Executive MBA Programs in Stockholm Sweden 2020

Stockholm is an ideal destination for a graduate business degree for many professionals from around the world. Sweden has a long history of excellence in academics and is home to many multinational corporations and businesses. An EMBA in Stockholm can prove to be a unique opportunity for a high quality academic program combined with professional development in a vibrant and international city.

Because Sweden is a forward thinking society, the EMBA in Stockholm programs value innovative and new ideas that integrate future trends. The EMBA in Stockholm programs are designed for business professionals who seek to gain the education and skills necessary for career advancement to executive and upper management positions. With an EMBA in Stockholm, graduates can build a vast professional network that can span the region, as well as gain valuable international experience which can provide a competitive advantage in the global job market.

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Stockholm University - Stockholm Business School
4 semesters

The executive MBA program offers a unique educational experience focused on international leadership and management practices applicable to current and future organizational l ...

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