1-year MBA

1-year Masters of Business Administration in Japan 2020

Students who earn a 1-year MBA can be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve management positions in the business world. A Master of Business Administration program typically combines classwork with individual coaching for personal development.

A Master of Business Administration or MBA is a two-year graduate level degree that individuals can pursue after earning a Bachelor. Earning an MBA may help graduates gain the important knowledge, skills, and experience they need to start a career in the corporate world.


1-year Masters of Business Administration in Japan

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International University of Japan

The MBA 1-Year Track is designed as a full-time, residential program, 12 months (three terms and a summer period) are required for completion of the degree. The previous ... [+]

Profound, On-Going Shift in Global Competition

With the rapid rise of emerging mega-markets and the increasingly integrated global economy, global competition today is undergoing a profound shift.

Change Leadership for Global Competitive Advantage

It is clear that simply observing and responding to the shift is not sufficient. Instead, corporations must proactively initiate change to create a competitive advantage over their rivals. Such initiatives are of cross-functional integrative nature as disconnected functional moves can hardly lead to competitive advantage. Thus, today’s global competition necessitates a critical pool of global managers who can work across boundaries of business functions and mobilize their business as an integrated whole.... [-]

Japan Niigata
September 2020
1 year
Hitotsubashi University Business School, School of International Corporate Strategy

Located in central Tokyo, Japan, Hitotsubashi ICS is committed to develop global leaders. In 2018, Hitotsubashi ICS was ranked as the #1 business school in Japan (QS Rank ... [+]

Established in 2000, by a group of innovators in business education, Hitotsubashi ICS was Japan’s first global, all-English MBA program. Today, it is the global face of the publicHitotsubashi UniversityBusiness School (HUB) and offers both degree and non-degree programs.

In the entrepreneurial spirit of its origins, the Hitotsubashi ICS classroom pushes the frontiers of business education. Through its custom signature courses, continuous renewal of core curricula, and personalized career development services, the school commits to each individual student’s learning experience.

One-year or Two-year Program

The One-Year MBA Program is hihgly popular within students that are usually seeking a vertical career-change post-MBA or that are company sponsored.... [-]

Japan Tokyo
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1 - 2 years