1-year EMBA

Best 1-year of Executive Masters of Business Administration in Spain 2019

Business professionals seeking to branch out into other fields may benefit from a 1-year EMBA. An Executive Master of Business Administration can provide students with new skills that help them build on current accomplishments and further their careers.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder and gain a managerial position, an MBA is for you. This program gives you the knowledge and skills to gain versatility, in terms of understanding, of a range of functional, business areas. Plus the ability to use tools and analysis, to contribute to strategic planning, and decision-making.

1-year EMBAs in Spain

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CESINE Centro Universitario

The program includes two modules of internationalization, taught in China and USA (optional). Two residential periods, which help understand the individual peculiarities ... [+]

A topical program

Businesses now operate in environments that are rapidly changing. Due to the globalization of markets, opportunities and threats to our businesses arise at any time and anywhere in the world. Any place in the world can have an instant impact on our markets.

Very important changes in all of the key aspects of corporate governance are occurring. This requires those responsible for each policy area a solid knowledge to bear on the development of the strengths and resilience of their organizations through the latest management strategies, business models, and processes of human resources management. This knowledge evolves to create more value and to be more competitive. Those companies, entrepreneurs, managers, and directors are then capable of leading the transformation of their own organizations and will be able to last over time.... [-]

Spain Santander
September 2019
1 year