Part time EMBA Degree in Denmark

2 Part time EMBA Degrees in Denmark


Executive MBA Program is a global management program designed to meet the needs of mid-career professionals . It develops effective managers for today's dynamic global organization

Individuals who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to further increase their knowledge and training can choose to earn a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. An MBA is a two-year program that may help prepare graduates for a career in leadership and management in the business world.

Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a sovereign state in Northern Europe, located southwest of Sweden, south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany.

Best 2 Part time Executive MBA Programs in Denmark 2017/2018

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Executive MBA

IBA International Business Academy
Campus Part time September 2017 Denmark Kolding

The Executive MBA is based on many years of teaching, research and consultancy, which have been central to the activities of academic staff at Coventry University Business [+]

Top Part time Executive MBA Degrees in Denmark. Executive MBA with main focus areas on strategy, HRM and finance. The Executive MBA is based on many years of teaching, research and consultancy, which have been central to the activities of academic staff at Coventry University Business School and IBA, and have resulted in the development of high-quality study programmes at university level, research degrees, international work placements, media work and an array of publications at both institutions. FOR WHOM? The executive MBA is a truly international education for business managers delivered jointly by Coventry University Business School in England and The International Business Academy (IBA) in Kolding, Denmark. The programme appeals to people who want to get management qualifications at a high and international level. It is for people who are already in management positions and who would like to further their careers. FROM WHERE? All modules, with one exception, are taught at IBA in Kolding. The module Issues in Strategic Leadership is partly taught at Coventry University in a 3-day session. WHY MBA? With the Executive MBA from IBA and Coventry University you will: Develop yourself personally and make the most of your capabilities Get new and valuable information Acquire added value and make yourself an asset for your company Be better able to operate internationally in an increasingly globalised world Develop an analytical understanding of both the functional nature of business and the holistic nature of management Develop a range of skills and the ability to apply a... [-]

Global Executive MBA

AVT Business School
Campus Part time 18 months October 2017 Denmark Copenhagen

AVT's AMBA accredited Executive MBA is the only true global leadership program, offered in Denmark. [+]

Executive MBA


The Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) at AVT is an enriching journey that allows you to hone your managerial skills while exploring the changing roles of leaders in today’s dynamic business environment.

The MBA is an 18-month program in two parts:

Part 1 is the CBA which takes six months / 650 learning hours. Part 2 is the MBA that takes additional 12 months / 1,300 learning hours and builds on the successful completion of the CBA program.

The first part of the Executive MBA includes an enjoyable, eye-opening study tour to Cambridge in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Executive MBA class also travels to Shanghai for an immersion in the Chinese market.... [-]