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Smartly offers a comprehensive curriculum of MBA courses, created by experts in collaboration with leading business schools. Our courses help learners feel confident and well prepared to excel in business and connect with top companies through our Career Network. Courses include:

• Finance • Accounting • Microeconomics • Macroeconomic • Statistics • Marketing • Operations Management • Leadership • Strategy • Organizational Behavior • Plus, new courses are added all the time!

What people are saying:

• “I WISH I had this last year! Where were you guys when I needed you last summer?!” – 2nd year MBA candidate, Harvard Business School

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• “…I did four [courses] last week – accounting, microecon, finance and stats. It is so much fun and fast! Feel much more ready for P1…” – MBA candidate 2015, INSEAD

• “…It’s more dynamic that MBA Math and definitely helps to reinforce the concepts. I typically do the modules on my phone on the way to work.” – Georgetown MBA candidate, Class of 2018

• “… It is interactive, fun and does not over-complicate things, perfect for me….!” – MBA candidate Class of 2016, INSEAD

• “…I want to begin each day going through this program…” – MBA candidate

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• “Excellent on the go learning app. Excellent way of teaching…” – Mohsin, business learner

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What is Smartly?

Smartly is a revolutionary online education platform that makes learning faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Through Smartly you can earn a real MBA and connect with companies who are looking for job candidates just like you. Smartly is currently used by thousands of learners and a select few have been accepted into the Smartly MBA program.

Why is Smartly different?

Smartly is an active learning platform that makes learning, fun, intuitive, and never over-complicated. It reinforces concepts, provides examples, feedback, and new perspectives—the perfect companion to any MBA program.

What courses are included in Smartly?

Smartly offers a comprehensive syllabus of topics that complements any top MBA program. For a full list, visit Smartly’s course library.

What language are Smartly courses taught in?

Smartly courses are offered in English.

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  • English

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The world’s most selective MBA. If you're accepted, it’s free! You can earn an MBA degree, master the business skills you need for any business job, and connect with top companies for career opportunities. Apply today at [+]

Smartly is the world’s most selective MBA. If you're accepted, it’s free! You can earn an MBA degree, master the business skills you need for any business job, and connect with top companies for career opportunities. Apply today at Courses available include the following: Macroeconomics I: Fundamentals Economics is global All about inflation Understanding unemployment The ABCs of GDP Boom and Bust Macroeconomics: International Trade Why do countries trade? Trade restrictions Openness in goods and financial markets Labor in international markets Prices in international markets Floating and fixed exchange rate systems Economics development in the world Microeconomics I: Supply and Demand What is microeconomics? The demand curve The supply curve Law of supply and demand Equilibrium shifts Understanding consumer demand Price elasticity of demand Costs of production Revenues, costs, and profits Price elasticity of supply Microeconomics II: Shape your economic Worldview Defining Economics Asymmetric information Theory of markets The production possibilities frontier Marginal utility and budget lines Elasticity and its applications International trade at the local level Microeconomics III: Markets and Externalities Perfect competition The short run and the long run Monopoly Oligopoly and monopolistic competition Types of goods Externalities Solutions to Externalities Economics and the Environment Accounting I: Fundamentals Introduction to the Balance Sheet Fundamental Principles of Accounting All about assets Liabilities & equity Debits and credits Revenues and expenses Income statements General journal General ledger Accounting II: Revenues and Expenses Revenue and Cash Expenses and the matching concept Realizing revenues and expenses over time Bad debt Inventory and the cost of goods sold Manufacturing inventory Fixed assets and straight-ling depreciation Other depreciation methods Depletion and amortization Accounting III: Financial Statements Gross profit Operating profit EBITDA Net income Operating cash flows Investing and financing cash flows Accounting IV: Working with Ratios - Coming Soon! Cost of Capital Cost of debt Cost of equity Capital structure and WACC Finance: Time Value of Money The time value of money The timeline Moving money through time: compounding Moving money through time: discounting Moving money forward over multiple years Moving money backward over multiple years Moving cash flows through time Net present value (NPV) Investing: Stocks and Bonds The basics of investing Time is on your side Compounding and the Rule of 72 Investment types and returns Investing in stocks Buying and selling stocks Stock classifications Stocks and risk Investing in bonds Bonds and interest rates Bonds and risk Understanding risk in your portfolio Diversifying your portfolio Portfolio returns and performance Valuation – Coming Soon! Marketing Fundamentals Marketing basics Situation analysis Segmentation and targeting The value proposition Positioning Unique selling proposition and the four P’s Operations Management Fundamentals Introduction to operations management The process flow diagram Bottlenecks, wait times, and process capacity Process structures: job shops to assembly line flows Tools for managing projects Inventory costs and benefits Inventory management Optimizing labor resources The problem of variability Analyzing wait times Reducing wait times: queue system design Reducing wait times: managing customer behavior Leadership Fundamentals Leadership and management Leadership and power Culture and leadership The trait approach to leadership The situational approach to leadership Fieldler’s contingency theory Transformational and transactional leadership Leader-member exchange theory Servant leadership Organizational Behavior: Working in Groups and Teams The life cycle of groups Group roles and norms Threats to group effectiveness Components and characteristics of teams Types of teams Teams in action Organizational Structure and Culture – Coming Soon! Data Collection Statistical sampling Random sampling techniques I Random sampling techniques II Non-random sampling Conducting a survey One-Variable Statistics Measuring the center: mean, median, and mode Standard deviation Five number summary Boxplots Frequency distributions Histograms Population Theory – Coming Soon! Two-Variable Statistics Introduction to correlation Causation Observational studies Experiments Scatter plots Correlation coefficient Blue Ocean Strategy Sailing blue oceans Blue oceans v. red oceans The strategic move The strategy canvas The four actions framework The three hallmarks of a good blue ocean strategy Buyer utility Strategic pricing Target costing From cost to adoption Strategy Fundamentals – Coming Soon! [-]