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Galicia Business School

  • Masters, Masters and postgraduate
  • October 2018 - December 2019, Santiago de Compostela
  • € 12,450 See preferential conditions

Executive MBA: for professionals called to direct

Galicia Business School has designed its Executive MBA to promote the career of professionals called to assume greater responsibilities in the business field. It is especially aimed at those who have demonstrated their capacity and leadership in the technical and / or management areas to date and who now find the opportunity to lead teams and assume greater responsibilities in the management of their organizations.

If you are a talented professional, who already assumes management duties and you want to advance in your progression as a manager by growing your leadership and your skills, this is your program. You will be part of a team of professionals who already know how to do and manage in their areas of responsibility and whose challenge is to "do", lead and lead, integrating the different areas of the company, preparing for new professional challenges.


Are you a talented professional? Do you already assume managerial tasks? Progress as a manager and grow your leadership capacity.

It is part of a team of professionals and managers with high responsibility, whose challenge is to " do ", lead and lead, integrating the different areas of the company, preparing you for new professional challenges.

Learn by doing

Outdoor Training, Business Game, Business Simulations, roleplaying, Master Classes, Final Master Project and practical cases. Real experiences for real problems of your present and future as a professional and manager. Always accompanied by personalized coaching and tutoring to ensure maximum performance and the definition of your own personal development plan.

Global and digital

Innovative MBA oriented to the profile of the executive required by leading companies. Innovation, globalization and the need to assume the impact of the digital dimension are key elements to direct people, teams and companies in the coming decades.

Your time is gold

Aware that your main asset is your time, the program is designed so that you can combine it perfectly with your professional career: format of 2 weekends per month.

Teachers in active

Our faculty is made up of professionals and experts active in leading companies throughout Galicia and Spain. They will transfer the reality and the needs of the labor market that they drink every day in the business environment.

Exclusive networking

A group of professionals like you will meet in Santiago on two weekends a month, with high potential from leading companies from all over the peninsular northwest.

Silicon Valley immersion

In this experiential program you can live a week in contact with entrepreneurs and executives of the most innovative companies in the world, in their own organizations and in informal environments to know first hand their experiences.

Competition video game

Compete against the rest of your promotion in a video game in which you will test your managerial skills (decision making, leadership, etc.), making use of an innovative methodology awarded nationally and internationally.


In the face of admission to the program, the candidate's managerial potential and the professional and managerial challenges that he must assume in the future in his organization or in his future professional project will be taken into account.

In Galicia Business School we know that a good Executive MBA has three essential ingredients: a prestigious and professional teaching staff, a methodology aimed at management training and a group of participants with high potential. That is why we take special care of the selection of the participants and the homogeneity of the group.

Modules and Chronology

The Master will require a dedication of 500 hours (560 if you opt for the international extension) and will run between the months of October 2018 and December 2019. Aware of the "part time" format of a program of these characteristics and high level of occupation of the participants in their daily work, we assume that the face-to-face classes should be the essential, intense and fully exploited, so the program is developed in two weekends a month format (Friday afternoon and Saturday at the morning).


  • Skills and Management Skills
  • Business environment
  • Management and Economic-Financial Management
  • Marketing and Commercial Management
  • People Management
  • Operations and Technology Department
  • Strategy, Business Development and Competitiveness
  • Master Thesis project
  • Silicon Valley Immersion (optional)


In Galicia Business School all the members of the faculty are active professionals in the company, and all of them are recognized teachers in the professional world, both locally and nationally.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2019
15 months
Part time
12,450 EUR
See preferred conditions
Spain - Santiago de Compostela, Galicia
Start date : Oct. 2019
Application deadline Request Info
End date Dec. 31, 2019
Oct. 2019
Spain - Santiago de Compostela, Galicia
Application deadline Request Info
End date Dec. 31, 2019