Aviation Management MBA


Program Description

Pursuing an aviation MBA is an incredible way to open up new opportunities for airport administration and the business of managing the world’s airways. With this specialization, you can gain a base of knowledge that applies to the issues and challenges that face the world of flight.

The coursework is crafted to confer the expertise that leaders in aviation need to stay competitive in the field. As a student of the program, you’ll perform in-depth examinations of the challenges and financial processes that are unique to the air travel industry. The curriculum will guide you through a diverse set of skills and techniques, helping you establish expertise in both the daily operations of airport management and high-level strategy. You’ll also participate in detailed discussions about security, air safety, and advances in traffic control technology.

The coursework is also built to help you prepare for the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Certified Member examination. The AAAE designation is considered one of the most prestigious distinctions in the field of aviation, making this program an incredible launching point for further professional development.

This specialization will prepare you to pursue middle- and upper-level management positions with:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Fixed-base operators
  • Government agencies
  • Consulting firms

The following courses are required to complete an online aviation MBA (in addition to the core curriculum):

  • MBA 671 – Aviation Organization Operations
  • MBA 675 – Airport Operations
  • MBA 678 – Special Topics in Aviation Management

The Lynn online MBA is a well-respected program, rated Top 10 in the region by South Florida Business Journal, nationally-ranked by U.S. News and World Report, and considered to be one of the best online MBA programs in Florida. Learn from credentialed, attentive faculty with real-world business experience in a collaborative, convenient, and flexible online format.

Choose one of nine specializations, fueling your appeal in an ever-changing, ever-personalized marketplace. As you gain the leadership skills you need to pursue management-level positions, you will engage in discussions in a small virtual classroom setting averaging 10-15 students, drawing from personal and professional experiences.

Not only does the Lynn online MBA offer you the flexibility to learn online without having to commute or log-in at specific times of day, we give you the freedom to start and finish your graduate education in as little as one year, helping you remain relevant and fresh in your current or new field. Work full-time while you establish yourself as a business leader with an advanced, reputable degree from a program accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Get started today by applying for our online MBA program with no GMAT or GRE exam required for admission. At Lynn, we value work and life experience and believe we capture driven, highly intellectual students without this roadblock to taking action in one’s career.

Now, more than ever, financial concerns play a role in one’s decision to pursue an advanced degree. We offer a competitively priced online MBA program at an accelerated pace that will give you the courses you need to make the moves you want in your career.

MBA Foundation Courses

  • Graduate Orientation Seminar
  • Leadership and Management of Organizations
  • Marketing Management in a Global Economy
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management Seminar

Reasons to Pursue a One-Year Online MBA

Some schools, like Lynn University, have taken the same principle and applied it to their online course offerings. There are a number of reasons why a one-year online MBA presents an incredibly convenient way to earn a professional credential still integral to career expansion in many industries.


A one-year online MBA makes it possible to pursue an advanced degree from the comfort of your own home, and with a schedule that suits your life.

Accelerated Pace

Since the program can be completed in one year, it means even less time before you can start enjoying the benefits of a new credential and exploring new career opportunities.

Work Full-time

Without the need to commute to campus or attend classes at a scheduled time, students can create a schedule that allows them to account for both their personal and professional life, maintaining their current job.

Tuition Savings

While online education is sometimes a more affordable alternative to on-campus, students who pursue a one-year MBA online can benefit from even further reduced tuition over traditional programs.

Lynn University Online MBA

Lynn University is one of the schools at the vanguard of this new structure, offering a one-year online MBA that can be completed entirely off-campus at an affordable tuition rate.

Last updated Jun 2020

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Lynn University’s small size and fearless people let us do things the big schools only wish they could. Experience boundless classrooms with iPad-powered learning. Connect with potential employers as ... Read More

Lynn University’s small size and fearless people let us do things the big schools only wish they could. Experience boundless classrooms with iPad-powered learning. Connect with potential employers as early as your first semester. Gain a global mindset with peers from around the world. Graduate at warp speed with accelerated degree programs. Read less