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Program Description

The experts agree: the aerospace industry has witnessed impressive growth worldwide over the past few years, with major contributions from the civil aviation segment. At the same time, the structure of the entire industry (airlines, manufacturing, MRO, airports, space, etc) has undergone profound change (“open skies”, new players, new business models, new technologies, new segments and markets, the maiden flights of several new programs), all of which are significantly increasing domestic and international passenger traffic. New players are coming on the scene and shaking up the market (GAFAM, BATHX).

This overall industry growth has been fueled by skilled manpower along with a favorable business environment (investment, innovation, etc). Despite the plethora of opportunities for aerospace players, most aerospace companies are already facing and will face issues of talent management. While highly-skilled technical people are already working in the industry, there is a shortage of trained, experienced aerospace managers with strong leadership skills and the ability to work to the highest international standards.

Technology is radically reshaping businesses and organizations (robots, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, real-time management, IoT, Big Data & analytics, digital twins, digital continuity, AI, the blockchain, cloud, and cyber-security). New practices such as horizontal “flat” organizations offer people more autonomy. More agile, project-type organizations require not only digital knowledge but skills and competencies in change management. The more organizations are digitized, the more talented people become crucial to interact, to engage and to lead. Managing and leading in a digital world means openness, freedom to make mistakes, the ability to manage uncertainty, and the capacity to understand stakes and priorities while considering the big picture from an international perspective.

This program aims to provide an overall understanding of the main trends shaping the aerospace market. The aerospace industry is experiencing the full impact of VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). Future leaders require much more than business knowledge.

What is the TBS Aerospace MBA?

The Aerospace MBA delivers a world-class education effectively and conveniently for experienced managers looking to develop their international management competencies and leadership in aerospace. With a proven record of success with almost two decades of experience developing high-performing leaders, the Aerospace MBA is the only general and international executive program in the world dedicated to aerospace management for business and the only specialized MBA in aerospace accredited by AMBA.

The program is a transformative experience designed for mid-career working professionals (on average 12 years professional experience), often including management positions and/or responsibility.

Most delegates continue to work while they study (Hub option) or stop working temporarily to experience full immersion in the Toulouse aerospace ecosystem (Long Haul option). They are both parts of the same cohort and learn together throughout the program. In-person attendance is required for direct and rich personal interactions.

While some distance-learning technologies might be used, the Aerospace MBA focuses on in-class and out-of-class activities for a complete learning experience. It brings together senior executives from diverse backgrounds from all over the world to experience a challenging management environment. Delegates take an active part in discussions, bringing their experience into the classroom to enrich the learning of the cohort as a whole.

The program stretches over 18 months, allowing for a break in between terms. It’s designed to give you the flexibility you need to make the choices you want and maintain your work-life balance.

  • Strong support from the Aerospace MBA team, faculty, TBS departments, and alumni, so delegates can focus on learning.
  • A robust curriculum focused on leadership development and strategic thinking
  • A collaborative learning environment
  • The flexibility to choose a scheduling option that fits your needs
  • A strong network of alumni in Toulouse and abroad
  • A single program covering the entire value chain (management in aircraft manufacturing, airports, air transport, aviation, space)
  • A chance to embrace the Aerospace MBA experience at a pace that suits you
  • The choice between the full immersion experience (Long Haul option) or digging deep while taking business breaks in between modules (Hub option)
  • Since its inception, the Aerospace MBA program has been permanently re-accredited, and as a consequence, it enables our participants and Alumni to benefit from special services by AMBA

Why an Aerospace MBA and not a general one? Two degrees rolled into one!

This is a key question. The Aerospace MBA trains and prepares managers for the aerospace business environment.

However, it has all the key elements of a regular generalist MBA providing exactly the same fundamentals as in any top-quality executive MBA. While case studies, materials, examples, and projects are applied to the broad aerospace sector, topics and content from related industries are injected into the program (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, circular economy, digital economy, Start-Ups, Design Thinking, new mobility, and transportation, etc.)

If you want to do business with aerospace players or you want to go further within the aerospace industry, you certainly have to be attuned to it. That’s what a specialized MBA does, providing all key concepts, tools, and the newest management tools while refining your aerospace strategic mindset and behavior. Broaden your perspective: be specialized while generalist and get two degrees rolled into one.

Our objectives

Not only will you be at the heart of the largest European aerospace region, but you will also get lectures from international experts, benefit from experience abroad, and take part in cross-cultural projects thanks to the dozens of nationalities attending every year.

As the program is also delivered in India in collaboration with Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore (top-ranked in the Financial Times), you’ll have the unique opportunity to get familiar with this booming market.

When connecting with alumni, you’ll be connected to executives located in more than 80 countries around the world!

Your outcomes

What added value do you get?

A program designed to boost your career: build an enriched resume thanks to corporate missions (internships/regular jobs) and specialized tracks. Create your own, bespoke MBA by choosing the most suitable pace and specialized tracks (Sequence 5, 6 or 7), continually customizing your curriculum and developing your skill set by working on topics which reinforce your knowledge and expertise in specific fields. Stand out in the marketplace!


With its flexible duration (Long Haul or Hub), the program is perfectly designed to allow time to learn the fundamentals of management while also going live with implementation and testing

Developing high-performing leaders in aerospace:

  • Strengthening leadership
  • Accelerating talent
  • Embedding cultural change
  • Developing working capabilities
  • Expanding networks
  • Building commercial acumen

Leave your comfort zone in a structured environment

As a postgraduate student, better known as a delegate, you’ll get to experience aerospace management in action at an international level.

Ready for a change? Ready to grow? You’ll be trained, stimulated and challenged throughout the program to undergo a transformational process to become responsible leaders. This will be a life-changing experience.

You will belong to a global network, able to lead and implement the changes needed to allow your company to cope with the current and future challenges of Aeronautical, Aviation, and Space industries. Mobility is changing, and you need to be ready.

Career prospects

Work environment & mindset: learn in a global classroom.

  • Excellent professors involved in aerospace-related subjects.
  • Engage with international faculty.
  • The faculty’s strong professional background facilitates critical thinking.
  • Peer learning is the cornerstone of the program: you’ll be embedded into a close-knit community with rich prior work experience. Full immersion, no distance learning! Hands-on learning.
  • A truly international environment: 15 nationalities per cohort on average.
  • A team of professionals fully dedicated to the program, who remain in close contact with the participants.
  • International Student Services to support your life and make your experience even greater.

Leadership development

This program aims to:

  • Provide you with a knowledge of academic theory and lectures on leadership.
  • Offer the perfect environment to “learn by doing” and develop the confidence to lead with integrity, resilience, and compassion.
  • Leadership development activities teach you how to be an ethical leader, how to work together to achieve a common objective, how to inspire others and lead even in difficult conditions.
  • Q&A with high-profile speakers.
  • Hands-on leadership activities.


A few facts: On average participants on MBAs are around 26-28 in the USA, and over 30 in Europe with a minimum of 3 to 5 years work experience. On the Aerospace MBA, the executive profiles are even more experienced (on average 12-15 years’ work experience). Work experience is required to make the most of our program.

Application requirements:

  • A University Degree (min. a Bachelor degree or equivalent professional/non-academic qualifications)
    • A minimum of 5 years professional/work experience
    • Fluent English (min 7.5 for IELTS, 800 for TOEIC, 600 for TOEFL)
    • GMAT recommended for admission

Who are we looking for/delegates’ profiles

We deliberately limit the number of participants (40 max.) to maximize the richness of the cohort’s interactions and create a strong sense of belonging to the Aerospace MBA family. This is crucial to acquire a high-quality and life-long professional network!

Your application should reflect your willingness to adapt to a multicultural environment and to contribute to a team. Tell us how you will contribute to the TBS Aerospace community and what you intend to achieve.

We’re looking for high-achieving participants:

  • mainly from aerospace or related-sectors (*), but some external profiles - with a real passion for this sector - are welcome to infuse “fresh air” and new perspectives!
  • people with high-potential holding executive positions or functional roles with managerial experience from large organizations or SMEs
  • passionate about aerospace-related matters
  • eager to grow to become strategy accelerators, game changers in a customer-driven global network
  • and/or responsible for transmitting high standards and values to their teams.

(*) Aviation, Airline, Airport, Aircraft Manufacturer, Helicopters, OEMs, Drones, Defense, Consulting, IT, Subcontractors, MRO or Automotive, Railways, Transportation, Industrial sectors, Nuclear & Energy, Engineering, Research, etc.

We value candidates with:

  • A passion for Aerospace
  • Academic achievements
  • Career progression
  • Professional experience
  • Managerial skills
  • Leadership potential
  • International exposure
  • Specific career objectives
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Openness and strong values

Last updated May 2020

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