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Best 1-year Masters of Business Administration in International Business in Europe 2019

Students who earn a 1-year MBA can be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve management positions in the business world. A Master of Business Administration program typically combines classwork with individual coaching for personal development.

An MBA International Business is a graduate degree designed for students who want to work in the global market. Classes may include managing international trade, global strategies, corporate social responsibility, finance, and marketing in a global age.

1-year MBA in International Business in Europe

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IPAG Business School

Ipag’s MBA programmes offer a valued opportunity for students and professionals to learn and enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in order to i ... [+]

Ipag’s MBA programmes offer a valued opportunity for students and professionals to learn and enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in order to improve their prospects in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

These international MBA programmes, all in English, suit students and professionals who either already possess general knowledge in business or intend to start and pursue their career in business and management.

Aims of programme

Acquiring knowledge of international trade and practices Developing competence in international import/export domains Understanding organisational structures of international firms and businesses Provid... [-]
France Paris Nice
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1 year
IESEG School of Management Lille - Paris

Sharpen your skills for the global market and expand your international career prospects! Join our International MBA! ... [+]

This one year program completely taught in English is aimed at young managers with the potential of being global business leaders. The program equips them with an in-depth understanding of the European business context and builds the skills necessary to excel in complex international settings in top management positions or to start their own companies.


The International MBA program is designed by drawing from our long experience in training highly skilled managers and by incorporating key elements to an international program. Case discussions allow participants to exchange ideas with participants from all over the world. Teamwork provides an opportunity to collaborate with people having different professional backgrounds and thus varied perspectives on business issues. It is the perfect launch pad for a successful career in international business and for obtaining top management positions.... [-]

France Paris
September 2019
1 year
MIB Trieste School of Management

Our full-time MBA in International Business is an experience that is both exciting and life-changing. It means laying the foundation for your career, building relationshi ... [+]

Full-time MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business next edition is starting in October 2019, and we are already selecting the best candidates for the class. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the current issues in international management and dedicates considerable attention to developing your personal skills.This year we have a number of partial scholarships that can cover up to the 50% of the master tuition fees. Our sponsors are eager to select high profiles and give them the chance to meet the corporate world, in fact, 87% of our graduates find a jobwithin 6 months after finishing the MBA.

If MBA in International Business is a path that you are considering for your personal and professional growth, please write us back, we'll be more than happy to assist you and answer every question you may have.... [-]

Italy Trieste
October 2019
12 months
IFM University - Institute of Finance and Management, Geneva Switzerland

This course is a first-rate combination of a solid MBA and a focus on the international aspects of business and management. ... [+]

This state-of-the-art program provides you with the skills and mindset to successfully work within international markets

This master's degree provides a global vision of business and international trade and a thorough understanding of the main challenges faced by international companies.

Our Master's degree provides advanced knowledge of economics, finance, international management, and international marketing. It improves your managerial communication and teaches to conduct effective negotiations. The curriculum improves your skills in analysis, leadership and strategy. You will develop the right reflexes, the ability to identify and analyse opportunities, and then manage the risks for successfully conducting major projects and closing deals in the international market.... [-]

Switzerland Geneva
October 2019
1 year
Hult International Business School

Learn core business knowledge, develop leadership skills, specialize, and experience business culture in up to three global cities—all in one year. ... [+]

Transform your mindset and your career.

The world is changing but most business schools are not. The Hult MBA is different—through learning by doing, it will equip you with the instincts of an entrepreneur, a vision that transcends borders, and a desire to challenge the status-quo.

Learn from cases and subject matter experts who bring real-life business knowledge and leadership skills into the classroom. Our award-winning curriculum is the foundation of our new approach to business education.

You cannot learn business just sitting in a classroom. Hult's unique curriculum teaches you theory and gives you opportunities to apply your learning in the real world.

Our intense multi-month Hult Business Challenge allows you to put theory into practice by solving real companies' issues. Our leadership program is informed by consultation with 100 of the world's leading CEOs, and our faculty has real-world business experience.... [-]

United Kingdom London USA Boston San Francisco United Arab Emirates Dubai China Shanghai New York Cambridge  + 7 More
August 2019
1 year