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Best 1-year MBAs in Fashion Management in Europe 2019

1-year Master of Business Administration in Fashion Management in Europe

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Got a college or a business school degree, and you have a passion for fashion? Look no further, this Master of Business Administration is for you. This course will help y ... [+]

Got a college or a business school degree, and you have a passion for fashion? Look no further, this Master of Business Administration is for you. This course will help you develop your competence and become operational in the sector. The MBA prepares students for:

Build a comprehensive view of the different functions within the fashion industry to create bridges between development, production, marketing, and management. Train in techniques and methods in order to manage a complex industry. Develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. This program is unique in its educational content and promotes the ability to integrate into the fashion industry. A scientific committee is responsible for approving and monitoring the program based on the needs of the fashion industry. ... [-]
France Toulouse
September 2019
1 year
IMF Business School

The MBA in Fashion IMF is aimed at a wide audience, profiles of the business world who want to strengthen the hippest part or vice versa, fashionistas who want to jump in ... [+]

The MBA in Fashion MFI enables you to:

I be proficient in the fundamentals of the XXI Century textile sector from a business point of view. Knowing the methods used by a fashion brand to reach your target audience: specialized, general press, public relations, events, digital image, etc. Assess the suitability of different trading strategies. Analyze a marketing plan, evaluate and decide the appropriate marketing channels, etc. Perform competitive analysis and market environment and be able to anticipate new trends and future behaviors. Formulate, implement and monitor a strategy for successful Business Management in the field of fashion and textiles. You acquire the necessary knowledge and management for the different disciplines that enable the proper functioning of a company, dominating the fundamental guidelines of creation and implementation of each of them. Make productive your ideas using suitable means and channels in the landscape of contemporary design. ... [-]
Spain Madrid
September 2019
12 months
Coventry University London

International Fashion Management aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry. ... [+]


This is a challenging, fast-paced and stimulating MBA course, designed to offer the industry-specific business and management skills you need to build a successful career in international fashion management.

This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the business of fashion, rather than teaching you to be a designer or producer, so that you can build a career in management or leadership. It focuses on the global and technological shifts which have characterised the industry in recent years; the management of fashion design and product development; and international fashion manufacturing and retailing strategies.

You may have recently completed your undergraduate degree, in fashion or any other discipline. Alternatively, you may have been working for some time and want to accelerate your career progression in fashion, or to make a move into fashion for the first time.... [-]

United Kingdom London
October 2019
1 - 2 years