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General Management

Individuals working as either managers and directors often take Executive MBA courses to become further qualified. These programs are ideal for those already working in their preferred field and cater to a number of different industries.

What is an EMBA in General Management? This program is designed to help professionals become better leaders within their companies and industries. Coursework typically delves into leadership and communication techniques, as well as methods for improving organization and planning. These degrees may involve a number of economic and business theory classes, as well as marketing, customer relations and business efficiency. Programs may require various practical assignments, helping students learn actual management techniques and business practices that have immediate applications.

Completing an EMBA degree can equip graduates with numerous skills, including leadership, business organization and critical thinking. These skills can help professionals lead companies toward success, and they also improve a manager’s chances for career advancement.

EMBA courses are often taken by part-time students, so the cost depends on how often classes are taken and how long the program lasts. To find out more about pricing, try contacting a university directly.

After receiving an EMBA in General Management, graduates can begin looking for high-level positions in their chosen field. For those already working as managers, it might be possible to become general managers or directors, overseeing a larger team. Employees looking to move into a manager or director position may be able to do so more quickly with the help of this degree. An Executive MBA may also help individuals step into leadership positions with young and developing startup companies. For those with an LLC, this degree may assist in securing work as an event manager on a per-project basis.

An EMBA in General Management can be completed at most universities as well as through online courses. To learn more about this degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Executive MBA In General Management

Institut für Management
Campus Part time 18 months Open Enrollment Austria Salzburg

Mastering entrepreneurial challenges, making strategic decisions, and fulfilling leadership responsibilities - the MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree qualifies you for leadership. The comprehensive General Management training provides up-to-date, well-founded business knowledge as well as management and leadership skills. At the IfM - Institut für Management in Salzburg you study in a particularly flexible way: individual study design and comprehensive support lead you to success! [+]

Part-time management studies in Salzburg

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the MBA Master of Business Administration has been the most recognized postgraduate degree of our time. Not without reason - because the study provides excellent business management training for executives at the highest academic level.

Your special IfM advantage:

Due to the modular structure of our Executive MBA program, it is possible to start your studies at any time! Flexible study planning and individual examination planning adapts to your time budget! The content and concepts developed by you in the course of your studies in the form of term papers and the Master's thesis will give you immediate practical benefits for your personal and professional future development.... [-]

MBA in General Management (EMBA)

German Business School
Campus Part time 2 years September 2018 Tunisia Tunis

The EMBA General Management program is sector-neutral and suitable for employees from different industrial segments and of economics, engineering, technical or science background. [+]

EMBA in General Management

GBS Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) program targets corporate executives, current and future managers, allowing them to obtain this prestigious degree while continuing to hold their existing full-time jobs.

EMBA program focuses on improving participants’ strategic management thinking which will allow them to perform critical analysis of any business situation and to apply various managerial theories to solve business problems. Another crucial aspect of the program is the development of leadership and communication skills and building professional networks through team building activities and group work. In addition, participants learn to use necessary tools for business research and by the end of the program can integrate and apply the received knowledge to their area of specialism.... [-]