1-year MBA

Best 1-year Masters of Business Administration in China 2019

The 1-year MBA program trains students for leadership positions in the corporate world. They can gain essential knowledge in the fields of economics, finance, marketing, and human resources while learning teamwork and management skills.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that takes about two years of study to receive. Individuals who earn this degree gain important knowledge and experience within the fields of business and management, and may be able to find a job quickly due to their improved proficiencies.


1-year MBAs in China

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Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business - China (CKGSB)

The one-year CKGSB MBA curriculum provides students with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of business theory and practice, while also addressing the cultural and ... [+]


In our globalized world, the brightest prospective MBA students are rightly looking for a first-rate education in a market with long-term professional opportunities.

China is the world's largest and most significant emerging market. The Economist refers to China's past three decades of economic success as "the most astonishing economic transformation in human history." Even more important for forward-looking MBA students to consider, however, is China's vast business potential in the coming decades. MBA students should study where the future will be.

Some prospective MBA students may be concerned that the quality of education in China may not meet global standards. CKGSB has addressed this concern by attracting nearly 30 full-time professors who have joined us full-time from the faculties of schools such as Wharton, Stanford, INSEAD, NYU, Cornell, UCLA, and Yale. Take a glance through our faculty pages to gain a better understanding of the world-class quality of the CKGSB faculty.... [-]

China Beijing
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1 year
Korea University Business School

KUBS Finance MBA is centered around the mission to educate and train the next generation of leaders specialized in the field of finance. In order to achieve this goal, K ... [+]

KUBS Finance MBA is centered around the mission to educate and train the next generation of leaders specialized in the field of finance. In order to achieve this goal, KU Finance MBA accepts competitive applicants with 2 years or more of work experience and offers exceptional curriculum specialized in finance and related business practices.

Finance-Specialized MBA

One of the major characteristics of KUBS Finance MBA is the curriculum specialized in finance. As the first 1-year MBA Program in Korea, KUBS Finance MBA emphasizes business ethics, theoretical study, and practice-oriented competency as the core of business training. Operating on six intensive and efficient 2-month modules, KUBS Finance MBA follows all the global standards such as that of the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools.... [-]

China Shanghai
March 2020
1 year
Hult International Business School

Learn core business knowledge, develop leadership skills, specialize, and experience business culture in up to three global cities—all in one year. ... [+]

Transform your mindset and your career.

The world is changing but most business schools are not. The Hult MBA is different—through learning by doing, it will equip you with the instincts of an entrepreneur, a vision that transcends borders, and a desire to challenge the status-quo.

Learn from cases and subject matter experts who bring real-life business knowledge and leadership skills into the classroom. Our award-winning curriculum is the foundation of our new approach to business education.

You cannot learn business just sitting in a classroom. Hult's unique curriculum teaches you theory and gives you opportunities to apply your learning in the real world.

Our intense multi-month Hult Business Challenge allows you to put theory into practice by solving real companies' issues. Our leadership program is informed by consultation with 100 of the world's leading CEOs, and our faculty has real-world business experience.... [-]

China Shanghai
August 2019
1 year