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Marketing Studies

An Executive MBA (EMBA) in marketing allows students to advance their knowledge and expertise in areas such as product promotion, brand management, and marketing channels. Graduates find that they have the potential to increase their lifetime earnings, and qualify for positions of greater power and responsibility. So, what is an EMBA in Marketing?

It is said that marketing differs from sales in that marketing goes beyond satisfying current customer requirements, and actually generates new customer demand. Many find this very challenging and exciting. EMBA students learn many essential skills during their program. They include evaluating consumer behavior and identifying new product opportunities. Students also learn how to enhance current offerings, manage product image and company reputation, and market to international customers. Performing strategic brand marketing, managing print media and social media, and setting market share targets are also focused on during the program. Finally, students learn how to reach market penetration goals.

As full-time employees, EMBA candidates can immediately apply their new academic principles to their companies’ real-world problems. Most start their programs with significant job experience, with some as much as ten years. This helps students realize the true importance of their academic experience and focus their new knowledge on real-life marketing challenges.

Costs vary significantly depending on the particular institution offering the MBA program. In general, an MBA will include costs for fees and tuition, textbooks, travel expenses, software, and a laptop. Interested parties can start by identifying key learning centers, and then contacting their offices for specific costs.

EMBA marketing graduates have a wide range of interesting career choices. Many choose to advance to leadership positions in the marketing departments of their sponsoring company. They have the potential to become what some consider the most important position in a products-based corporation: the brand manager. They also become qualified to write business plans for entrepreneurs and help design startups. Some join venture capitalist firms and identify fledgling companies with high earnings potential. Some come to ailing companies and help turn terminal cash cows into cutting-edge products.

Executives interested in an advanced marketing degree have international choices for their education. Those without access to a nearby learning institution can choose an online program and dispense with the travel burden altogether. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Executive Mba Management And Digital Transformation

Ionis School of Technology and Management
Campus Full time 15 - 18 months September 2018 France Le Kremlin-BicĂȘtre

The MBA Management and Digital Transformation will train Managers able to meet all the challenges of the evolution of the company in the world of digital present and future. [+]

New world new pedagogical approach

The flexibility of a formation of today: to each his rhythm and his life

1 dynamic model: workshops, workshops and projects 1 sustainable rhythm: 1 evening per week (3h) + 1 Saturday per month (7h) 1 training for executives: the duration of training is compatible with the professional objectives (15 to 18 months depending on the integration chosen) 1 adaptable model: the system allows both the face-to-face and the remote for all events, including projects, to deal with all unforeseen events 1 flexible training: it is possible to join the course en route

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