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Denver MBA (Full-Time MBA)

University of Denver | Daniels College of Business


The Denver MBA is a game changer in management education. It flips the traditional MBA model on its head. A set of real-world core business challenges form the center of gravity instead of the traditional core courses. That means everything—every academic subject, every competency-developing lesson—is practiced, coached and honed in real-world environments.

The three core components of the MBA experience are based on what we call the Daniels Method, a unique blend of real-time learning, market-connectivity and leadership development:

Challenge-driven Education

Work on real-time business issues affecting domestic and international markets. Think creatively, collaborate and problem solves all in a competitive environment.


Prepare to pass the market test. Our students become complete individuals by mastering what is taught in the classroom while tackling actual challenges and solving them in the real world.

Personalized Leadership

Receive personal ongoing leadership training from world-class executive coaches to develop the self-awareness, savvy and grit required by today’s employers.

You can find a detailed brochure for the Denver MBA here


The center of gravity in The Denver MBA is a set of four core business challenges.

The challenges include an enterprise, corporate, social good and global challenge. You do them in small teams with a faculty advisor, business professional, and personal coach.

Challenges and classes happen simultaneously. What you learn in the morning you try out in the afternoon, then come back to class again with a clearer idea of what you do and don’t understand, and what you do and don’t need to get the job done.

You approach each challenge with a Personal Growth Agenda focused on professional competencies such as leadership, teamwork and the ability to deal with ambiguity. You use each challenge to hone strengths and overcome weaknesses. When one challenge is complete, you will refresh your growth plan to up your game in the next one—producing cumulative, exponential growth over time. It’s one of the three biggest innovations in the history of management education, geared toward elevating your performance and effectiveness as an MBA graduate.


The best and fastest way to learn how to do something new is to start from scratch—whether it is a new company or a new initiative inside a big organization.

According to Forbes, Denver is ranked #2 for the best place to launch a startup. For the Enterprise Challenge, you will create your own start-up. You will interface with incubators, successful new businesses and new product launch for real-world learning. This foundational learning develops initiative and teaches how to act on ideas with limited structure.


Working with local partners, you will make a positive impact in a high need area. Facing constrained resources, you will apply your learning to help others by demonstrating measurable progress on a social improvement initiative. The initiative could be a sustainability/social responsibility challenge, a troublesome issue for a nonprofit or NGO, or another form of social impact. Your work will benefit society while you learn how to work in particularly ambiguous situations facing complex, difficult problems.


Working in a team, you will play an outside consultant role, providing value to corporate partners. Business problems will be solved and the solutions, in many cases, will be implemented.

Centered on solving a problem while developing a value-creation opportunity in a working corporation, this challenge develops your ability to work in complex organizations—and to see what it takes to transform your academic training into real-world outcomes.


Working cross-culturally on a major business issue, you will travel outside the U.S. to deal with a diverse set of ideas, points of view, customer types and more.

These are all critical skills for effectiveness in any kind of business, whether a local business in a small town, a regional office or a major multinational. Examples include working with Newmont Mining to improve the success of a new mine opening in Suriname or working with Opera Software to create a marketing plan for their mobile browser in Indonesia. In the past, students have traveled to Tanzania, Brazil, Norway, Israel, Kenya, Peru, India, Cambodia, and Uganda, to name a few. If you can perform when facing the complexity of a new country context, then you will be a high performer professionally.


The Denver MBA includes six electives, four of which will comprise your concentration. You can select from one of the five concentrations listed here or customize your concentration:


Daniels is a preferred hiring school for countless international, national and local accounting firms. Students can take courses in assurance, taxation, information technology and business valuation.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is an exploding field with countless career opportunities. The curriculum focuses on the three pillars of business intelligence: data, analytics, and business.


Master the analytical tools, theories and principles of finance that today’s employers demand. Focus on corporate finance or investment banking.


If you have the passion for marketing, Daniels offers the purposeful, hands-on learning you need to succeed in this fast-paced field. Focus on Brand Management or Digital Marketing.

Real Estate and the Built Environment

To stand out in this field you need to understand the complete project life cycle. Prepare to be noticed as a leader with a focus on real estate, property development or integrated project delivery.


Customize your concentration with the guidance and approval of the Program Director and advising staff.


There are two distinct differences that characterize The Denver MBA in the area of career development.

First, we built personalized career preparation into our challenge-driven education model. Your focus in the core challenges is informed, in part, by what you would like to achieve in your career. Yes, we help you write your résumé and prepare for interviews, but we also coach you for 20 months to develop the résumé necessary to make you the best possible candidate.

Second, in The Denver MBA, we fully integrate career, academic and professional development advising. Experts designed your personal growth agenda to combine, follow and execute all three areas seamlessly. We help you land the right position by making sure you have the right preparation and the right stories to tell. Then we help you become comfortable telling those stories through interview coaching, résumé preparation and practicing your social and networking skills.

Career development is at the heart of how The Denver MBA’s challenge-driven education ethos gives you the ability to stand out when seeking employment.

In The Denver MBA, we use 360 reviews and related coaching to help you fine-tune your abilities and hone your résumé.

Because we integrate career services and professional/academic development, the 360 produces a professional growth agenda that directly impacts your career. We do this throughout the program so you become progressively more skilled. We not only provide you with the reviews, we provide you with a detailed agenda for growth, an arena to carry out that agenda (the challenges) and personal coaching to support your development during this process.

At the end of each challenge, your progress is assessed by the personal coach, peers and others in a Pulse 360 Review—part of the process for continual self- and career-development in preparation for the next challenge.

As you progress, the focus shifts to different competencies, as the various moments of insight blend together to reveal increasingly complex and powerful development. You graduate from the program transformed, more mature and ready to lead.

The professional growth agenda does not exist in a vacuum. Instead, your career aspirations serve as a guide. What is most relevant to your needs, your field of study and what your future employers and partners need—are key.


The Denver MBA is a financial investment in your future. Like any sound investment, your MBA will yield positive outcomes for years to come. The Denver MBA has a unique, all-inclusive tuition structure. Your $83,000 investment includes tuition and the global challenge trip. Nominal University fees are additional.

At Daniels, we partner with you to ensure that the process of financing your education is as simple as possible. A large majority of The Denver MBA students receive scholarships or graduate assistantships. Scholarship dollars offered to students range from $10,000 to $80,000. Other forms of financial assistance include federal and private loans.

Merit-based scholarships and assistantships are offered to both domestic and international students at the time of acceptance based on the application for admission. A separate application is not required.

Domestic Students: For all other government funding, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at If you are selected for verification, the Financial Aid Office will contact you to submit further documentation.

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