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The EMBA degree programs are flexible and affordable education options for full-time working professionals. In today's job market, it's not easy to find a competitive edge. Both employed and unemployed people look to an EMBA.

If you wish to increase your knowledge of social, cultural, administrative, and historical viewpoints of South America and the Latin world, this is the continent for you.

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Executive MBA

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Campus Full time 16 months April 2017 Colombia Bogotá

Javeriana University in association with Temple University grants dual degree: Master of Administration from Universidad Javeriana and Master of Business Administration - Executive Program, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. [+]

EMBA Degrees in Dual EMBA in South America 2017. Executive MBA SNIES 101893 Res. 10944 of 01-06-2016, valid until 30-08-2019 CHARACTERISTICS Javeriana University in association with Temple University grants dual degree: Master of Administration from Universidad Javeriana and Master of Business Administration - Executive Program, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. The Executive MBA from Temple University is in the Top 60 in the world and among the top 15 US, as reported by Financial Times 2014. 60% of the courses are taught by international teachers. Day: Once a month, Thursday through Sunday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Degree Awarded: Master of Business Administration - Executive Program awarded by Temple University and a Master in Business Administration awarded by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Modality: Classroom Duration: 16 months Admission Frequency: Annual Year started: 2017 SNIES: 101893 Resolution of qualified Record: 10944 of June 1, 2016, effective until 30 August 2019. Tuition value: COP 35,000 Place: Campus Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota *The value of tuition is the cost per period set to start in 2017. PROFILE OF APPLICANT AND GRADUATE Have a professional degree in any discipline. Minimum 10 years of work experience (7 in managerial positions). Be currently linked occupationally (independent or employee). High-intermediate level of English (B2)(C). CURRICULUM The curriculum is designed for professionals with managerial experience and offers a broad perspective of the entire company for making high-level decisions. SUBJECTS Report and Analysis of Financial Information Marketing Management Company Economic Environment Business Statistical Analysis for Management Creativity and Product Development and Services Leadership and Management Teams and Individuals Corporate Financial Management Management and Development of Human Capital in the Company Risk management Business Design and Innovation Contemporary Strategic Management Company address from a global perspective Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability Management Information Systems Formulation and Implementation of Business Strategy (Capstone) Operations Management in Business Workshop Grade 1 Workshop Grade 2 *The two courses of degree work are to write a teaching case and to make a consulting project in any of the student companies. ADMISSION PROCESS 1.Fill out the registration form online (first half of 2017 or 1710 period) 2.Pay the registration fee: $ 313,000. Upon completion of the registration form, the system generates the payment order, which you can cancel online or deposit in banks forth therein. 3.Upload the following documents in the system at the end of the registration form: Receipt of payment of registration fees. Photocopy of diploma, professional qualification or degree certificate. Labor certificate stating the position, employment dates and functions. Copy of transcript of undergraduate and graduate degree (if you have completed). Three passport photographs (3 x 4). Deliver them the day of the interview. Letter of employment recommendation. Photocopy of the identity document, expanded to 150%. (For foreigners, temporary alien identification or passport). ADMISSION PROCESS STEPS 1.ADEN GLOBAL test (online): Total time: 2 hours It includes modules: QUALIFICATIONS: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning (70 minutes) ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Proficiency level (30 Minutes) PERSON AND STYLE: Personality Test (10 to 15 minutes) POWERS: SAQ (10 to 15 minutes) 2.English interview. 3.Interview with the program Director. ELIGIBILITY OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Online application form Temple University, in English. official transcript of undergraduate studies, English (official translation accepted) indicating a minimum GPA of 3.0 (scale from USA). Additional management experience, more than 5 years, can be considered, if the average is less than 3.0 (scale from USA), only at the discretion of Fox School. If the language that became the undergraduate, was not English, you must attach certificate TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent examination 2 letters of recommendation, in English. professional statement, in English. Resume in English. Certification of at least 7 years of work experience, preferably in charges management. Personal interview with a representative from PUJ, in English, when deemed appropriate. Personal interview with a representative of FOX, in English, which can be done by teleconference or other electronic means. Legal Personnel Res. No. 73 December 12, 1933. Universidad Javeriana, institution of higher education subject to inspection and supervision by the Ministry of Education. [-]