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Program Description

Accelerated MBA

Wagner College

The Accelerated MBA is a full-time, 12-month program designed for young professionals and recent college graduates who wish to expedite their entry into the job market or minimize their time away from the job market, and also want to pursue an MBA degree.

The program exposes students to all major business disciplines, including finance, marketing, international business, and economics. In the spirit of the College’s award-winning undergraduate curriculum, the Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts, the Accelerated MBA also puts heavy emphasis on oral and written communication skills, as well as the building of a cohesive learning community.

The program features an intensive, tightly structured curriculum, with integrated classes offered in a lock step program, limited to 12-16 bright and highly motivated students per cohort.

Student Perspective

The Wagner College AccMBA program is designed for individuals who understand the essence of time. Our professors instill in us that success lies within exemplary preparation and thinking better than those around you. This program encourages total-engagement in our studies in order to enhance our ability to think critically, engage unfamiliar situations and achieve success professionally. In a unique way, each course taught us to activate a corporate mentality through rigorous traditional coursework as well as dynamic discussion in team-based learning scenarios. We quickly realized the traditional MBA definition of tests, assignments, and discussions are checked at the door when beginning this life-changing educational experience.

Program Characteristics

The Accelerated MBA program curriculum consists of 46 credits. The program runs for three consecutive semesters and lasts 12 months, starting in May. Program graduates receive an MBA in Management with a strong international focus.

Throughout the program, students remain together as a cohort group and take their courses in a prescribed sequence. The curriculum employs both traditional and leading-edge technologies in delivering management education. Methods of instruction include:

  • Lectures and class discussions
  • Case studies
  • Advanced computer simulations
  • Experiential exercises

The Accelerated MBA Program exposes students to all major business disciplines including Finance, Marketing and Economics. The program focuses primarily on strengthening students’ analytical and problem-solving skills, managerial leadership and responsibility, and information-technology skills. In addition, effective communication and writing skills are stressed throughout the program. The program also includes practical work in an Action Learning Project, where students are placed in an organization and given a specific organizational problem or issue to resolve or address.

Please note that the Texas Instrument BA II Plus and a PC with Microsoft Office are required for all.

International Trip

As part of their program, students will participate in a Global Competitive Business Study related to their studies in international business and the business/government relationship. This project is a one-week program in the major business centers of one or two foreign countries. Since the inception of the Accelerated MBA Program, the project has taken place in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The Wagner Personalization

  • Team Building: Before traditional coursework begins, all students in the program, the program director, and some faculty teaching in the program will spend four days off campus working together doing team-building exercises and learning to work together cohesively while being introduced to the complete program.
  • Director's Involvement: Students’ progress is constantly monitored and discussed with the program director.
  • Job Search: Wagner College places an emphasis on helping students find a job; our Center for Academic and Career Development provides students with the tools that will assist them in finding a job in their field of study following graduation.

Class Schedule

The Accelerated MBA is an intensive, full-time program. Classes are held on three weekdays, from morning till late afternoon, with most classes meeting once a week for three hours. The two remaining weekdays are intended for students’ homework assignments and solo or group study.

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