Why the Swiss School of Management in Rome?

Simply put, a Swiss education carries value.

Our US and EU accredited Dual MBA Degree gives you more than a new line on your résumé. It gives you a professional getaway to the career you want, anywhere in the world.

The SSM-INSEEC dual Masters Degree Program provides our MBA students with a strong set of international experiences and opportunities. During the course of the program, the Dual MBA offers students an international perspective both in and out of the classroom. Leveraging the experiences of two dynamic business schools, students’ networks of classmates and professors will be doubled, while Dual MBA grads can become stronger candidates for employers with master’s degrees from both the Swiss School of Management in Rome and INSEEC in Paris or London. And with time spent in Rome, Paris or London students can truly make friends from all over the world! The program ends with a six-month paid internship either in Paris or London.

Learning in Practice

Students should know there are special moments that pull everything we have learned into focus. When theory, practice, experience, and talent all come to one sharp point—a decision that shapes a definitive course of action. When it's no longer an issue of what can be done, but of what you will do.

That’s the Swiss way of doing business. Switzerland’s reputation for excellence is due to a highly qualified labor force performing highly skilled work. The source of this reputation is what Switzerland is known for – high-quality education throughout Europe.

Ranked among the best MBA Programs worldwide

The Swiss School of Management’s MBA Degree is awarded in collaboration with INSEEC Business School, whose MBA Degree is ranked among the best Programs worldwide. Further, the SSM MBA Degree is fully accredited by IACBE and the Department of Veterans Affairs in the USA. SSM is a quality certified school by EduQua, the Swiss Quality Certification label for Institutions of higher and continuous education.


Our approach focuses on five areas:

Global & Managerial Intelligence

Rise to the challenge of operating in a global world. Mix-up with international candidates and experience what it means to work shoulder on shoulder with people of different countries, culture, and views.

Learning in Practice

Learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense pressures.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Explore a potential new venture, connect with entrepreneurs, and discover new opportunities.

A truly Dual Degree Experience to make you unique!

The Dual MBA program can be completed within 18 or 24 months. The Program starts in September or in January in Rome at Swiss School of Management where you will go through all core courses and specialize in Global Management and Leadership. After one year at SSM in Rome, you’ll move to INSEEC Paris or London for another six months of school. Once you’re done with your academic track, INSEEC will organize interviews for you, to go for a paid internship either in Paris or London.

At the end of your journey, you will graduate with an international accredited dual-MBA degree and six months of work experience. The internship is not mandatory to obtain the Dual MBA degree.ome is more than a fascinating European capital city; it is a spectacular encyclopedia of living history.

The Rome advantage

It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, and in Rome, every road leads to eternity. Living and studying in Rome provides a rare opportunity to experience a culture, which helped mold the modern world. Come study at the Swiss School of Management and walk on the same old cobblestones where once Julius Cesar or Constantine the Great passed along.

The Paris advantage

In Paris, the air is thick with possibility. Students who live and study in Paris take advantage of its possibilities through study at quality educational institutions and living life in any of Paris’ cool and trendy neighborhoods. Students that study abroad in Paris also take advantage of Paris’ abundance of cultural hotspots, icons, and happenings. Many students even commit to advanced language programs and quality internships in some of Paris’ many powerful industries. Ultimately, Paris study abroad programs provide students an expansively wonderful opportunity academically, personally, and professionally.

Alumni Relationships

Build connections and uncover business opportunities. As an MBA participant, you’ll have the opportunity to join international youth conferences organized by SSM’s academic partners in Europe. Further, you have the opportunity to change into the Dual or Capital MBA program, granting yourself a paid internship of six months in Paris or London.

If you want to take your career to the next level, get to Rome. Find out how Swiss thinking will drive your career further than you’ve ever imagined.

Curriculum & Teaching

Classes are twice a week: Monday & Thursday from 6-9pm, including two Wednesdays per month. This will allow you to immediately go for jobs or internships earning work experience. Further, while you are in Rome, it allows you, to travel extensively our beautiful country.

Choose your Specialization/Major

The Dual MBA Program allows you to specialize in two different fields, earning more than 60 ECTS. While in Rome, you will specialize in Global Management & Leadership. For Paris & London, you can choose from the List below:

While in ROME - At Swiss School of Management:

Global Management & Leadership Track

  • The global management & leadership track develops leaders to effectively manage global operations with a comprehensive curriculum that covers the core business competencies needed to succeed in today’s global economy. MBA classes are given mostly in the evening to accommodate for professionals who work or for students who would like to work or pursue an internship.

While in PARIS - At INSEEC Paris

  • International Business
  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • Fashion Marketing & Luxury Brands
  • Finance

(Choose one of the Tracks)

As you move into the second phase of the program, you will then dive further into international management & select the business track that best suits your career goals.

While in LONDON - At INSEEC London

  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Brand Management
  • Int. Business Management

(Choose one of the Tracks)

In the third phase, you will learn the global competencies needed to strategically analyze business today. Students will continue to learn how to work effectively across markets and business cultures, analyze and address future opportunities.


Discover the SSM difference

Throughout the MBA program, students will study leadership, business, entrepreneurship and management philosophies that can be applied to any management role across varied industries. Our business school also gives students hands-on, applicable experience leading groups and classroom discussions.

Our International Accredited MBA includes lectures, corporate visits, visiting speakers, self-assessment exercises and resume/internship counseling. Our goal is to start growing students’ networks from the moment they arrive.

Students will also find that our MBA location in the city center allows students to take advantage of all Rome has to offer. Classes are within walking distance of everything from the Pantheon to the Spanish Steps to the Vatican.

Check out our Executive MBA program and our unique Capital MBA Program as well.

A great business school should work hard to improve your career prospects. At SSM, that’s exactly what we do for each and every one of our students.

We feature monthly enrollments.


Name: David Schattschneider

Place of work: Rome International Airport – Cargo City

Graduation Year: 2018

Current Job: Postal Manager for Military Mail Operations – Fiumicino International Airport

Favorite Quote: “I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.” – John F. Kennedy

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am very confident that in 5 years I will be promoted to a Senior Manager level of Mail Operations either overseas or in the United States.

So you finished MBA classes in 2018, tell us about your experience after your MBA Degree Program.
I attended SSM’s MBA Degree program while working at my present job at Rome International Airport. I saw it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge level as a senior manager and leader since I had completed 2 previous Bachelor’s with other U.S. Universities. I finished my MBA as it has always been a long-time goal of mine to be able to complete an MBA. The program was very fulfilling and so much has been learned during the various courses. After the completion of the MBA degree, I will continue my present line of work in military mail postal operations at Fiumicino International Airport. Today, I manage over 10 people in the operations and provide oversight for over 3 million kilos of mail a year that transits through the Rome airport and various cargo warehouses.

What skillset do you need to do your job?
Leadership and Management skills are very important in my job. Being able to manage people properly in a way that is allowing them to complete their mission and giving them the tools needed to do their job. Hiring, training and managing people in postal operations, as well specifically motivating them in ways that give them the insight to complete their daily tasks is one of my other goals. Having the background in Military Postal is a top priority in my line of work without the technical knowledge this job would not be possible. In addition, I have many years of work and experience with the United States Postal Service which has been critical in knowing exactly which operation and routing of mail is required to different regions.

What are your future plans?
I am currently very happy with my current job and my management position. The organization is a great employer, and I am very proud to work for it. My future goals are to grow together with the organization and climb to higher ranks within the command to always improve myself as a leader. I am very motivated to gain experience within the postal and logistics area to take on more responsibilities. The more knowledge that I can gain and at the same time train those that work for me I can make my organization a better operation from an Organizational aspect. Continually, I want to improve and always make enhancements within this organization to always move ahead and change in this vastly changing and advancing logistics world.

If you could describe your experience in Rome during your MBA how would you sum it up?
At SSM I learned a lot from people with extensive experience on various management levels. The experience was such a rewarding one as the time process that was involved was very enriching. Faculty staff were of the highest degree of teaching professionals in their instruction and their teaching techniques. When I started, I already had experience in online as well as in class universities. The experience of going to class every evening near Campo di Fiore was such a wonderful experience. I would always leave work at the airport with enough time to give myself about 30 minutes extra time in case of possible delays to ensure that I was in class ahead of time. Walking from the Trastevere area to arrive at Pizza del Biscione 95 was very relaxing and it prepared for me for the evening’s academics that would be ahead of me. The opportunity to study in such a beautiful city such as Rome was an experience that was very fulfilling and rewarding.

Can you share an experience that is most memorable with relation to the MBA Degree program?
Maybe the most memorable experience that I will keep with me forever was the comradeship between my classmates and the various faculty members. I felt that all the classmates had a strong bond amongst each other and something that we will keep going for many years. Everyone within the class always worked together on every project or presentation that we were required to present for each class.

What was your favorite class in the program and why?
My favorite class of the program was a Competitive Strategy with Paolo Bongarzoni. The reason that I enjoyed this class so much was that the way the Professor explained all the details of competitive strategy and brought the concepts into the real world allowing the students to understand the technical aspects of this course. He always ensured that each student was paying attention to the presenter and that all students were listening to what was being discussed to ensure the discussion was maximized by all and we were learning together.

What advice would you give newcomers to the MBA Degree program or for those interested?
This SSM MBA program is so rewarding! The way the structure of the class is that it is not too many students but enough to allow small groups to be created for working on special projects and presentations. For the way the diversity of the students it is so nice to have many cultures in the class. You get to hear about diverse cultures and the students bring their own experiences into the discussion during many of the classes. I highly recommend this University to those potential students who want to succeed and make a future in any business, become better leaders, who have entrepreneur dreams and want to lay the foundation for a future for a successful life in the business world. As a newcomer to the SSM family, I can say it was a very welcoming experience and school where you will be given the tools to manage and grow as a future leader in your future business opportunities. The staff, professor and President of SSM Rome all take the time to go over all the classes with you and should there be specific questions they dedicate themselves to ensuring you are knowledgeable in that area.

What do you think differentiates this MBA from other MBA programs?
I think the difference is that this MBA program is built around its monthly class structure and teacher constant interaction with the students. It’s because teaching is very personal and focuses on each person individually. The SSM President is directly devoted to every student and gives feedback which makes this MBA program more on a personal level. Thank you for everything and a wonderful School year 2017-2018. I am very proud to belong to the SSM family and SSM alumni!

Program taught in:
  • English
Swiss School of Management, Rome Italy

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