is home to large international banks and is world renowned for financial management. EMBA in Zurich programs are taken by experienced professionals seeking to advance their education and career to executive leadership or upper management positions.

An EMBA has the unique aspect of incorporating the overall professional experience of participants. A team approach is often used to allow for the sharing of different perspectives on topics; thereby, creating a stimulating learning experience. Coursework and interactive methods are combined to give professionals earning an EMBA in Zurich a new range of skills while being able to use their unique professional experience to complement the educational program. EMBA in Zurich programs include a sophisticated level of knowledge towards a broad array of contemporary management issues. EMBA in Zurich programs also imply a well-developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning and can provide professionals with the skills needed for leadership and management.

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Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management

ETH Zurich Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management
Campus Part time 18 months September 2017 Switzerland Zurich

A unique combination of general management studies plus in-depth focus on international supply chain management; Executive level instruction to prepare for future leadership roles. [+]

EMBA Degrees 2017 in Zurich Switzerland. ETH Zurich’s Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management (MBA ETH SCM) Key features: A unique combination of general management studies plus in-depth focus on international supply chain management Executive level instruction to prepare for future leadership roles A fully English-medium program - in the global business language Part-time attendance on-campus in Zurich enables executives to continue working for the duration of the 18-month program Core lectures are on-campus in Zurich, Switzerland, complemented by onsite study trips in Russia, the USA, Japan and China Regular VIP speakers, usually European executives, or board members of multinational companies spark dialogue on current topics in their industries A thesis project requires that learning be applied to an actual problem in the student’s own company Why ETH EMBA? Students will benefit by: acquiring up-to-date general management skills, combined with in-depth knowledge in international supply chain management becoming familiar with the new process-based orientation of management thinking gaining a truly global perspective with practical on-the-spot experience carrying out a Master Thesis of high relevance and immediate value for the employer joining an exclusive class of managers and specialists, selected based on the highest standards regarding educational background, job experience and intellectual capacity learning in a small class, characterized by personalized teaching, as well as by intensive interactions between students and lecturers being able to continue working in their organizations, as our program is for part-time study obtaining, ultimately, an MBA degree from the ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading... [-]

Executive MBA – International route

University of Strathclyde Business School
Online & Campus Combined Part time 24 months August 2017 Switzerland Zurich

Strathclyde Business School (SBS) has a long and proud history of being an innovative business school - and part of a leading technological university - with 'useful learning' at its heart. SBS was named Business School of the Year in the Times Higher Education 2016 awards announced in November. The award was made in recognition of the Business School’s innovative and entrepreneurial attitude and its overall ‘outstanding’ performance. [+]

The Strathclyde MBA has been available outside the UK since 1988, with thousands of MBA course participants now graduated and many more currently studying in their own country. The Strathclyde MBA has many study routes, but we emphasise our 'one MBA' approach. The executive MBA you study via one of our international centres is exactly the same programme as you would study in Glasgow, and the academics who deliver the core elements of the programme in your country also deliver the MBA in Glasgow. The programme format is especially designed for busy executives who need to combine career and family commitments with the demands of MBA studies. The flexibility of the part-time approach enables participants to graduate within two years. However, study may be spread over a longer period if necessary, to a maximum of six years. The Strathclyde Executive MBA is offered on part-time basis through our international centres in: Bahrain Abu Dhabi and Dubai Greece Malaysia Oman Singapore Switzerland [-]

EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration

United International Business Schools
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years September 2017 Switzerland Zurich + 1 more

The Executive MBA program of the United International Business Schools organization is offered at its campuses in Antwerp, Barcelona and Brussels. The program, totaling 450 ... [+]

EMBA Degrees 2017 in Zurich Switzerland. MBA - Master of Business Administration Total 60 credits Courses (GCCFMxxx) 6 credits /3 courses Courses (GCCHRMxxx) 6 credits /3 courses Courses (GCCMMxxx) 6 credits /3 courses Courses (GCCOMxxx) 6 credits /3 courses Courses (core) 12 credits/6 courses Electives 16 credits/8 courses Thesis 8 credits Program requirements Switching to another program once the studies have started is possible as long as the program requirements are met by the end of the studies. Therefore, the decision to switch should be made as early as possible to avoid not meeting the program requirements within the intended program duration. Admission Because of the program’s flexible structure and modular design, multiple starting dates are available in October, November, January, February, April and May. Admission requirements proficiency in the English language (refer to the admission section for further details) Bachelor degree (or equivalent) No distinction is made between academic or professional Bachelor degrees. Degrees with 180 European credits or 120 American semester credits are considered equivalent. Students who do not hold a business-related Bachelor degree or equivalent may be required to complete an inbound assessment test prior to starting the graduate program, and, depending on the results, earn an additional number of credits in leveling courses from the Pre-Master program in order to be fully prepared for our graduate programs. Students who do not hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent should apply for a Bachelor degree program, or for the Undergraduate Diploma top-up program. Refer to the undergraduate admissions... [-]

Executive MBA

SBS Swiss Business School
Campus Part time 16 months February 2018 Switzerland Zurich

SBS is among the first Business Schools in Europe to adapt its Executive MBA program towards the new demands of leading organizations and companies within the knowledge economy. [+]

Why sbs swiss business school SBS is among the first Business Schools in Europe to adapt its Executive MBA program towards the new demands of leading organizations and companies within the knowledge economy. We need people who can lead interdisciplinary and multi-cultural groups. Individuals who can combine knowledge across disciplines and who understand the role of the organization in the society. In order to meet these demands, we have reworked our Executive MBA program, with major in international management to give participants a set of tools to identify and creatively solve problems, add value and contribute in ways that are not routine. We welcome you to the Modular Executive MBA! Why select the SBS Executive MBA? You want: A world-class EMBA while you continue to work A program that combines academic theory with real world application, you can use at work. To improve your leadership and strategy skills To improve your career prospects and international network The 16-month program is designed to be compatible with the work pressures and the demanding travel schedules of our participants. The Executive MBA unites experienced executives and faculty from around the world, to build a global view of business, develop a strategic mindset and gain an understanding of the newest management tools required in today’s fast – moving emerging markets. The goal of SBS is: to help you reach your goals by professional learning, life drawn from experienced classmates, international case studies and expert faculty from around the globe. The program An emphasis on... [-]


HSO Executive Business School
Campus Part time February 2018 Switzerland Zurich Basel Bern Luzern St.Gallen Thun + 4 more

The Executive MBA (Executive MBA program in the format) will prepare you for your next career move as a squad member in the middle or senior management [+]

EMBA Degrees 2017 in Zurich Switzerland.

The Executive MBA (Executive MBA program in the format) will prepare you for your next career move as a squad member in front of middle or senior management.

This comprehensive and in-depth training enables you to run a business or division. They thus acquire the necessary universal knowledge management in key business areas.

Thanks to the transfer and competency-based learning design, you'll quickly be able to successfully apply new learning into practice. Your own company forms the subject of study and the problems. Collaborative learning and working methods to promote your skills to the interdisciplinary cooperation and communication, and teamwork.... [-]