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The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for international students, offering EMBA programs from universities with worldwide recognition. The UK is known for its internationality, providing the learning environment with a variety of perspectives. UK EMBA degrees can open doors to many career opportunities, both in the UK and across the globe.

UK EMBA programs are designed for professionals with significant work experience seeking to advance their careers through furthering their education. Having work experience enhances the UK EMBA program by allowing students to bring their practical knowledge of business practices to the learning environment. Students pursuing EMBA UK will gain knowledge in the core fundamentals of business, such as marketing, IT, finance, and accounting. Most UK EMBA programs are part-time, allowing students to continue working in their field and applying the knowledge they gain in school to their work.

If UK EMBA sounds of interest to you, then scroll through the options below and you may find the degree you have been searching for!

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Executive MBA

Hult International Business School
Campus Part time 18 - 24 years August 2017 United Kingdom London

Hult’s Global Executive MBA offers the most global, practical, and flexible business education available. Build a program around your own schedule and upgrade your skills to grow the instincts of an entrepreneur, a vision that transcends borders, and a desire to challenge the status-quo. [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. Hult’s Global Executive MBA offers the most global, practical, and flexible business education available. Build a program around your own schedule and upgrade your skills to grow the instincts of an entrepreneur, a vision that transcends borders, and a desire to challenge the status-quo. Earn your degree in as little as 18 months with 21 days out of the office. Because time is your most valuable asset, our intense curriculum allows you to complete your part-time degree over long weekends and the summer to maximize the use of your time. Accelerate your studies You can choose to study throughout the summer to accelerate your learning and earn your degree in as little as 18 months with only 14 trips to campus. In total, miss only 21 work days You'll study over three- and four-day weekends, so you'll earn your degree with only 21 days out of the office. This means less disruption from work and fewer vacation days used for your education. Capitalize on existing knowledge We value the experience our students bring to class, and allow you to test out of up to two core courses you already have an advanced understanding of, saving you both time and money. Locations At Hult, you can learn about the world’s most influential markets by studying in several of them. Simply choose from three home campuses to complete your core studies, then spend the rest of the year specializing at up to two other locations. Curriculum Earn a part-time degree while working full-time in as little as 18 months with 21 days out of the office. Core program: Business knowledge Learn from cases and subject matter experts who bring real-life business knowledge and leadership skills into the classroom. Our award-winning MBA curriculum is the foundation for our approach to business education. Leadership immersion Your EMBA program begins with an eight-day immersion in leadership. Each October, you’ll immerse yourself in leadership development with two courses aimed at honing a particular competency. Our innovative leadership “boot camp” at the outset of each year helps you develop a set of competencies across four critical leadership areas. Core courses For your first three modules, your core courses will focus on core business theory–taught from a global perspective. During the first two modules of each program year, you will focus on the core building blocks of business theory. We insist everyone take these subjects because they’re vital topics for any leader to grasp. You will then choose from five specializations to tailor your final module to your individual interests and career goals. Accounting Business and Global Society Financial Management Global Operations Global Strategy International Marketing Managerial Economics Specializations Customize your Executive MBA: When you pick your specialization, you are able to tailor the program’s content to meet your individual and professional goals. Over the summer, choose elective classes relevant to a specific career or industry, or study a broad range of general management topics. Take three electives in any one area to be awarded a specialization. Marketing Finance Family Business Entrepreneurship Project Management General Management Online courses We understand that balancing work and life with study is challenging. While we believe that our in-person courses are the best way for you to get the most out of the program, we know that this isn’t always possible. Our online courses are designed to be flexible and of the highest quality, giving you the option of flexibility when you need it. Hult’s online courses enable you to: Complete self-study exercises, readings and videos Attend live faculty-led online seminars Discuss learnings with peers in an online community Complete and submit your assignments just like your in-person courses Access Virtual Ashridge’s extensive library of business resources Career support A key benefit of your Executive MBA degree is the opportunity for career advancement and career support. A key benefit of your Executive MBA degree is the opportunity for career advancement, and career support is all part of the Hult EMBA program. Hult career coaches work one-on-one with you to realize your goal, whether it’s to move up at your current company or explore a career change. All part of the curriculum Before you arrive As soon as you are accepted to our program, you are eligible to enroll in our pre-arrival career development program. This includes webinars on long-term career planning, employment trends, and industry insights. You also gain access to the myHult portal—an invaluable resource for helping you define, set, and achieve your future career goals. During your MBA Dedicated Executive MBA career coaches are available at every campus—as well as by Skype or phone—to support your professional development. Many of our coaches have backgrounds in corporate HR and organizational development, and know what it takes to build, accelerate, or change an international career. Their honest advice and support is enhanced by on-campus workshops and webinars that range in topic from building your own personal brand to networking on a global scale. When you graduate Hult’s global network ensures that your career development and advancement continue long after graduation. Our alumni network gives you the opportunity to connect with a global alumni population of over 16,000 global professionals. You can also recruit and hire Hult graduates. You can also refresh a skill set or get up to speed in a new business trend by enrolling in one elective per year at any of our global campuses. There’s a small registration fee, but the course is otherwise free of charge. Instead of studying an elective, every year Hult alumni can enroll in a range of leadership Summer Executive Education Programs at our historic Ashridge campus in Berkhamsted, U.K. Courses feature a range of leadership and development programs, and are taught by experts with practical, theoretical, and commercial experience. There’s a small registration fee, but courses can typically cost over USD 10,000, so the savings over time for Hult alumni are significant. Employers hiring our graduates Hult’s Global Corporate Relations team works closely with Fortune 500 companies in 60+ markets to arrange on-campus network events, global career open houses, and sponsorship of the Hult Business Challenge. Accenture Adidas Group Amazon American Express Bank of America Barclays Bloomberg Chanel Citibank Coca-Cola Deloitte EF Education First Emirates Ernst & Young General Electric Goodyear Google GSK Henkel Hewlett-Packard HSBC IBM Infosys J.P. Morgan Johnson & Johnson KPMG L’Oreal Louis Vuitton MasterCard Microsoft Oracle Pfizer PricewaterhouseCoopers Procter & Gamble Salesforce Samsung Standard Chartered State Street Unilever Verizon Virgin Mobile Walmart Wells Fargo Admissions & fees Hult takes a holistic approach to reviewing your application. In addition to your academic and professional background, we look for leadership potential, a natural curiosity, and a passionate drive to succeed. [-]


International Masters Program for Managers
Campus Part time 16 months September 2017 United Kingdom Lancaster

You can see the basic layout of the program below. The core is a set of five modules of 10 days each that take place over 16 months, organized by managerial mindsets. Accompanying these are all kinds of intriguing activities, in the class and out: Co-coaching, Friendly Consulting, Dedicated Tables, Managerial Exchanges, and Impact Teams. [+]

You can see the basic layout of the program below. The core is a set of five modules of 10 days each that take place over 16 months, organized by managerial mindsets. Accompanying these are all kinds of intriguing activities, in the class and out: Co-coaching, Friendly Consulting, Dedicated Tables, Managerial Exchanges, and Impact Teams. Those who wish to receive the masters in management degree, beyond the IMPM Certificate, write a Final Paper that allows them to probe more deeply into some issue of key concern. These elements are described below. THE FIVE MINDSETS MODULE 1 MANAGING SELF: THE REFLECTIVE MINDSET The Lake District of northern England, far from the hectic pace of managing, is the perfect setting for thoughtful reflection on yourself and your experiences as a manager. Participants experience The Nature of Engaging Management (Henry Mintzberg), Ethics and Virtue within the Organization (Lucas Introna), and in the footsteps of Woodworth before undertaking a cultural audit of a British company. The module is developed and delivered by leading faculty at the Lancaster University School of Management, consistently ranked among the top research school in the UK. MODULE 2 MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS: THE ANALYTIC MINDSET We move to Montreal, one of North America's most engaging cities, where Canada's foremost university, McGill, hosts the second module, on the analytic mindset. Sessions on big data, finance, and marketing, ect. focus on developing an understanding of analysis beyond techniques —and away from both "extinction by instinct" and "paralysis by analysis". Estelle Metayer takes the class to the hidden web, and Henry Mintzberg contrasts adhocracies with bureaucracies and emergent strategies with deliberate ones. MODULE 3 MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS: THE COLLABORATIVE MINDSET At Renmin, one of China's most prestigious universities, the class explores collaboration in all of its aspects: in teams, alliances, and with governments ect. Participants explore a uniquely Chinese perspective on the world of business, drawing on the traditional process of Guanxi to understand the importance of Harmony and Balance. They are also exposed to urban and rural development and sustainability in China(Wen Tiejun). MODULE 4 MANAGING CHANGE: THE ACTION MINDSET In Rio de Janeiro, at EPABE/FGV, Brazil's renowned school of administration, the class considers not only managing change, but also managing continuity. There is no better place than Rio to contrast the "Why Not?" mentality of people who create change with the more common "Why?" mentality. Visits to local organizations and companies illustrate how culture and power affect trust and values in the workplace.(Alexandre Faria). MODULE 5 MANAGING CONTEXT: THE WORLDLY MINDSET India is another world. This is the place to learn about other people's worlds in order to better understand our own. This module, at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, ranked the best business school in Central Asia, delves into all sides of the world around the enterprise: from financial markets and consumer behavior, championing and sustaining business growth (S. Raghunath), to stakeholder relationships and cultural differences. The experience comes alive through visits to different places that illustrate India's diversity, from a food market to a software campus, separated by just a few kilometers and several centuries. DEDICATED TABLES We have a 50:50 rule in the IMPM: half the time over to you on your agendas. You sit at roundtables, to share your experiences and learn with your peers. Most of the time you are in mixed groups, to gain from the diversity of experiences. But now we also have dedicated tables, where you can spend some of the discussion time with related managers. You might join a table of entrepreneurs or family-business owners, or you might come to the program with colleagues from your industry or your own company. (LG and Lufthansa have been sending teams of managers for almost all of our twenty years.) FRIENDLY CONSULTING Engaging managers means more than just doing workshops and discussing ideas. The managers of the IMPM bring in concerns from their own work, to benefit from the experience of their colleagues. This is ongoing in the program—around the tables all the time. But it is now institutionalized in a process we call friendly consulting, where small teams of your colleagues work with you on your concerns. This has become one of the highlights of the program. REFLECTION PAPERS AND PEER COACHING Learning from each other and the faculty does not stay in the classroom. After each module (except the last), you write a reflection paper. This is not an academic paper: you review what particularly struck you at the module and relate it your own needs—personal - at your job, or in your organization. During this process of writing, you connect with a team of colleagues, and a faculty tutor, who work with you to make these papers as helpful as they can possible be. We call this peer coaching. MANAGERIAL EXCHANGE Midway in the program, you pair up with a colleague and spend the better part of a week as host and as visitor at each other's workplace. This process of observing another manager at work and providing feedback is simple yet powerful. It is quite amazing what has come out of these exchanges. "When visiting with one of my LG colleagues in Korea, I realized that our company is vulnerable to a disruptive technology. As a result we launched a startup company together with a top IT university in Brazil. We believe this will save our company." Gustavo Miotti, Board Chair, Soprano Eletrometalugica Ltd., Brazil IMPACT TEAMS "Never send a changed person back to an unchanged organization." Yet that is what almost all development programs do. We have changed that. You are given the opportunity, with our guidance and supporting materials, to designate an impact team back at work, of colleagues or reports, to help you carry your learning into the organization. In effect, these people do the IMPM virtually. You debrief your team after each module, and discuss how to carry use the learning for constructive change. Thus does management development become organization development. And thus does education that may seem pricy to an HR department become an astute investment for the organization—in training several managers for the price of one and in the profound changes that they can champion. Some companies send teams to the IMPM to work on a key issue. I coached my team as I learned. I grew my team as I was growing. As I went through the modules, I took the basic principles and they were so appreciated by my team at work that they kept on asking, "When are you going to the next module?" Daniel Smedo, VP and General Manager, Metro Supply Chain Group, Canada WELCOMING EXPERIENCED CANDIDATES If you are seeking an international focus to your career, have more than 10 years of work experience with substantial and relevant managerial experience then the IMPM is for you. The entire IMPM premise is based on sharing experiences and insights with peers and participants are therefore typically 35–55 years of age. IMPM participants are either sponsored by their company; companies such as Lufthansa, BNDES and LG have been sending managers for years or are individuals who have decided that the philosophy and outcomes from the program are what they need to move forward in their career or organization. Dedicated tables are available for individuals or teams who want to join others from similar types of organizations. Entrepreneurs, members of family owned businesses, professionals from different fields will spend time with peers and learn from those with similar challenges. Attending as part of a company team, allows managers to learn about the diversity that exists within their organization. Through the sharing of experiences, these team members gain a deeper understanding of how the entire organization works and are in a good position to implement changes. [-]

Executive Masters in International Trade Compliance

University of Liverpool Management School - Executive Education
Campus Part time 24 months September 2017 United Kingdom London

The Executive Masters in International Trade Compliance (EMITC) sets the industry standard for International Trade Compliance (ITC). No comparable programme exists worldwide. [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. The part-time Executive Masters in International Trade Compliance (EMITC) sets the industry standard for International Trade Compliance (ITC), no comparable accredited Executive Masters programme exists. Created in partnership with Full Circle Compliance (FCC) a leading ITC consultancy, we’ve unparalleled access to government agencies and experts in the field. Students on our programme range from military officials to trade compliance specialists within international organisations. The EMITC is the first, and only, programme of its kind and combines the academic rigour of a Russell Group University with the practical relevance of a consultancy. Our partner in this venture, Full Circle Compliance, is a leading consultancy which brings a depth of experience and is amongst the best in the world in this field of work. Through action learning it assists you in producing directly implementable results, thus moving your organisation’s compliance system to the highest possible standard. Applicants will be professionals working in compliance for a minimum of five years, who are looking to further their career and strengthen the compliance needs of their organisation. They will be motivated individuals with a desire to exchange knowledge with likeminded people and have a passion for personal development. Setting the industry standard The ultimate goal of the EMITC programme is to help your organisation to become self-sufficient in international trade compliance. Why study with us? We offer flexibility, expertise, academic rigour, career advancement and organisational value which is unrivalled, in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Reasons to study with us 1. Blend this programme in with your busy work schedule The programme is delivered in a modular format of eight 5 day residencies spread over approximately 24 months. You will only need to invest around 10-20 workdays per calendar year. The sessions in between require roughly 15 hours per week. The learning process is supported by e-learning units and team exercises. 2. Experience being taught in world class facilities in one of the most exciting cities in the world Most of the classroom sessions take place at the University of Liverpool’s London campus. A purpose built facility right in the heart of the financial district. 3. Academic rigour fused with practical relevance There are many organisations that provide training on ITC however the EMITC is the only programme that combines an academically rigorous curriculum with practical business insights provided by one of the most respected Universities in the world. The University of Liverpool is AACSB accredited which represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Ranked in the 2014 Financial Times European Business School Rankings, the Management School is positioned 20th in the UK. 4. Mitigate the risk of being non-compliant. Audit, benchmark, and manage risks related to your business operations Through the knowledge, skills and perspectives acquired through the programme you will isolate potential gaps and weaknesses in your current compliance system and have the tools at hand to address them. You will lead the way in developing your organisation’s Internal Compliance Programme (ICP) to the highest maturity level possible. 5. Unfold your personal potential The strong focus on personal development and management skills will propel you to a new level. You will learn how to navigate successfully within highly matrixed environments, and how to fill your role as a strategic business partner and internal advisor. 6. Experience world leading faculty The programme is taught by the most senior and experienced faculty from the University of Liverpool, our partners FCC and other thought leaders in the field. 7. Realise an immediate Return on Investment The EMITC has the potential to save your company hundreds of thousands of pounds in consulting fees. At the end of the programme you will be in a position to tell the consultants what to do and how to do it. In particular, the Programme specific projects and case studies lead to individual plans and concepts that you can ‘use on Monday’. And they will help you to transform trade compliance issues into a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors. 8. Develop a strong network The small class sizes leads to a very close-knit community. In addition, as a graduate of the University of Liverpool you will be joining a community of 100,000 Alumni across the globe. 9. Cascade your knowledge through your organisation Last but not least, throughout the programme you will be able to ‘cascade’ what you have learned to your team and throughout your company leading to further cost deductions for your organisation. Module details The EMITC is demanding, engaging and highly interactive. We use a blend of different learning methodologies: case studies, simulations, class discussion, lectures, videos, participant presentations, self-study, online training, group work, reflective essays, guest speakers from industry and governments, and in particular action oriented project work to keep the programme stimulating. This approach will ensure a deep learning process that leads to a sustainable change for you personally, for your ICP and for your organisation. The relatively small class size allows for intensive interaction in the classroom which ensures that you learn as much from your classmates as from the faculty. The use of experiential role-plays and simulations enables you to train your newly acquired skills in a risk free environment. The “learning by doing” approach connects the programme content continuously to your individual context and thereby facilitates the transfer from the classroom to your workplace. Unlike most other degree programmes, you will be invited back several times every year providing you with ample opportunities to connect and interact with participants from other classes, broadening and deepening your network further. Entry Requirements A complete Application Form and application fee A Bachelor’s Degree (Applications from students with a professional background rather than an undergraduate degree will be assessed on a case by case basis) 5 years work experience The names of two academic or employer referees Applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of their competence in the language (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL examinations: minimum 6.5 IELTS with minimum 6.0 in all components or 580 TOEFL, 237-250 computer based TOEFL respectively) Supporting documents [-]

Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

Ashridge Executive Education
Online & Campus Combined Part time 2 years October 2017 United Kingdom London

This is a strategic Executive MBA programme for creative industry professionals wishing to be inspired to lead, establish or grow their role and their business in the fast-paced, changing environment of the creative industries. [+]

Why an Ashridge MBA? Triple-accredited business school (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB) Ranked globally in the top 1% of business schools Dual US and UK degree awarding powers Ashridge works with two thirds of FTSE companies each year, over 850 corporate clients and 6,500 executives across the globe Who is it for? It is for busy professionals either already working in the creative sector or looking to make the transition into the sector, who wish to gain the strategic skills and knowledge required to respond to increased digitisation and globalisation. Programme details The programme is designed and taught by Ashridge Executive Education with the expertise and contribution from two experienced industry partners: Creative Skillset and Atticus Education. This qualification is also uniquely supported by an Advisory Board of experienced senior professionals in the creative industries including from film, television, radio, publishing, advertising, fashion and many more. These professionals will be providing case studies, teaching and sharing their expertise to make this a lively and interactive qualification which is directly relevant to the creative industries. You will learn how to lead and inspire innovation and how to build a culture of creative excellence whilst balancing the demands of commercial enterprise. With a focus on practical application, small group learning and high interaction with real organisations, this programme provides an integrated view of business and the key challenges faced today such as globalisation, sustainability, leading organisational change and innovation. This programme is delivered part time, with a mixture of residential weeks at Ashridge and online study over a period of two years. Modules Business Finance Effective Leadership Creating Strategy Leading the Creative Process Marketing Achieving Scale Masters Project Assessment On this executive MBA programme assessments are done through practical assignments, presentations and as consultancy projects rather than through exams. These are all business based, you may use your own organisation as the focus for your assessments, enabling valuable consultancy and strategic analysis. Find out more Open days and webinars are a great way to find out more about the programme content, our unique learning methods as well as to meet with faculty and alumni. If you would like to join any of our prime events this year, please register online at https://www.ashridge.org.uk/qualifications/executive-mba-for-the-creative-industries/events/ You can also speak to our programme admission team and the programme faculty. Email admissions@ashridge.hult.edu Phone +44 (0) 1442 841120 We look forward to meeting you! [-]

Global MBA in Management

European School of Economics
Campus or Online January 2017 United Kingdom London

The executive Global MBA (Master in Business Administration) makes it possible to continue high level education for those who have already entered the international business world. The blended learning solution combines phases of online (distance) learning on the state-of-the-art platform of our American partner New Charter University (NCU) with face to face classroom modules at one of our six ESE campuses worldwide. [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. While full-time classroom learning at one of the ESE campuses worldwide is a dynamic intellectual and cultural experience, it is not always the best solution for business professionals who are active in the world of business or travel often. The executive Global MBA (Master in Business Administration) makes it possible to continue high level education for those who have already entered the international business world. The blended learning solution combines phases of online (distance) learning on the state-of-the-art platform of our American partner New Charter University (NCU) with face to face classroom modules at one of our six ESE campuses worldwide. Global MBA - A New Economy “We need to reinvent economy, not merely restore it. The sustaining new economy is something coming from within, something governed by your inner being. Something that makes us care for each other, for the natural world and for the future.” Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of the European School of Economics During times of recession and austerity, firms tend to optimize their own resources by reconfiguring their organizational structure and requalifying or converting their own personnel. Likewise, illuminated individuals today are avidly exploring, moving and reinventing their skill set in order to face the impending challenges of a fast-changing society. A more wholesome training does not necessarily require a longer time span in an educational setting, but a variety of approaches and learning experiences. This is exactly the sector where ESE has gained its experience and it is here that we built our competitive advantage over other Business Schools. Together with academics, trainers, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders in professional fields and world-renowned companies, ESE has created a unique educational experiences that combine innovative practical and blended learning (online and on campus) education reflecting the realities of the global business world with an unforgettable on campus study experience in one of our six centres in London, Milan, Florence, Rome, Madrid or New York. Partnered with the American institution New Charter University, this program offers an excellent online study program through a rigorous online platform capable of tracking your progress down to the very last click. The program is competence based and carefully monitored and tutored. Participants can opt for a semester of classroom studying at one of the six ESE campuses worldwide. With a student-teacher ratio in line with the ESE tradition, excellent academics, business professionals and tutors will be available at your chosen ESE center as well as an optional internship. The ESE campuses additionally organize workshops and guest lectures, company visits, networking and social events. ESE-NCU’s Global MBA is a program designed with you -the business professional of the 21st century- in mind and aims to offer the greatest possible freedom and student mobility with international study and work experiences at the highest levels. Key Features Blended learning solution: distance (online) combined with on campus learning Monitored online platform and High student-teacher ratio Global Experience: Study in different locations at one of ESE's campuses Possibility to take ESE Internship (placement assistance) The ESE-New Charter MBA is fully accredited in the United States by the DEAC. “One day, Dream and Life will become one reality. By now Life and the Dream must not be mixed up. You have to discover which is the cause and which the effect.” Founder and President of ESE Mr Elio D’Anna This competency-based program aims to: Consolidate managerial skills and refine business competences and abilities Increase your competitiveness in the global market Gain confidence with a new 21st century business skill set Define and strengthen personal ethics Develop leadership qualities necessary to succeed in the New Global Economy Vision and Mission The mission of the European School of Economics (ESE) is to develop business leaders with proactive and creative minds, a thorough understanding of global issues and the business environment, and the courage to act on their dreams and beliefs. [-]

The Bradford Executive MBA in UK (Part-time)

University of Bradford School of Management
Online & Campus Combined Part time 2 - 6 years September 2017 United Kingdom Bradford

The Bradford Executive MBA is a part-time programme designed to fit around the careers of busy working managers and professionals. This contemporary and practical programme will give you the sharp strategic, financial and people skills you'll need to progress and perform effectively at senior levels. [+]

The University of Bradford School of Management is one of an elite group of less than 1% of business schools with the "Triple Crown" of accreditations (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). The School is consistently ranked by the Financial Times as one of Europe's Top 60 Business Schools.

The Bradford Executive MBA is a part-time programme designed to fit around the careers of busy working managers and professionals. The course may be completed in just two years, however, we find most students like to take a little longer to allow time to reflect and complete their project with a little more time, so we believe that 27 months is a more realistic timescale within which to complete the MBA. Students may also choose to extend their study over a longer period of up to six years if they wish.... [-]

Executive MBA

Nottingham University Business School
Campus Part time 2 - 4 years Open Enrollment United Kingdom Nottingham

The Executive MBA is an advanced management course for ambitious executives and managers who want to study while continuing their career. You may already be in a leadership role, typically have a minimum of five years management experience, and are keen on further career development and progression. [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. The Executive MBA is an advanced management course for ambitious executives and managers who want flexible study that fits around their career and other commitments. You may already be in a leadership role, typically have a minimum of five years management experience, and are keen on further career development and progression. This course will give you a high level, general management perspective on business functions and how they can be integrated with a rapidly changing environment. You will acquire knowledge and understanding about the operations of a business enterprise and the practical skills needed to manage it. You will benefit from the Executive MBA by: studying at your own pace while continuing your career. The Nottingham Executive MBA offers exceptional flexibility, so you can fit the course around your work and family commitments graduating from a globally ranked Executive MBA rated 21 in the world and 2 in the UK in the Economist by our students and alumni bringing new perspectives to resolve your business issues using up to date management thinking studying alongside other course members with an average of thirteen years work experience and expanding your networking opportunities developing a global perspective by taking advantage of the unique international opportunities we offer on our MBAs in Malaysia and Singapore identifying specialist subjects that are most beneficial to you and your business from a wide choice of elective courses accessing the expertise and services of a world-class, international university joining one of our overseas study tours to globalise your MBA taking advantage of lifelong learning opportunities available to Executive MBA alumni Our Executive MBA students come from around the world. You will study alongside participants from private, public, and not-for-profit organisations, offering a breadth of experience, fresh perspectives on business issues, and exceptional networking opportunities. Executive MBA Healthcare For professionals working in the healthcare field who need to develop business and management skills, we offer a specialist variation of the Executive MBA: Executive MBA Healthcare To achieve this, students must take: eight core modules two core modules relevant to the specialism two elective modules a management project that focuses on the specialist area Course duration: part-time Executive MBA core modules Business Economics Entrepreneurship and Creativity Finance and Accounting Managing People Marketing Operations Management Strategic Management Sustainable Decisions and Organisations Elective modules (choose four) Business and Commercial Law Business Ethics Responsible Business: A Strategic Approach Business Intelligence in the Digital Economy Commissioning and Service Redesign Corporate Governance and Social Accountability Ethics, Governance and Risk Entrepreneurship in Practice Innovation Management Leadership and Change Management Managing the Global Firm Personal Development Responsible Business: A Strategic Approach Venture Capital and Private Equity Plus - Management Project [-]

Executive MBA

Warwick Business School
Campus Part time August 2017 United Kingdom Coventry

Part-time study gives you the best of all worlds, with the Executive MBA offering you two intakes a year and a firmly planned schedule to keep you on track [+]

Executive MBA

Part-time study gives you the best of all worlds, with the Executive MBA offering you two intakes a year and a firmly planned schedule to keep you on track.

    •    Relevant

    •    Convenient

    •    Collaborative

    •    Flexible


Course Details

Over three years we will teach you the foundations of key management areas as well as offer you opportunities to specialise. Study eight required modules, your choice of four electives, and a consultancy project to draw together your learning. To increase your exposure to different international learning opportunities, you will also be required to attend at least one module at a non-UK venue.... [-]

Executive MBA - Durham-EBS (dual award)

Durham University Business School
Campus Part time 2 years January 2017 United Kingdom Durham

The Executive MBA - Durham and EBS, gives you the opportunity to benefit from the combined strengths of two highly respected institutions: Durham University Business School and the European Business School (EBS) in Germany. This dual award draws on both UK-specific and European experience to give you an insight into today’s business world. [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. Executive MBA - Durham-EBS (dual award) The Executive MBA - Durham and EBS, gives you the opportunity to benefit from the combined strengths of two highly respected institutions: Durham University Business School and the European Business School (EBS) in Germany. This dual award draws on both UK-specific and European experience to give you an insight into today’s business world. You will have the chance to explore how global markets operate and how to manage transnational business relations. You will have the opportunity to build an international network of contacts, working alongside a diverse group of experienced professionals from the UK, Germany and around the world. The Executive MBA - Durham and EBS is a two-year part-time programme that pairs flexibility with a truly international outlook. The programme is made up of: Two residential weeks in Durham Seven core modules delivered in Germany or Durham Five three-day elective courses (Thursday to Saturday) in Germany, Durham or other international locations An optional international module. Note: Accommodation costs for residentials at the start of year one and year two are included in the course fee. Because modules are delivered at both the EBS campus in Germany and Durham’s renowned business school, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from ‘the best of both worlds’: the pioneering outlook and international spirit of Germany’s European Business School and the calibre and heritage of Durham. You will study: Seven core modules Five electives Business Project (dissertation) Residential Induction Week Seven core modules These are the foundation of your programme, establishing the management knowledge, understanding and research skills every leader needs. These include: Managing in the Competitive Environment Managing in the Global Environment Managing Finance Managing People Improving Management Decision Making Strategic Management Methods of Inquiry. Five elective modules You also select five elective modules. Choices change year on year, depending on current faculty and relevance to business. Business project (dissertation) The programme culminates in a 15,000-word Business Project. This is a great opportunity to apply your MBA skills in a practical context, helping an organisation tackle a current issue while developing your own experience, building your network and, in many instances, extending your international experience. International study week The Executive MBA is shaped by today's connected business world. Through our optional international modules we take this unique global dimension further, allowing you to immerse yourself in another country's business and culture. Locations may vary from year to year but in the past year have included San Francisco and China. If you choose to participate in one of these optional modules, you will be expected to pay for travel to and from the destination, accommodation, some meals and incidental expenses. Residential induction opportunities The Executive MBA: Durham and EBS programme begins in late January with a six-day residential induction where you’ll get to visit the Business School, and meet the MBA team and your fellow students. We also start teaching core modules during this time. Subject requirements, level and grade A minimum of three (preferably five) years' relevant work experience of a managerial nature. A good degree or equivalent professional qualification. Two recent professional references. If you don’t have these formal qualifications, we will also consider management experience. If this applies to you, we will ask you to send a portfolio of evidence, showcasing your capabilities including critical thinking and communication skills. [-]

Executive MBA

Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
Campus Part time 30 - 72 months Open Enrollment United Kingdom Birmingham

This programme is targeted at experienced managers in employment across a range of industries and sectors who want to boost their career prospects and enhance their thinking about management practice. [+]

This programme is targeted at experienced managers in employment across a range of industries and sectors who want to boost their career prospects and enhance their thinking about management practice. The part-time delivery mode is designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of busy professionals juggling work and other commitments with study. The programme can be completed in a minimum of two and a half years and a maximum of six. The eight taught modules and dissertation are taken in a minimum of two and a half years and a maximum of four years and a half years. Each taught module is delivered in an intensive six day block spread over two consecutive long weekends – Friday to Sunday. Modules are offered at four points during the academic year – October, January, April and July. The programme will equip graduates to move into more senior management positions either in their own organization or elsewhere. Why study this course Long tradition and established track record of teaching business The Birmingham MBA is triple-crown accredited Established international reputation of School and University State-of-the art teaching and learning facilities in purpose-built complex Research led – cutting-edge research feeds directly into teaching Personal development programme and opportunities Highly diverse multinational student groups International syllabus with focus on the issues of globalisation Generalist and specialist programmes Excellent career management support Friendly approachable academic and administrative staff dedicated to provide continuous support for your studies and other needs Excellent IT provision including a wireless network for laptops Based in a beautiful building with extensive landscaped grounds Campus accommodation guarantee scheme for international students Access to all the social, support and academic facilities of the University Entry requirements Normally a minimum of an upper second class honours degree or a GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale or an equivalent professional qualification, and a minimum of five years experience with evidence of management. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail. [-]

Executive MBA

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Campus Part time 2 years August 2017 United Kingdom Cardiff

The Executive MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan University is a two-year part-time programme for experienced managers and offers students associate membership of the Chartered Managers Institute (CMI). [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. The Executive MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan University is a two-year part-time programme for experienced managers and offers students associate membership of the Chartered Managers Institute (CMI). Its highly practical and action-oriented approach combines intensive modular input in weekend blocks with real business projects and close tutorial support. Executive MBA Open Evenings take place; mid March, Mid June and early September.​ ​Course Content​ The Executive MBA in its' design aims to: Be action-oriented - The programme design, with its work-based assignments, leadership challenges – linking with organisations like Challenge Wales and Cardiff White Water - help you apply your learning and ensure that as your abilities grow, your organisation reaps the benefits. Build a foundation of knowledge - On the Executive MBA we help you grow your knowledge from the ground up via core courses that refresh your existing skills and secure your understanding of key management topics. Offer customised learning - Our suite of over 40 electives from across the University will give you the ideal opportunity to broaden your experience, focus on subjects of particular interest and tailor your Executive MBA to your specific needs. Provide a hands-on approach - Our school take a hands-on approach to management topics, inviting business leaders and thinkers into the programme to work with you on live case studies that allow you to explore new industries and test new approaches. Offer complete flexibility - The Executive MBA offers exceptional flexibility; modules are completed in self-contained, blocks. The programme can be completed within two to five years with the option to vary the number of modules taken each year to suit your lifestyle, work and personal commitments. Focus on leadership development - The Executive MBA is geared to developing your knowledge of business functions and their interactions, and to building your ability to manage and lead in complex organisational situations. It dovetails seamlessly with our existing, highly successful portfolio of leadership courses Employability & Careers​ This Executive MBA has been designed to be very flexible and to link into the existing executive courses in CSM. Credits achieved on these other executive courses can be transferred to the Executive MBA. [-]

Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) part-time

University of Bolton
Campus Part time 3 years August 2017 United Kingdom Bolton

The Executive MBA is a part-time programme for business professionals preparing to become senior managers. Its focus is on the development of knowledge and understanding of strategic management issues in order to reflect on and improve business and management practice. The programme is designed to dovetail with the demands of a full-time job... [+]

Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) part-time The Executive MBA is a part-time programme for business professionals preparing to become senior managers. Its focus is on the development of knowledge and understanding of strategic management issues in order to reflect on and improve business and management practice. The programme is designed to dovetail with the demands of a full-time job. About the course No matter what part of industry or commerce you work in, the Executive MBA course will assist you in gaining a critical understanding of the problems and challenges facing enterprises and organisations and equip you with the analytical and critical faculties to identify potential solutions. These qualities are sought by prestigious employers. This part-time three-year course runs on one evening a week from 6pm-9pm. Learning is supported via interactive in-class sessions and independent study. The learning and teaching strategy for each individual module is detailed in the module guides that you will receive at the beginning of each semester. Special features The Executive MBA offers you the chance to join a well established postgraduate community engaged in preparing themselves for a career in executive management. Studying the 6 modules in the first two years may entitle you to be considered for the CMI’s Level 7 Diploma in Strategic management and Leadership. The cost for the evaluation of your work for this voluntary option (at January 2013) is £199.00 which adds considerable value to your MBA studies. In addition, teaching and supervision is offered by a well qualified and dedicated team of experienced staff drawn from business and academia. The university enjoys excellent libraries, 24/7 IT facilities, WiFi and learning areas. What you will learn You will study a contemporary curriculum which focusses on the key functional areas of management: Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management and so forth, many of which will be beyond the borders of your current, familiar management responsibilities. The aim is to stretch your management competencies into new areas of potential responsibility. The MBA programme offers a suite of contemporary modules which allow you to develop your knowledge of organisations and their management in today’s fast-moving global economy, in order to reflect and improve your own management practice What you will study Executive Management and Leadership This module is designed to enable you to explore your values, attitudes, style and interpersonal skills and to provide a platform for continuing personal development as managers and leaders. It invites you to critically evaluate theories pertinent to personal development, management and leadership; and to develop your interpersonal and team working skills to enhance the current and future roles as managers and leaders. Executive Sales Management and Marketing This module aims to provide you with a critical understanding of the sales management and marketing processes and the opportunity to develop and refine relevant skills in the practice of sales management and marketing. You will gain experience of evaluating and analysing the challenges managers face in the development and deployment of sales and marketing planning, and you will develop an advanced awareness of the need to consider a range of alternative approaches to dealing with planning and management issues in order to achieve competitive advantage and successful sales. To gain and enhance your critical knowledge and understanding you will consider and critically evaluate key stages of the organisations’ marketing and sales planning process. By the end of the module you will have developed a superior appreciation of the processes and outcomes in the implementation of the strategic choices facing an organisation with regard to marketing and sales management Executive Financial Management and Decision Making This module is designed to introduce managers (usually who have no previous background in finance) to the concepts of financial management, and to explore the corporate aspects, and their differing organisational contexts, that determine sources of corporate funding. The module will also consider legal and other key issues, affecting corporate financial management. It will develop your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts of financial management, and enable you to analyse and evaluate financial statements to provide a basis for informed decision making. You will develop an understanding of capital budgeting, strategic financial issues and control systems and how they can assist more informed decisions. Human Resource Management (Executive) This module aims to provide a general introduction to HRM in organisations. It will show an awareness of the merits and difficulties associated with new and different forms of work patterns and job designs aimed at enhancing performance, motivation and commitment. It will contribute to the wider debate by examining the organisational functions that are attributed to human resource managers. Executive Change Management This module will introduce you to managing change. You will investigate the types of change that affect modern organisations and their scope and scale. You will analyse the structural and cultural accelerators/impediments to change, the notion that organisations can learn to innovate faster than their competitors and the prominent roles of strategy and leadership. Throughout this module you will be called upon to exercise and improve your powers of critical evaluation as applied to conceptual models of innovation and change and both internal and external contingencies that impinge on organisational efforts to innovate. Executive Strategic Management The module aims to provide you with a critical understanding of the strategic management process, and will integrate material from other parts of the course within a strategic management framework. Initially lectures will be used to develop knowledge of the concepts underpinning the study of strategic management. As your knowledge increases you will participate more fully in a critical exploration of the concepts. The case studies will enable you to explore the application of strategic management concepts and models, apply them to complex business problems, and evaluate the strategic issues within the case study, while critically assessing the applicability and usefulness of the theoretical models. Executive Research Methods This module prepares you for the dissertation. It will enable you to make informed decisions about which research methods are appropriate under particular circumstances and specifically in relation to your own research. You will develop your knowledge of a range of research tools and analytical techniques. You will also receive guidance on the structuring of your dissertation. Executive MBA Dissertation The dissertation provides you with the opportunity to undertake an extended and substantial piece of research. It allows students to synthesise their academic knowledge acquired from the taught modules and to produce an evaluative and critical discussion of a strategic issue relevant to your organisation, your recommendations following the research process and a proposed implementation plan. Entry requirements Applicants should have both of the following: significant work experience in a business or management capacity; and a UK honours degree/postgraduate degree (or equivalent). If English is not your first language you will also normally need IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent). If you do not have the required English level, you can study English with us from IELTS 4.0 (or equivalent). Click here to find out more about our English Foundation Programme. Applicants who have substantial management experience may be accepted without a degree qualification, subject to an interview with the course leader in person or by telephone. All application forms need to be accompanied by a reflective overview of the managerial responsibilities undertaken to date. A letter of reference on headed paper from the current/most recent employer should also be provided clearly showing length of employment and a breakdown of roles and responsibilities. [-]

Executive MBA (Fashion)

University of the Arts London
Online & Campus Combined Part time 18 - 60 months August 2017 United Kingdom London

The Executive MBA (Fashion) has been created for busy international professionals working at a senior level and is designed to help you achieve a leadership role. [+]

EMBA Degrees in United Kingdom 2017. The Executive MBA (Fashion) has been created for busy international professionals working at a senior level and is designed to help you achieve a leadership role. The first of its kind to focus on fashion, this exclusive programme combines short face-to-face teaching blocks and networking events in London with online distance learning, accessible from wherever you are in the world. Two study routes are available, an 18-month Fast Track option and a Flexible Learning option, a unit-by-unit approach which allows candidates up to 5 years to complete. Content The Executive MBA (Fashion) is for fashion business executives, directors, managers and growing entrepreneurs. This specialist programme is uniquely focused on the fashion industry, enabling participants to broaden their careers beyond their own specific experiences, developing a greater strategic approach, confidence and understanding that can equip them for more senior roles and greater responsibilities. This exclusive blended learning programme is delivered by a combination of 3 day face-to-face teaching blocks in London, followed by online seminars, discussions and peer-to-peer learning, taught by some of the most highly respected professionals that the fashion industry and creative academia can offer. You will be taught by staff with significant fashion business experience and access to the fashion industry through consultancies and research. LCF maintains close relationships with industry leaders, which underpins the EMBA’s focused content, enabling participants to learn from real-life case studies and from industry specialists. This unique learning experience will provide you with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills to succeed in the widest variety of fashion enterprises. During the course you will be able to enhance your evaluative, analytical and problem-solving skills by combining your growing theoretical knowledge with the decision-making challenges faced during your work roles. Modes of learning Fast track: 18 month part-time programme Designed to complement full-time employment Periods of intensive study Seven units completed in sequence. Flexible learning: Unit-by-unit flexible approach Take one or more units at a time units can be taken in any order (except Consultancy Project) Entry points in October, January, April and June Up to five years to complete full MBA qualification Option to exit with a Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) or a Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits). Structure This is a blended learning course, which is delivered through a mixture of face to face attendance and online distance learning. Face to Face teaching Candidates will be required to attend in person for a maximum six days every three months (three days per unit). Classes will include a mix of tutor and student-led seminars, group and individual presentations, individual and team responses to case studies, and lectures. Lectures will be supported by guest speakers from fashion and related industries. Case studies will form a further focus for student-led seminar and workshop activity. Industry visits Site visits are scheduled for each attendance block, allowing candidates restricted behind the scenes access directly related to the unit of study. Recent site visits have offered candidates the opportunity to visit a working factory at Margaret Howell, and to discuss up to the minute strategies and figures with the HR and Finance Directors in the boardroom at the Superdry Flagship store. Networking events Candidates are offered access to exclusive evening industry networking events in the form of panel discussions with high-profile speakers, which are followed by the chance to meet the speakers and academics over drinks and canapés to further discuss points raised during the debate. Recent events include ‘The Global Menswear Market: Challenges and Opportunities for Growth’ and ‘Global Luxury Consumption: The Future of Exclusivity’, with panel members including Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods; Maurice Mullen, Head of Fashion and Luxury at the London Evening Standard; Eric Musgrave, Drapers Editorial Director; Peter Ruis, CEO at Jigsaw; and Eleanor Robertson, Buying Manager at Selfridges. Online distance learning The advanced virtual learning environment offers candidates the opportunity to engage with tutor-led live seminars, discussion forums and chat room facilities. This blend of learning provides an accessible, inspiring and flexible space in which to gain this EMBA degree. Candidates are expected to engage frequently in self-directed peer communication. The latter will help strengthen the strong networking opportunities afforded by the programme. International fashion city excursion The Product Portfolio Management unit encompasses an international fashion city excursion to look at global retailing with particular emphasis on design and retail concepts. In June 2014 the excursion was based on the luxury sector in Paris and included dedicated visits to Dior and Galeries Lafayette. [-]

Executive MBA

London Business School
Campus Part time 20 months August 2017 United Kingdom London

An outstanding Executive MBA programme at London Business School. A 20 month, part-time MBA leading to the same degree as the full-time MBA and the opportunity to study in London. [+]

Why choose a London Business School Executive MBA?

The outstanding Executive MBA programme at London Business School offers:

A rigorous, demanding and career-oriented programme which sets high standards of scholarship Ideas for action, frameworks and thinking tools which are immediately applicable to your responsibilities at work A wide choice of elective courses to focus and gain breadth and depth The knowledge and experience of a world-renowned faculty in continuing partnership with industry and government The opportunity to gain a multi-national perspective by working with faculty and participants from a wide range of national and cultural backgrounds Intensive international assignments to study business issues in both continental Europe and overseas The means to accelerate your career development and improve your contribution to your sponsoring organisation A 20 month, part-time MBA leading to the same degree as the full-time MBA The opportunity to study and network in London, one of the financial centres of world. ... [-]

Weekend Executive MBA

Greenwich School of Management
Campus Part time 24 months August 2017 United Kingdom London

The programmes encourage individuals from all walks of life, and from all organisational and working backgrounds. Engineers, accountants, legal practitioners. [+]

Weekend Executive MBA

In recent years the MBA degree has become the foremost academic qualification for managers. Academics and industrialists alike have recognised the value of the degree in developing staff for the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment. Research has shown that the award of the MBA assists the personal development of managers, as well as benefiting their career and professional life.

One of the strengths of our MBA programmes is the diversity of programme members’ backgrounds and experiences. The range of functional, professional and vocational skills and knowledge that participants bring to the programme allows the lecturing faculty to test the validity of theoretical concepts against a rich background of personal and organisational outlooks.... [-]