Bitcoin Bursts Onto the Higher Ed Scene
February 21, 2018
“Bitcoin” may well have been the most buzzworthy word of 2017. And with good reason. The cryptocurrency’s value spiked from below $1,000 to nearly $20,000 over the course of the year. Given its vast potential, it’s hardly a surprise that one demographic is particularly interested in learning more about it: College students. In order to meet growing demand, colleges and universities are adding courses on Bitcoin, blockchain, and all things cryptocurrency. Here’s a closer look at the phenomenon.

Four Fields For Socially-Minded Business Students
February 19, 2018
Today is the UN's World Day of Social Justice and we're looking at the many ways that business students can make social justice a focus of their studies. Sure, some students go to business school with dreams of high-paying jobs and comfortable lifestyles. But others go to business school for a diff...

What Makes A Business School Female-Friendly?
February 4, 2018
Business schools want more women in their programs. What makes a business school female-friendly? Let's take a closer look at five characteristics of female-friendly business schools.

Size Matters: What Size Company Should You Join For Your First Job?
January 28, 2018
Your first job out of business school is on the horizon. Do you want to work for a big company or a smaller one? Size matters. Let's take a closer look at some questions to ask yourself as you embark on your first job search.

New Trends In the B-School Admissions Process
November 20, 2017
If you’re applying to business school, read this. Find out the latest trends in the business school application process and how to prepare.

How MBAs Drive Innovation and Economic Impact
August 10, 2016
Widely regarded as one of the greatest innovators of our time, iconic American entrepreneur and Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” But, why is innovation so important and how can today’s business schools optimally nurture...

How Busy Professionals Earn an MBA
July 1, 2016
One of the most expedient things you can do to advance your career is to earn an MBA. But high-flying professionals rarely have the time to drop everything and head back to school. Instead, savvy business people are looking outside the classroom and into the world of online MBAs. Here's how professi...

The Pros and Cons of an Online MBA
April 11, 2016
Today’s prospective business school students have more options than ever when it comes to MBAs. However, while choice is always a good thing, it can also be overwhelming - particularly when trying to sort through the options in order to find the very best programme. With online MBAs becoming i...

MBA Programs: Four Reasons to Try Before You Buy
April 4, 2016
Scouring marketing brochures, visiting university web pages and forums, and reading up on rankings and reviews offer a limited at best picture of what life is like in business school. However, there is one way to glean invaluable insights into what really awaits you as a b-school student: Experience...

Four Reasons Business Students Should Study the Arts
March 22, 2016
Business studies may seem all dark suits and corporate jargon, but there's evidence that a balance between the arts and business is best. More and more corporations are turning to students with fine and liberal arts backgrounds to diversify their teams. So whether you have a passion for painting, a ...


March 14, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting the MBA. How will MBAs adapt? Let's take a closer look.

March 7, 2018

A recent Forbes article proposed that in an era of disruptive innovation, full-time MBAs are being superseded by other options. Is the writing really ...

February 28, 2018

If you're an unpaid intern in the UK, help is on the way. The UK's tax, payment, and customs authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), started crackin...