Executive MBA Program in Lausanne Switzerland

Top Executive MBA Programs in Lausanne Switzerland 2017


EMBA programs provide opportunities for experienced professionals to advance their education and careers.  They can gain a wide range of new skills by combining coursework with hands-on professional experience. Lausanne is a top choice for many professionals seeking an EMBA as it is known for its financial and banking industries. An EMBA in Lausanne is great for business innovations with multiple opportunities for career advancement.

A unique aspect of EMBA programs is the overall professional experience of participants.  A team approach is often used to allow for the sharing of diverse perspectives on various topics; resulting in a stimulating learning experience. EMBA in Lausanne programs reflect a sophisticated level of knowledge regarding a range of contemporary management topics. EMBA in Lausanne programs also imply a well-developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning and can help professionals develop the skills needed for additional management responsibility, often in executive leadership or upper management positions.

EMBA in Lausanne programs are taught by the finest professors incorporating unique and interactive learning methodologies.  An EMBA in Lausanne is a great opportunity to help you reach your personal, academic, and professional goals. Take a look below to find what programs are waiting for you!

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Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration (full-time program)

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne – University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 12 months February 2018 Switzerland Lausanne

This 12 month program is ideal for “career climbers” wishing to move up the ladder in their present hospitality career, and also “career switchers” who currently work in a different industry and are interested in switching into hospitality as a completely new area of professional activity. [+]

Our 12 month Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration builds on previous experience to empower students with a unique combination of marketable skills for the hospitality sector.

This program is highly personalised, and prepares participants for specific opportunities and niche markets offered by the hospitality industry. It attracts experienced professionals and novices, artists and scientists, thinkers and doers, all driven by a sense of expectancy and a desire for change.

Admission Requirements


An undergraduate degree To enrol in the program, students need to have obtained a recognized undergraduate degree (in any field).


... [-]

Executive MBA

MoT Executive MBA
Campus Part time 1 year September 2017 Switzerland Lausanne

Like most Executive MBAs, the "Executive MBA in Management of Technology-based Enterprise", known as the "MoT", provides 360° business management capabilities. But in addition... [+]

Executive MBA

Like most Executive MBAs, the "Executive MBA in Management of Technology-based Enterprise", known as the "MoT", provides 360° business management capabilities. But in addition, it has also the following goals:

To develop and stimulate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship competences To ensure success in innovation by fostering a multidisciplinary approach for the conception, production and commercialization of new products or services To provide insights into the constraints and interactions within the technological, business, social and international environments Audience

University graduates in Business/Humanities on one hand and in Engineering/Natural and Bio/Med Sciences on the other hand; people with professional experience (normally at least 5 years, unless already entrepreneurial), who wish to boost their career potential through a multidisciplinary approach, and who are especially motivated by entrepreneurship and the management of innovation projects. (There is no need for participants to be familiar with technology. The program does not teach technology but rather the process to move a new idea, an innovation towards its financing and commercial deployment.)A large number of participants are from abroad; the age ranges from late 20's to early 50's.... [-]