Study Business in Colombia

Colombia's rich culture and zest for life makes it the ideal place to study. The country, which is located in South America borders Panama, Venezuela, and Brazil. This Spanish-speaking country is home to more than 48 million people. Much of it is tropical and high temperatures are common. The biodiversity, climate, and rich culture make this location unique. It has a science and technology-based economy and a powerful religious base. For those considering obtaining a business degree here, there are numerous reasons to do so including its invigorating cuisine, love of sports, growing economy, and strong historical background. Business Studies in Colombia For those who wish to study in Colombia, numerous opportunities exist. The country has several universities and educational institutions that each professional and technological programs to prepare the student for their career path. It is common for undergraduate business degrees at universities to last as long as five years. Universities offer undergraduate and grate programs as well as a doctoral degree in some fields, including business studies. These programs range from an additional one to three years, depending on the educational focus. The academic year in Colombia begins in February and ends in June, as the "A" semester. The "B" semester begins in July and ends in November. Foreign students are often welcome here. Students wishing to enroll will need to pass a national exam and have accredited-education in their background. All students will need to be enrolled in at least 10 hours per week of school to maintain a Temporary Student Visa, which is obtained at a Colombian embassy. When it comes to studying business in Colombia, there is no shortage of opportunities available. Degree programs in business for Colombia students include business management, business entrepreneurship, administration, finance, and human resources. The courses allow students to customize their educational plan to achieve their specific goals. The higher education system in Colombia is ranked high for the area. Many of the classes are taught in Spanish, though some may be available in English. Post graduate, students may enroll in more advanced courses or they will find plenty of opportunities for employment if they've obtain a high level degree. Keep in mind, though, that post graduate employment for international students is not allows allowable. This depends on the specific industry as well as the demand for workers in that field. With education that costs between $6000 and $14,000 per year in US dollars, Colombia can be an affordable place to obtain a master's degree in business or a bachelor's degree in business. However, students may not find long term opportunities here.