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Enrolling in an EMBA program after spending several years building a career may allow students to use their experience to help further their education. This type of degree typically gives students specialized knowledge in their chosen career.

What is an EMBA in Project Management? This kind of program typically helps students develop a greater understanding of the complexities of project management through courses such as risk assessment and organizational design. Students usually learn how to direct a project from start to finish, overseeing the design and bringing the final product to completion while managing a team. Through case studies and research of proven methodologies, students may learn how to deliver quality results and help their businesses grow.

An EMBA in Project Management can help students cultivate several core competencies, such as problem-solving, leadership, and communication. Strong problem-solving and leadership skills may allow students to succeed in their chosen careers and could even lead to job advancements and salary increases. Communication skills are usually useful in both professional and private life.

While an EMBA program can usually be completed in two years, there is no set price. This is because no two schools are exactly alike, so cost varies drastically depending upon which university is chosen.

With an EMBA in Project Management, students typically qualify for a number of careers in diverse fields. Some elect to work in construction as building managers. Others prefer to work in hospitals as administrative managers. Many choose jobs working in IT departments as IT managers, and some decide to pursue careers in the business field, working as business managers. Jobs as project designers may also be available.

Although an EMBA program can be completed through classes held online or on campus, many universities are offering more remote classes than ever before. Students balancing jobs and families with their education may have an easier time taking online classes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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The Executive MBA in companies of the construction sector has become, after seventeen editions imparted both in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in a reference in the sector as a ... [+]

If you identify with any of these cases, this is your program!

You want to advance in your sector and develop professionally in your current performance. You would like to run a department in your current company or in a company within your sector and professional activity. You have the illusion of undertaking and facing the challenge of creating your company or some initiative on your own. You want to specialize in business management in the field of infrastructures. You are thinking about the possibility of developing yourself in Latin America or Spain and you would like to share experiences with other professionals like you in a cosmopolitan city like Madrid.

The process of globalization that is taking place today leads us, all professionals in general and Industrial Engineers in particular, to the need to be open to geographic mobility, depending on the opportunities that may arise in other countries.... [-]

Spain Alcobendas
October 2019
650 hours
Online & Campus Combined
SMBS - University of Salzburg Business School

The "Executive MBA Project and Process Management" is currently the highest-quality training program in the area of project and Process Management in Europe. ... [+]

Language: 80% German, 20% English

International Executive MBA - Project and Process Management

Unique training program for Project and Process Managers

The "Executive MBA Project and Process Management" is currently the highest-quality training program in the area of project and process management. This study program, which is unique in Europe, combines highly professional managerial basic training with general management know-how and focuses on the area of project and process management.

Our goal is to convey management content with a strong scientific foundation, with special attention given to practice orientation. The MBA deals with the central challenge of leadership, finances, controlling, and law with a strategic-entrepreneurial approach. These skills allow you to competitively and successfully meet current international economic challenges in an environment that is growing more and more complex. The practice-oriented modules correspond with the strictest demands of economy and academia. This results in suitable training for project and process management, which has become a central job.... [-]

Austria Salzburg
October 2019
2 years