1-year MBA

Top 1-year Masters of Business Administration in Real Estate 2019

MBA Real Estate is a mixture of practical and theoretical programs of understanding land development in general. Students of this program will get depth knowledge of techniques and strategies used to manage real estate development, like utilization of economic factors in running land development, selling and buying of real property. 

1-year Master of Business Administration in Real Estate

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European Institute of Applied Science and Management

MBA in Real Estate and Development is designed for experts working in real estate. ... [+]

One Year or extensible Professional study program

Requirements: Bachelor degree, managerial experience, and IELTS 6 (recommended)

Modular scheme for & traveling managers: Four modules (1-2 weeks) in a year.

Fulltime scheme: Learning during selected weekends only, with study visas, work is permitted.

On-line scheme: Based on distance learning. Each on-line seminar terminates with a quiz. Pass all quizes and diploma defence, individual on-line consultation with your supervisor and lecturers. Our distance learning has equal value to full-time.

MBA in Real Estate and Development is designed for experts working in real estate, sellers, buyers, developers, infrastructure workers, bank employees working in real estate pricing departments, owners, managers, and employees of construction companies and many more. Our lecturers are experienced professionals from whom you can learn all the specifics about the sector. Note that the Master of Business Administration is non-academic degree.... [-]

Czech Republic Prague
Open Enrollment
1 - 2 years
Online & Campus Combined