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The International Mini MBA (online)

ABA Mini MBA is probably the most ambitious Mini MBA in Denmark. The leadership-training program introduces you to the classic MBA disciplines while giving you the latest in management. You will also become a member of ABA Leaders Club, where you as a member automatically will attain free access to exclusive lectures, master classes, and networking events.

The 6 best reasons to take an ABA Mini MBA!

  1. You will get an extremely ambitious Mini MBA developed in collaboration with leading management experts
  2. You will get a 6 months leadership education consisting of intensive training days, e-learning, exercises and a final exam
  3. The leadership education introduces you to the classic MBA disciplines and provides you with additional information about future management
  4. You become a member of the exclusive ABA Leaders Club
  5. The curriculum consists entirely of literature from respected writers and researchers! Furthermore, it is mainly in Danish
  6. You will get a Mini MBA that focuses on your personal development as a leader.

The Aros Mini MBA will cover 6 main fields
Mini MBA – Field 1:
Corporate and leadership understanding in a globalized world. Management and sustainability in the modern organization.

Mini MBA - Field 2:
Personnel management. Man in the modern private and public organization. Organisational development, team-management, self-management, and coaching.

Mini MBA - Field 3:
Strategic management. Visions and strategic processes in a turbulent and changing world. Learning in organizations.

Mini MBA - Field 4:
Change. Management of change and intentional work with disruption and resilience.

Mini MBA - Field 5:
Productivity. Economy. Performance measurements. Business development.

Mini MBA - Discipline 6: The manager as a person. Personal leadership. Personal development. Presence, empathy, and relationships.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Danish
Aros Business Academy

Last updated October 12, 2018
Duration & Price
This course is Online
Start Date
Start date
1 - 6 months
Part time
2,200 USD

The International Mini MBA: "Are you ready to become a GREAT leader?"