Executive MBAs in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan has recently seen a significant push toward providing academic excellence to students from both inside and outside the country. With new educational institutions, a growth in international exchange programs, and a greater presence in the global marketplace, Kazakhstan is quickly becoming a destination for students from all over the world.      

Students of EMBA Kazakhstan are mid-career professionals seeking to advance to upper management and executive leadership positions. EMBA Kazakhstan programs are designed for students to continue working while pursuing their degree.  This complements the coursework as EMBA Kazakhstan students bring their professional experience to the learning environment and are able to apply business and management theory to their work. Students of EMBA Kazakhstan learn with a Central Asian as well as global perspective from experienced professionals who have worked within government and industry.

If you are considering an EMBA Kazakhstan, then take a look below and find the degree waiting for you!

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Executive MBA Program

KIMEP University
Campus Part time 18 months September 2018 Kazakhstan Almaty

The Executive MBA Program at the KIMEP University has successfully operated since 2007 with a mission to prepare leaders for the challenges of today’s business environment. [+]

Executive MBA Program

Professionally qualified faculty and business experts with sound industrial background conduct this program, which follows North American academic standards. Our students are mostly mid-career executives preparing to assume leadership positions and senior executives who are interested in enhancing their skills and job performance.

An MBA degree is awarded by the completion of approximately eighteen months of learning. The program balances the business skills and knowledge needed to act in a leadership capacity in a small to large organization. Prerequisites to all Executive MBA courses are determined by the Executive MBA Committee. Students study twelve courses, each combining the latest business theory and practical applications. Finally, executive students complete an independent study - a business research project or Master’s thesis – focused on the companies they work for or on the business aspects of their research topic.... [-]