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Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

The Tsinghua INSEAD EMBA programme takes place on the Tsinghua campus in China and the INSEAD campuses in Singapore, France and United Arab Emirates.

To allow participants to continue their work, the programme takes place on a modular basis (meeting for 1-2 weeks every 5-6 weeks) over a period of 18 months. To optimise travel time for the participants, the on-campus, in residence modules are mostly made up of five to seven days.

In addition to on campus work, there is significant work to be done between sessions, often aimed at applying theory to your practical business needs.


◦Preparation work (readings, online preparation, group work)
◦KMC reflection papers
◦Team-based assignments
◦Take home exams and assignments

Off-campus assignments are equivalent to around five weeks of homework.

Throughout the months, the INSEAD Executive MBA programme represents approx. 16-17 weeks of intense work. As such, it constitutes a major commitment. 


What can participants expect to gain from such a major investment? What is the pay off? What improvement will they gain as managers and as human beings? The Tsinghua INSEAD Executive MBA focuses on three key developmental objectives: 
Management is as much an art as a science. It is about getting things done, efficiently and with the greatest benefits and the minimum input. Firms need efficient managers, but they also need creative ones who know how to apply various and rigourous tools in creative ways.   

  • Rigorous analysis and problem solving
    Efficient management is based first of all on the mastery of the various business disciplines, such as Marketing, Finance or Strategy. Without such solid foundations, decisions are likely to be flawed. 
  • Generalist point of view
    For most managers, a successful career moves from specialist expertise to a general management position. A General Manager runs a business, directs people, makes difficult choices and is ultimately responsible for profit. General Management skills include: a holistic approach, the ability to view the business as a whole and awareness of the broader context.  
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills
    To get things done, most managers rely on the cooperation of others. To be effective in their job, they must be able to communicate, which includes listening.They must clearly define their expectations and provide timely feedback. Not only do they interact with their subordinates, but with their peers and their boss as well.  
  • Creative Application
    Managers must develop creative intuition. This means developing a comprehensive toolkit from which to draw upon and integrate. It also means learning by analogy from the experience of others.  

Rigour is one of our features; and so is INSEAD’s and Tsinghua;s global culture. It is not just due to the geographic origins of students or faculty: it is part of our DNA. This global mindset is part of what we want to share with you.  

  • Curiosity and cultural sensitivity
    Different cultures have different views of the world, different beliefs and assumptions. The TIEMBA wants to develop Global Leaders, at home and everywhere. By exchanging with other cultures, one also learns more about one's own culture.  
  • Global business
    The awareness of economic, social and political trends, and the ability to construct meaningful scenarios are key in doing business across borders. A global mindset is also about understanding global business.  
  • Global citizens
    While globalisation is a powerful engine, business leaders need to be conscious of socio-economic issues, from ethics and good governance to sustainable development and social responsibility  

It is the role of leaders to turn a group of disconnected people into a strong motivated team: they shape collective ambition and infuse values into the firm. Leadership skills can be taught and learned, but the process must involve self-awareness and active work. 

  • Interpersonal skills
    The foundations of good leadership is interpersonal. We help build leaders who are better able to motivate and guide other people.  
  • Path-breaking
    Leaders welcome change, they challenge the existing rules of the game. Leaders don’t feel obliged to respect conventional wisdom, they encourage new ideas, new challenges.  
  • Confidence
    Confidence is not the ultimate destination, but it is an important precursor to successful leadership. The entire EMBA experience aims to grow the skills but also confidence of rising leaders. 

Career Services

INSEAD is recognised by companies worldwide as a key source for talent. To support the business school for the world, our Career Services organisation in Fontainebleau and Singapore provides an extensive reach across the diverse geographies, functions and sectors sought by our graduates. EMBAs have diverse needs for career support. You may be part of an organisation where you are already on your way to building a successful career, or looking to use the EMBA to make the transition to such an organisation. As you require a more customised approach to career services, we aim to add value to both “internal-career” needs (making the most of your career within your present organisation) and “external–career” needs (making a change outside your organisation).

Defining Professional Development Goals

Open to all participants throughout the programme, we offer a series of activities including workshops, discussions and one-on-one coaching sessions to help you bring into focus your individual goals for professional development. Whether you are internal-career or external-career focused, we encourage you take this opportunity to reflect on your career trajectory and re-entry post EMBA.

Using a variety of effective tools and frameworks, we support you in the process of self-assessment and discovery, in parallel with your Leadership Development Process.

Job Search Support

If you are external-career oriented, you may be looking to manage the job transition during your EMBA. Career Services helps with essential preparation such as CV and letter writing, interview skills and market research. If you are mostly self-sponsored, Career Services can help you identify potential employers, connect with headhunters and access online job postings from around the world.

EMBA Career Services offers a lot on the menu. We encourage you to take advantage of these services, at your own pace, to support the development of greater success and fulfilment in your career.

Application requirements

  • Application form 
  • Personal essays  
  • Two reference letters  
  • GMAT or Tsinghua written test  
  • One interview for pre-selected candidates  
  • Application fee of US$120 (non-refundable)
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2016
18 months
Part time
80,000 USD
Start date Sept. 2016
France Paris, Ile-de-France
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United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
China Beijing
Application deadline Request Info
End date Request Info
Duration 18 months
Price 80,000 USD