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The aim of the OpenBordersMBA is to provide companies located in the Euregio with the opportunity to train their managers to the skills levels of top leaders while working on the company’s projects. Instead of being less involved in their job because they need time to study, participants expand their networks and benefit from the coaching of experts that give them new perspectives on their work and role in the company.

The program is set up so as to train managers to an in-depth understanding of the international market their company is active in, as well as the global outlook underlying long term decisions. Required readings and papers open their minds to new insights into multicultural markets. Perhaps « Real-life case studies contributed by experts guide them to rapid knowledge transfer.

Managers who enroll are seeking to keep up or improve their language skills and are eager to share their working experience and benefit from that of others.

OpenBordersMBA – Program description

The OpenBordersMBA is an international executive management programfor "high potential" managers working in services and industries.

The OpenBordersMBA is an 18-monthmodularprogram (+6 months with the customized MBA Foundation Module), which enables executives to earn an MBA degree while continuing to work full-time.

The program is ‘international’ in many senses:

  • Hasselt Universiteit, FH Aachen and HEC-ULg have combined their efforts to offer the best program for managers
  • Lecturers, industry experts, tutors and participants come from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Participants in the program come from companies located in the Euregio working all over the world
  • The program is designed and taught in four languages to enable managers to practise 2 foreign languages

The OpenBordersMBA is a modular program. It holds 3 modules with specific goals + 1 MBA Foundation Module of 6 months.

The MBA Foundation Module is a Tailor-made program and it’s taught entirely in French.

The first MBA module is entirely in English

In the second and third modules half of the courses are delivered in English and the other half are in the second foreign language chosen by the candidates

Summer schools are organized in the summer between Year 1 and Year 2 to improve second foreign language skills.

Classes are held during 15 residential week-ends in Eupen (from Friday 5pm to Sunday 1pm).

OpenBordersMBA - Partners

Drawing on a tradition of more than one hundred years of business academic training, Hasselt Universiteit, FH Aachen and HEC-ULg have combined their efforts to offer the best program for managers.

Building on the reputation of their academics and their close relationships with local and international businesses, the three partner institutions have emphasized the inter-regional and international aspects of the program’s content, course languages (Dutch, English, French, German) and the backgrounds of lecturers, guest speakers and tutors.

They come from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as other European countries and from outside Europe.

Eupen, the capital of the German-speaking Community of Belgium (Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft-DG) hosts the OpenBordersMBA.

OpenBordersMBA - Cost

The OpenBordersMBAis a Master in Management Sciences, option MBA (1 Foundation module + 3 MBA modules) and a credential delivered by HEC-ULg in collaboration with FH Aachen and Universiteit Hasselt (3 modules MBA)

• MBA : 15.000€ (no VAT)

• MBA Foundation module: 1670€ (no VAT)

• HEC-ULg Master’s degree in Management Sciences, option MBA : 1670€ + 15.000€ (no VAT)

Price includes books and learning material, accomodation and catering.

Discounts are available to HEC-ULg partner companies.

Participants in this course are eligible for "Congé-Education" (professional development leave).

OpenBordersMBA - Admission requirements

To be eligible for our MBA Program, applicants should meet 4 requirements:

1. Be an Executive

2. Have at least three years of working experiencein a management position

3. Hold a Master’s degree or equivalent

The applicant should hold a Master’s degree from an academic institution that is recognised by the relevant authorities of the institution’s home country.

4. Be Fluent in English.

A command of Dutch, French or German as a second language is an asset in the second year of the MBA.

The OpenBordersMBA admission committee reserves the right to retain applicants who may not fill all these requirements yet prove exceptional experience, skills and motivation.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2017
18 - 24 months
Part time
15,000 EUR
Start date Sept. 2017
Belgium Liege
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Duration 18 - 24 months
Price 15,000 EUR