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EMBA Human Resources

An executive MBA, or EMBA program as it’s often referred, is a comprehensive course of study and a graduate-level business program intended for those who already have about five years of career experience in a given area.

Just what is an EMBA Human Resources? Designed for those already working in the burgeoning human resources field, the EMBA Human Resources further develops the skills of value to human resource professionals, as well as companies large and small, from hiring and training techniques to payroll and administration. Additional attention is often given to developing traits of value in a strong leader. These programs offer HR managers and professionals valuable insight as to any industry changes and developments that have occurred in recent years, and are also an ideal way for those in the industry to forge new relationships and create new business and networking contacts.

Professionals who successfully secure this EMBA are often able to obtain higher salaries than they were able prior to receiving the degree, and they are also well-equipped with many of the current technological skills necessary for success in the constantly evolving field of human resources.

There is no set cost for obtaining an executive master’s degree in human resources. Rather, the cost of each program varies based on factors like program duration and the prestige of the program itself, as well as that of the school through which it is offered.

Most professionals who obtain this degree do so in an effort to further an existing career within the human resources field. Many go on to obtain upper-level human resources management roles, while others find work as business consultants, staffing professionals or in labor relations.

If you currently work in the human resources industry and are interested in continuing your education and opening additional doors for yourself career-wise, explore the numerous global educational opportunities available through our database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Executive MBA

TUM School of Management Executive Programs
Campus Part time 3 - 4 semesters October 2017 Germany Munich

The program ensures that students gain a full understanding of companies, business processes and functions because it is now more important than ever to think in a networked, integrated manner and look beyond the borders of any given field. [+]

EMBAs in Human Resources. Sound knowledge of general management forms the basis for success. Executives must have an overview of business processes as well as expert use of the most important tools and figures. Management, however, goes further: communication and leadership skills are vital in today's world. This is where the Executive MBA comes in. The program ensures that students gain a full understanding of companies, business processes and functions because it is now more important than ever to think in a networked, integrated manner and look beyond the borders of any given field. Executive MBA modules: Strategy & Organization Finance & Accounting Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Digital Transformation International Management & Intercultural Communication Leadership & Cooperation Stakeholder Management Organizational Change & Communication Elective Courses Individual Leadership Development Personal Development Program Program structure: Format: the program consists of nine blocks of attendance and is designed to meet the needs of working people and business founders. The MBA is compatible with professional work responsibilities in that the attendance blocks run from Thursday to Tuesday (Core Modules) or Friday to Tuesday (Elective Courses). This allows participants to remain at their place of work during each week (except during the stay in China), thus remaining available to employees, colleagues and clients. During your studies, you can avail of our personal development program and the associated mentoring program as well as of our Individual Leadership Development Program. Our individual leadership style analysis is a special offer for Executive MBA participants. It focuses on the development process of responsible leadership in the context of internationally oriented organizations and companies. Learning environment: classroom sessions, small interdisciplinary teams, constructive participant-to-lecturer ratios, case studies, company visits, evening sessions Teaching staff: professors from TUM, Tsinghua University Beijing, the University of St. Gallen and other internationally renowned universities. In addition to the main lecturers for each module, the Executive MBA involves numerous other experts from academia and industry, who share their experience and create direct connections with the professional environment. Running Case: in addition to numerous long and short case studies in the Executive MBA, you will experience a live case study hands-on, at close quarters. Company representatives will present the actual solutions and approaches used. In this way, the Running Case encompasses the various modules and sheds light on real-life business activities. Globalization and exchange: as well as working in Munich, you will gain international experience by spending time at Tsinghua University Beijing (China) and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). Entry Requirements: Third-level degree (university or similar) Several years of professional (leadership) experience Proficiency in English Application form Copy of passport or ID Letter of motivation Essay (approx. 2,000 words) Certified copy of degree certificate and transcript Successful admission interview [-]

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Al Yamamah University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Saudi Arabia Riyadh

The Al Yamamah University (YU) Executive MBA in International Management & Leadership has been created for early- and mid-career professionals who wish to build upon their undergraduate education and [+]

The Al Yamamah University (YU) Executive MBA in International Management & Leadership has been created for early- and mid-career professionals who wish to build upon their undergraduate education and early work experiences by enhancing their knowledge of modern management theory and the skills needed to address a range of issues facing leaders and managers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East. The case study approach is used throughout the program to link theory to application for career professionals who choose to combine work and study at the same time. Curriculum Foundation Semester BUS 505 Principles of Management BUS 506 Principles of Marketing BUS 507 Principles of Accounting BUS 508 Principles of Finance BUS 509 Introduction to Economics - Micro/Macro BUS 510 Introduction to Statistics Year 1 - First Semester ACC 505 Financial Accounting MGT 530 Management Ethics & Law MGT 510 Operations Management STT 505 Management Statistics MGT 545 IT for Managers Year 1 - Second Semester FIN 505 Financial Management MGT 525 Organizational Behavior & Leadership MGT 515 Supply Chain Management MGT 505 Strategic Management I MGT 520 Human Resources Management Year 2 - First Semester MGT 506 Strategic Management II MGT 535 International Business ECO 505 International Economics MGT 540 International Management MKT 505 International Marketing & Consumer Behavior Year 2 - Second Semester Concentration/Free Elective Concentration/Free Elective Concentration/Free Elective Concentration/Free Elective MGT 590 Business Plan/Thesis Concentrations/Electives Hospitality & Tourism Management HTM 550 Hospitality & Tourism Management HTM 551 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism HTM 552 Management Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism Human Resources Management HRM 550 International Human Resources Management HRM 551 Compensation & Benefits HRM 552 Contracts & Evaluation Entrepreneurship ENT 550 Corporate Venturing & Start-Up ENT 551 Entrepreneurial Finance ENT 552 New Product Plan Strategic & Development Health Care Management HCM 550 Health Economics HCM 551 Economic Analysis of Health & Systems HCM 552 Management of Health Care Information System Insurance & Risk Management IRM 550 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance IRM 551 Property & Liability Insurance Management IRM 552 Capital Market Issues in Property and Liability Insurance International Finance management FIN 550 International Finance FIN 551 Behavioral Finance FIN 552 Multinational Corporate Finance Marketing Management MKT 550 Strategic Marketing Management MKT 551 Marketing Research and Analysis MKT 552 Buyer Behavior: Understanding the Customer Management of Information System & technology INT 550 Information System Development and management INT 551 Electronic Finance INT 552 Information System for Business, E-Business & E-Commerce Public Administration PAM 550 Public Budgeting PAM 551 Administration of Public Institutions PAM 552 Public Finance & Governmental Procedures Project Management PMT 550 Project Management Strategies PMT 551 Managing Project Teams PMT 552 Managing Complex Projects E-Business and Technology EBT 550 E-Business EBT 551 E-Business Marketing EBT 552 Design, Development & Management of E-Commerce [-]