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Executive MBA Program is a global management program designed to meet the needs of mid-career professionals . It develops effective managers for today's dynamic global organization

An MBA in Project Management is a program designed for students who want to specialize in Project Management. With the constant evolution of the business world, companies are searching for managers who can drive their way towards successful projects amidst diversities and advancements. An MBA in Project Management equips students with the tools on successful operations and management aspects. Students get the knowledge and skills on how to manage projects and time constraints, achieve smooth flow of activities by creating project plans, managing staff and measuring the quality and standards of project outputs.

Europe, one of the world's seven continents, is usually known as the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Second smallest continent, with 10,180,000 (km2), the area regroups 50 countries.

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International mba in companies in the infrastructure sector

Online & Campus Combined Full time 650 hours October 2019 Spain Alcobendas

The Executive MBA in companies of the construction sector has become, after seventeen editions imparted both in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in a reference in the sector as a training program in the matter of business management in Spain and Latin America. Since the year 2010, when its international version was launched, students from eighteen Latin American countries are participating, with the support and collaboration of the Organization of American States (OAS). The current situation of the Construction Sector at a global level and the need to strengthen the internationalization of companies is the reason to present this international program, especially aimed at Spanish-speaking professionals, both European and the American continent. [+]

If you identify with any of these cases, this is your program!

You want to advance in your sector and develop professionally in your current performance. You would like to run a department in your current company or in a company within your sector and professional activity. You have the illusion of undertaking and facing the challenge of creating your company or some initiative on your own. You want to specialize in business management in the field of infrastructures. You are thinking about the possibility of developing yourself in Latin America or Spain and you would like to share experiences with other professionals like you in a cosmopolitan city like Madrid.

The process of globalization that is taking place today leads us, all professionals in general and Industrial Engineers in particular, to the need to be open to geographic mobility, depending on the opportunities that may arise in other countries.... [-]

International Executive MBA - Project and Process Management

SMBS - University of Salzburg Business School
Campus Part time 2 years October 2019 Austria Salzburg

The "Executive MBA Project and Process Management" is currently the highest-quality training program in the area of project and Process Management in Europe. [+]

Language: 80% German, 20% English

International Executive MBA - Project and Process Management

Unique training program for Project and Process Managers

The "Executive MBA Project and Process Management" is currently the highest-quality training program in the area of project and process management. This study program, which is unique in Europe, combines highly professional managerial basic training with general management know-how and focuses on the area of project and process management.

Our goal is to convey management content with a strong scientific foundation, with special attention given to practice orientation. The MBA deals with the central challenge of leadership, finances, controlling, and law with a strategic-entrepreneurial approach. These skills allow you to competitively and successfully meet current international economic challenges in an environment that is growing more and more complex. The practice-oriented modules correspond with the strictest demands of economy and academia. This results in suitable training for project and process management, which has become a central job.... [-]