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Switzerland has much to offer students, making it a highly sought after location for education. Its beautiful landscapes, multicultural environment, innovative atmosphere, and international perspective make it an excellent choice for an EMBA program. EMBA Switzerland will help students advance their careers to the next level.

Students of EMBA Switzerland will gain the leadership and analytical skills necessary to lead their organizations more effectively. Not only will students gain fundamental knowledge of business in the changing global environment, but they will also focus on management and leadership. Students of EMBA Switzerland will apply business and leadership theories to real world situations and will learn to think strategically for decision-making. Students of EMBA Switzerland will also focus on technology as a tool for management, ethics, communication, and the global business environment.

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Online MBA in Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management School
Online Part time 18 - 60 months February 2017 Switzerland Gland

The Online MBA in Sustainability Management is designed for everyone demanding sustainability [+]

EMBAs in Switzerland 2016/2017. The online MBA in Sustainability Management is designed for everyone demanding sustainability knowledge and practice. Applicants learn how to apply innovative solutions for sustainable development. This Online MBA course is delivered through SUMAS' virtual learning environment, where you will have access to teaching material and can communicate with faculty and other students. The virtual learning environment offers students flexibility of where and when they can study. The Sustainability Management School provides an exclusive education. The Online MBA is a challenging program demanding a combination of intellectual abilities and business experience. The program is divided into six terms and includes: 9 core modules and 4 major courses, projects and a final capstone. Duration of the program: 18 months to 5 years. Requirements for the on-line MBA Programs: - Official certified transcripts and diplomas of Bachelor or Master Studies, with certified translation if not originally in English. - Work experience at a professional level. - TOEFL (minimum score of 550 PBT or 80 IBT), or IELTS (minimum score of 5.5), or other Standardized English Placement Exams. - Motivation Letter indicating why you want to study in Switzerland at Sustainability Management School. - Copy of Passport or ID. Graduate Program Costs - Non-refundable application fee - 200 CHF for EU/500 CHF for Non-European. - For flexible payment options, please refer to our website. SUMAS does not currently offer any scholarship programs or grants. [-]

Executive MBA in Business & IT

TUM School of Management Executive Programs
Campus Part time 3 - 4 semesters October 2016 Switzerland St.Gallen

The demand for executives who have extensive IT know-how as well as profound general management knowledge is growing continually. This is where the Executive MBA in Business & IT at the TUM School of Management and the Institute of Information [+]

The demand for executives who have extensive IT know-how as well as profound general knowledge in the field of management is growing continually. This is where the Executive MBA in Business & IT at the Technische Universität München and the Institute of Information Management of the University of St Gallen come in. On the initiative of the "European CIO Association "and "VOICE-Verband der IT-Anwender e.V", the Executive MBA in Business & IT was launched in 2013. In addition, many corporate partners are involved intensively in the program e.g. Atos, Bayer, Henkel, Schindler and Tata. The focus of the Executive MBA program is on linking business and IT, as these are essential factors for successful corporate management. The course content is presented interactively by combining extensive, established academic models with practical experience. The transfer of knowledge into a corporate context is made possible by using IT-based examples and cases, and by holding discussions. Countless CIOs, among others, who share their personal experiences and challenges, contribute to the program. Our participants who come from technical backgrounds are given extensive insights into the strategic decision-making process of a company and obtain a deep understanding of chances and risks of IT applications within the general framework of a company. The Executive MBA program prepares our participants for top managerial positions in IT companies and IT-related companies, as well as for executive positions in IT departments. The aim of the program is the development of a new generation of CIOs, who have to be prepared for the complex business questions of the future. Executive MBA in Business & IT Modules: Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship IT Security & Privacy Management Business Processes and Technology Demand & Supply Management Ownership of Enterprise & Governance Strategy and Organization Finance & Accounting International Management and Intercultural Cooperation Change Management & Human Capital Market, Law & Ethics Leadership & Cooperation Master's Thesis Study trip Program structure: Format: the program is designed to meet the needs of working people and business founders. It runs in parallel with existing employment and can be joined for either the spring or fall term. Eleven blocks of classroom sessions are scheduled over the course in three semesters. While ten blocks will take place in Munich or St. Gallen, an international study trip to one partner university is included. Participants can pick the partner of their choice. Our partner universities are the Tsinghua University Beijing (China), Jiao Tong University, Shanghai (China), Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley (USA) and University of California, Berkeley (USA). Due to the modular character of the program, modules can be booked individually. Learning environment: classroom sessions, small interdisciplinary teams, constructive participant-to-lecturer ratios, case studies, company visits, evening sessions Teaching staff: professors from TUM, the University of St Gallen and other universities of international renown work with high-profile figures from the world of business and business consultancy to pass their knowledge and project experience on to participants. Entry Requirements: Third-level degree (university or similar) Several years of professional (leadership) experience Proficiency in English Application form Copy of passport or ID Letter of motivation Essay (approx. 2,000 words) Certified copy of degree certificate and transcript Successful admission interview [-]

Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)

Lorange Institute of Business Zurich, a Member of CEIBS Group
Campus Part time 78 days Open Enrollment Switzerland Zurich

CEIBS Global Executive MBA is a part-time 20-month programme with a strong focus on managerial issues, coupled with leadership development and coaching sessions. You will receive a world-class education with a unique vantage point of bridging the rapidly changing business and economic landscape of Europe, Asia and Africa. [+]

Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)

CEIBS Global Executive MBA is a part-time 20-month programme with a strong focus on managerial issues, coupled with leadership development and coaching sessions. You will receive a world-class education with a unique vantage point of bridging the rapidly changing business and economic landscape of Europe, Asia and Africa. The Global EMBA programme is for high-potential upper-level entrepreneurs and executives, to advance their careers by deeply enriching and developing their leadership skills and analytical ability. On completion of the courses, you are expected to achieve the following four objectives: Understand and be able to apply fundamental concepts from the basic business domains of Accounting & Finance, Economics & Decision Sciences, Marketing and Management. Be able to integrate knowledge and concepts across functional areas to diagnose and solve complex business problems. Understand the unique challenges of operating in various business environments as an integrated part of the global economy. Understand and be able to apply appropriate leadership behaviour and skills for enhancing personal and organisational effectiveness. Profile of our GEMBA students: Average Age 39, Average Years of Work Experience 14, Countries Represented 23, Female participants 31%. ... [-]

International Executive MBA

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Campus Part time 4 semesters February 2017 Switzerland Winterthur

With international markets becoming increasingly more dynamic and the influence of different contexts, cultures, and consumer needs growing steadily, business leaders are faced with enormous challenges. The generalist International Executive MBA (IEMBA) Master’s degree program has been tailored to meet these challenges. [+]

With international markets becoming increasingly more dynamic and the influence of different contexts, cultures, and consumer needs growing steadily, business leaders are faced with enormous challenges. The generalist International Executive MBA (IEMBA) Master’s degree program has been tailored to meet these challenges. It prepares executives for demanding tasks in a global environment. Areas of particular focus are leadership methodology, international business, and business ethics. This degree program is a unique combination of innovative leadership training, special emphasis on business ethics, strategy-oriented training in international business, and the use of interdisciplinary segments such as action learning, study trips, a reference case study, and a team-based business simulation week. At a glance Qualification: Executive Master of Business Administration ZFH (60 ECTS) Start: on request Length: 4 Semester Costs: CHF 48,200.00 Comment on Costs: The fee includes all travel and accommodation expenses for the study trips abroad, all accommodation expenses for the intensive Business Simulation week in Switzerland, as well as all program fees and charges, including textbooks and other teaching materials. Venue: The module seminars take place in the classrooms and lecture halls of the ZHAW School of Management in Law in Winterthur / (Zurich). Separate arrangements are made during intensive study weeks and study trips abroad. Language of Instruction: English Objectives and Content Participants The IEMBA program is aimed at business leaders in small, medium-sized, and large companies, young professionals with strong leadership potential, and English-speaking executives from all over the world. Objectives After completing the program, participants will be able to do the following: Lead groups that are demographically and culturally diverse and make sound and timely decisions even under pressure Identify, evaluate, and analyze general (advanced) management problems of a multi-dimensional nature Plan and implement international business strategies Design and implement internationalization strategies and processes Anticipate strategic and operative problems as well as general and financial risks arising from international business activity, and be proactive in developing effective solutions Communicate effectively Consider the business ethics perspective in their management decisions Content Participants are required to have a minimum of five years of professional experience as well as some leadership experience. They first receive a foundation of in-depth business administration knowledge on which to build more advanced competencies in the focus areas. These are leadership and networking (Global Leadership and Relationship Management), international business processes (International Business), and business ethics (Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility). The management training program combines individual and organizational leadership based on a well-founded, practically oriented leadership methodology, which also incorporates intercultural aspects. Additional interdisciplinary segments use methods of instruction that are geared to real-world needs. The IEMBA program consists of the following modules: Foundation Module Advanced General Management (6 ECTS) Leadership and Decision-Making (6 ECTS) Organizational Behavior & Global Relationship Management (6 ECTS) Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility (6 ECTS) International Business Environment (6 ECTS) Strategy and Internationalization (6 ECTS) Value-Chain Internationalization & Risk Management (6 ECTS) Application and Integration (6 ECTS) EMBA Thesis (12 ECTS) Methodology In teaching the IEMBA program, instructors combine theory and practice. In particular, this synergy is created by means of the following methods: Interactive impulse lectures Class and group discussions Group projects and application exercises Working with case studies Written assignments In addition, the following innovative program segments are used: Case study used to demonstrate and try out specific concepts and tools Action learning situations using specific everyday business issues as provided by participants Study trips aimed to enable participants to experience other cultures, become familiar with business in the core markets of Swiss commerce and industry, and build a network of business contacts International Business Simulation, a business game that participants play for one whole week of intensive study and during which they are put to the test to apply the skills they have acquired in a crisis management scenario. Classes Part-time course of study taking place for a period of 18 months on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (all day), except during vacation periods. The Master’s thesis is usually produced in the period following this period, i.e. in Months 19-24. An intensive week of instruction takes place in Semesters 2, 3, and 4. [-]

EMBA Executive Master in Business Administration

USI Università della Svizzera italiana
Campus Part time 18 months March 2017 Switzerland Lugano

The USI EMBA is a modular, advanced master in management degree, taught in English, by exceptional international faculty at the Università della Svizzera italiana. Participants meet once a [+]

EMBA Executive Master in Business Administration


The USI EMBA is a modular, advanced master in management degree, taught in English, by exceptional international faculty at the Università della Svizzera italiana. Participants meet once a month in Lugano for four days, from Thursday to Sunday, over a period of fifteen months. The program’s flexible format allows managers and executives to complete all the courses while working full time. The degree ends with the opportunity for participants to apply their new knowledge and skills: under the guidance of a professor, they carry out a three-month-long keystone consulting project.

USI EMBA distinctive features: distinguished, international faculty with extensive experience: both from leading   international business schools and from strategic company consulting around the world personalized learning experience: thanks to the small class size of fifteen to twenty participants, exchanges between participants and faculty are meaningful and tutoring ensures that each individual gains the maximum from the courses  tailored advanced courses: the class participants will together select four options from a range of possible courses balance between theory, concepts and applied learning: permanent and guest instructors share their knowledge and guide participants in the practical application of new concepts and competences outstanding location: a breathtakingly beautiful setting for inspired learning... [-]

Executive Master in Business Administration - EMBA

University of Business and International Studies Geneva (UBIS)
Campus Part time 12 - 24 months February 2017 Switzerland Geneva

UBIS' EMBA program is based on current educational trends in conjunction with real world issues. The program has been developed to meet the demand of the job market by helping to advance the careers of our graduates, and contribute to professional knowledge and competence in all aspects of business. [+]

EMBA Program outcomes:

The UBIS EMBA courses offered in the evenings for working professionals and the program gives students an opportunity to have an applied business education within a dynamic, multicultural learning environment. The program not only improves decision making capabilities of students by providing a functional business foundation, it also enhances their analytical, communication, and technological skills. An EMBA from UBIS gives you the necessary skills to take on mid-to-senior level management and executive positions in the corporate world. Our graduates will have the confidence to pursue careers in positions of authority in the private sector, in public administration, international organizations or non-governmental organizations. ... [-]

Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management

ETH Zurich Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management
Campus Part time 18 months February 2017 Switzerland Zurich

A unique combination of general management studies plus in-depth focus on international supply chain management; Executive level instruction to prepare for future leadership roles. [+]

EMBAs in Switzerland 2016/2017. ETH Zurich’s Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management (MBA ETH SCM) Key features: A unique combination of general management studies plus in-depth focus on international supply chain management Executive level instruction to prepare for future leadership roles A fully English-medium program - in the global business language Part-time attendance on-campus in Zurich enables executives to remain on the job for the duration of the 18-month program Core lectures are on-campus in Zurich, Switzerland, complemented by onsite study modules in Russia, the USA, and Asia Regular VIP speakers, usually European executives, provide dialogues on current topics in their industries A thesis project requires that learning be applied to an actual problem in the student’s own company Why ETH EMBA? Students will benefit by: acquiring up-to-date general management skills, combined with in-depth knowledge in international supply chain management becoming familiar with the new process-based orientation of management thinking gaining a truly global perspective with practical on-the-spot experience carrying out a Master Thesis of high relevance and immediate value for the employer joining an exclusive class of managers and specialists, selected based on the highest standards regarding educational background, job experience and intellectual capacity learning in a small class, characterized by personalized teaching, as well as by intensive interactions between students and lecturers being able to continue working in their organizations, as our program is for part-time study obtaining, ultimately, an MBA degree from the ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading universities “I found our study trip to the USA absolutely thrilling and from a practical supply chain know-how point of view, very relevant. The highlight of our trip was the time that we spent with the Boeing management at their production facility in Everett. WA. We were introduced to their 787 Dreamliner project and the management team was very open with us on the supply chain choices that they made and the subsequent challenges that they face in bring the 787 to market on-time and within budget. Over the 3 days we worked through a case study with Boeing on what they could have done differently to avoid the challenges that they face. I found the open dialog on supply chain design and monitoring to be profoundly useful. The tour of the production facility at Everett, WA was eye opening. To see different supply chain strategies at work for different Aircraft models, and these working harmoniously under one roof, was a lesson in the effective management of complexity.” Matthias Syndikus Head of Commercial Operations Corning Switzerland AG MBA ETH SCM 2011 graduate, German/Canadian Admissions requirements Our program is an Executive MBA, reserved for persons aiming at top management positions. Higher Education: Master degree or equivalent Bachelor degree with excellent marks and additional qualifications Work experience: minimum 5 years Language: proficient in business English* * GMAT or any English test is not required. We will assess your English ability in an interview. The candidates must also pass an assessment interview with our admissions committee. The number of students per course is limited to approximately 25. The ETH Zurich reserves the right to select students based on their academic, professional and personal merits. [-]

Executive MBA

SBS Swiss Business School
Campus Part time 16 months February 2017 Switzerland Zurich

SBS is among the first Business Schools in Europe to adapt its Executive MBA program towards the new demands of leading organizations and companies within the knowledge economy. [+]

Why sbs swiss business school SBS is among the first Business Schools in Europe to adapt its Executive MBA program towards the new demands of leading organizations and companies within the knowledge economy. We need people who can lead interdisciplinary and multi-cultural groups. Individuals who can combine knowledge across disciplines and who understand the role of the organization in the society. In order to meet these demands, we have reworked our Executive MBA program, with major in international management to give participants a set of tools to identify and creatively solve problems, add value and contribute in ways that are not routine. We welcome you to the Modular Executive MBA! Why select the SBS Executive MBA? You want: A world-class EMBA while you continue to work A program that combines academic theory with real world application, you can use at work. To improve your leadership and strategy skills To improve your career prospects and international network The 16-month program is designed to be compatible with the work pressures and the demanding travel schedules of our participants. The Executive MBA unites experienced executives and faculty from around the world, to build a global view of business, develop a strategic mindset and gain an understanding of the newest management tools required in today’s fast – moving emerging markets. The goal of SBS is: to help you reach your goals by professional learning, life drawn from experienced classmates, international case studies and expert faculty from around the globe. The program An emphasis on teamwork and study groups are an essential part of the Executive MBA experience to prepare our students for future career prospects. A mix of techniques, focused strongly on the case study methodology, allows students to work in interdisciplinary groups and, in turn, discuss, debate and solve real-life business problems. A mixof additional methods is used to draw on the participants’ own professional experience, creating an interactive learning environment and promoting an exchange of ideas between students and faculty. What makes our program special is the action learning concept and its dual focus on personal and organizational development. The SBS Executive MBA consists of 8 modules which are offered with an interval of 2 months. Classes are held from Saturday to Friday Academic calendar 2016-2017: Human Resources Management, Managerial Accounting (January 16 – 22, 2016) Operations and Project Management, International Marketing and Research (March 19 – 25, 2016) Business Policy and Strategy, International Finance and Banking (May 21 – 27, 2016) Management Information Systems Research Methods (July 16 – 22, 2016) Business Values and Ethics International Law and Business (Sept. 24 – 30, 2016) Financial Accounting Marketing Management (November 19 – 25, 2016) Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior and Leadership (January 21 – 27, 2017) Communication and Negotiation Skills Financial Management (March 18 – 24, 2017) 2016 Thesis Calendar Thesis Submission Deadline: Friday, January 15th at 17:00 Thesis Defense Day: Friday, January 29th Thesis Submission Deadline: Friday, August 26th at 17:00 Thesis Defense Days: Thursday and Friday, September 8th and 9th Each participant must write a thesis. Personal development and career coaching are one of the essential elements of the program. Special tools like the 360 degree Leadership review, personal coaching sessions MRFI and other tools are used on an individual basis. Students and Alumni Executive MBA participants are on average 37 years old, have 12 years of work experience and speak several languages. We have a large community of EMBA Alumni who interact on a regular basis. Registration process Admission requirements A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or a degree equivalent professional qualification Professional achievement: career progression, with at least 5-10 years of management experience Fluency in English at a TOEFL level of minimum 90 or the SBS Admissions Test A GMAT score of minimum 550, or SBS admission exam Successful completion of a personal interview with our Admissions Offi cer, either in person or by phone Application documents Completed and duly signed application form Complete Curriculum Vitae indicating professional experiences Certifi ed copy of bachelor’s degree Offi cial academic transcripts Two recommendation letters Two passport-sized photographs Non-refundable application fee of 150 CHF. You will find all forms online at www.sbs.edu/programs/graduate/emba Tuition Fees All fees are in Swiss francs: Application fee: 150.-- Payment upon acceptance: 3500.-- Per module: 4000.-- ( 8 modules) Total tuition fee: 35 500.-- Accreditation and recognition Our Executive MBA program is fully accredited by ACBSP and IACBE. For more details: www.sbs.edu/discover/information/accreditation For information about rankings, visit www.sbs.edu/discover/information/rankings [-]

EMBA in Financial Services and Insurance

University of St. Gallen EMBA FSI
Campus Full time 22 months November 2016 Switzerland St.Gallen

The MBA in Financial Services and Insurance (MBA-FSI) is an executive MBA programme, designed for high potentials working in the financial services industry. [+]

EMBAs in Switzerland 2016/2017. EMBA in Financial Services and Insurance An International Executive MBA, for you? The MBA in Financial Services and Insurance (MBA-FSI) is an executive MBA programme, designed for high potentials working in the financial services industry. Organised by three top business schools with excellent reputations in the field of management of financial institutions, the MBA-FSI delivers unique insights into the three subsectors of the financial services industry (banking, insurance, investment). Its modular setup with international modules spread over a period of 18 months, allows for a convenient combination of working and studying in a truly international environment, delivering an unmatched added value for a financial services executive! Why take an Executive MBA in Financial Services and Insurance? The MBA in Financial Services and Insurance (MBA-FSI) is an international, executive MBA programme, designed for participants with high potential to achieve top executive functions in financial services firms. No other established programme at an executive MBA level can claim to address the banking, as well as the (re)insurance, and the investment industry from an international and holistic perspective. The MBA-FSI provides a tremendous added value for you, as a financial services professional, because of its: Innovative programme, focusing on topics with high strategic value We deal with the latest developments in management and apply them to the financial services industry. Besides this, we also tackle topics specific to the industry such as the impact of new regulations in banking and insurance and the impact of the financial crisis. Unique pooling of excellence, available throughout the world This programme is the result of a long-term collaboration between three universities with an excellent reputation in the management of financial services firms – each with their own area of expertise, complemented by renowned academic and business specialists from around the world. Truly international profile in all its aspects Participants, course locations, core faculty and guest speakers all have an international dimension, which guarantees a broadening of your personal horizon. Modern learning approach We provide an optimal mixture between teaching of theoretical frameworks, case studies, guest speakers, company visits, business simulations and practical projects and assignments. On top of that, our courses are entirely ran on iPad. This means that no more paper and binders need to be carried along. Digital delivery of course materials enables participants to carry all their course materials with them to have them available when they need them. Finally the iPad delivery also enables extra and richer interactivity, both in class and afterwards. Combination of learning and working The MBA-FSI covers a period of 22 months (including graduation), in which two-week residential modules of classes, group work, etc. are followed by self-study periods during which assignments (e.g. literature, case-preparation, thesis, etc.) have to be completed while you continue working. In this way, the theory learned is applied immediately into your own working environment. Programme Approach During the programme, general management knowledge and skills are combined with in-depth insights into the business economics of the financial sector. In order to achieve this goal, each module is structured on the basis of two perspectives. Academic Perspective The academic perspective offers participants the necessary frameworks and tools to tackle the challenges of a modern organisation. In each module participants acquire a firm understanding of relevant management skills in different domains, including strategic management, marketing, human resources and organizational behaviour, accounting and finance, operations and technology, corporate governance, risk management and other issues. Business Perspective Secondly, the MBA-FSI provides participants with insights into the financial services industry. The focus is on the different sub-sectors of the financial services sector: banking, insurance and investment. We discuss the main trends taking place in the different industries and translate the academic and theoretical frameworks to the financial services industry. Taking these two perspectives into account, this programme provides high potentials with the necessary training to pursue a successful career in today’s fast changing financial services sector. Curriculum During the six residential modules of the programme, participants acquire a firm understanding of the most recent developments in the different management disciplines. At the same time, participants learn to apply the management frameworks to their own financial institution. It’s this application of general concepts to the financial services industry that sets the MBA-FSI apart from general MBA programmes. Module 1 - Ghent/Brussels (Belgium) Date: 26 October - 7 November 2014 Getting plugged in Understanding the economic context Crafting the right strategy Creating value in the insurance industry Self-awareness: You as a leader Module 2 - Öhningen/St. Gallen/Zurich (Switzerland-Germany) Date: 22 February - 6 March 2015 Creating and communicating customer value Reaching out to the customer Managing financial services in a digital world Module 3 - London (United Kingdom) Date: 24 May - 5 June 2015 Winning through employees Being a responsible leader Understanding global financial systems and financial instruments Creating value in asset management How to create value with finance related decisions? Module 4 - Beijing/Shanghai (China) Date: 13 - 25 September 2015 Managing risk from a holistic perspective Creating value with financial and risk management Managing a bank Managing in a cross-cultural environment Module 5 - Singapore Date: 10 - 22 January 2016 Exploiting the full potential of IT - How to achieve process excellence? Managing and assessing the performance of the organisation Module 6 - Boston/New York (US) Date: 24 April - 6 May 2016 Being an ethical and sustainable financial institution Building an agile organisation Challenging the status quo Graduation Graduation of MBA FSI Admission We have specific admission criteria for the MBA-FSI. As its international character and focus on the integration of banking, insurance, and investment are the unique features of this programme, the MBA-FSI programme management strives to maximise the geographical and professional spread of participants. This adds to the learning experience of the participants and it is something we regard as a critical element in selection procedures. Our highly selective admissions process is designed to build a diverse and ambitious group. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. As the number of places in the MBA-FSI group is limited, we strongly recommend applying as early as possible! 3 Steps to admission: 1. Check your eligibility: To be accepted as a participant in the MBA-FSI programme, you must: hold an academic degree (at least 3 years normal study duration, minimum 180 ECTS credits) from an academic institution recognised by the relevant authorities of the institution's home country. have an outstanding professional history with at least 8 years of full-time, business-related working experience since graduation. have relevant management experience in the area of financial services. have a mature personality. be identified as a ‘high potential’ within your organisation. Not sure about your eligibility? Contact us! 2. Send in your MBA-FSI application package The application package includes: application from current CV recommendation letter in which your company explicitly supports your candidature and identifies you as a 'high potential' a solid academic record at university level, proven by a copy of the university diploma and transcripts. 3. Take the MBA-FSI admissions interview During this face-to face, or remote (via Skype, phone,etc..) interview, we assess your personality, professional and managerial experience, English language skills and motivation. Upon successful completion of the admissions process, the final decisions regarding acceptance are made jointly by the MBA-FSI admissions board with representatives from the organising partners. The application deadline for applying for the next edition of MBA-FSI is 30 September 2014. Tuition Fee The tuition fee for the next edition of the MBA-FSI (2014-2016) amounts to €48.000. This tuition fee includes the teaching fees, fees for classrooms, and course materials. Catering, travelling, and lodging costs are not included in this fee. The average cost for catering and lodging is €3.000 per module. This tuition fee includes Teaching fees Fees for classrooms Course material Additional Costs You will have to take additional costs into account when taking this MBA: Catering Accommodation Travel Expenses The average cost for catering and lodging is €3.000 per module. The payment of the tuition fee is required one month before the start of the programme [-]

Executive MBA in ICT or Utility Management

IIMT University of Fribourg
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 4 years February 2017 Switzerland Fribourg + 1 more

The Executive MBA provide participants with the analytical, functional, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in an increasingly complex and global ICT [+]

Executive MBA in ICT or Utility Management

Are you looking for a professional challenge & career enhancement? Then get your Executive MBA, in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or Utility Management, and become part of our network!The Executive MBA provide participants with the analytical, functional, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in an increasingly complex and global ICT as well as Utility business and management environment.The Executive MBA in ICT or Utility Management represents in total 15 course weeks with 30 modules and can be completed part-time of full time. The programmes are organised in weekly blocks (Monday to Saturday), with each block consisting of two modules. Half of the class time is devoted to the acquisition of new knowledge in the subject area concerned, while the remaining time is allocated to practical work and case studies (in ICT or Utility Management).... [-]

Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration (full-time program)

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Campus Full time 12 months September 2017 Switzerland Lausanne

This 12 month program is ideal for “career climbers” wishing to move up the ladder in their present hospitality career, and also “career switchers” who currently work in a different industry and are interested in switching into hospitality as a completely new area of professional activity. [+]

Our 12 month Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration builds on previous experience to empower students with a unique combination of marketable skills for the hospitality sector.

This program is highly personalised, and prepares participants for specific opportunities and niche markets offered by the hospitality industry. It attracts experienced professionals and novices, artists and scientists, thinkers and doers, all driven by a sense of expectancy and a desire for change.

Admission Requirements


An undergraduate degree To enrol in the program, students need to have obtained a recognized undergraduate degree (in any field).


... [-]

Executive MBA - Europe (Geneva)

Thunderbird Europe
Campus Part time 16 months August 2017 Switzerland Geneva

Thunderbird’s Executive MBA-Europe program develops these skills in convenient format for busy working professionals from across Europe and the Middle East. The program is based in Geneva, Switzerland... [+]

Executive MBA - Europe (Geneva)

#1 in International Business (overall institution listing) #3 in Executive MBA (Wall Street Journal's most recent ranking) #8 Worldwide in Executive Education (tied with INSEAD), Financial Times 2010 Top 15 Executive MBA among US-based Institutions, Financial Times 2010

To drive truly sustainable business growth, today's global leaders need a broader perspective beyond the standard MBA program. In addition to world-class management practices, they need cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills, along with the ability to adapt quickly to changing environments. They need a keen understanding of the political and economic factors that shape each region's business landscape--and a repertoire of skills to respond to the forces that drive change.... [-]

EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration

United International Business Schools
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years September 2017 Switzerland Zurich + 1 more

The Executive MBA program of the United International Business Schools organization is offered at its campuses in Antwerp, Barcelona and Brussels. The program, totaling 450 ... [+]

The Executive MBA program of the United International Business Schools organization is offered at its campuses in Antwerp, Barcelona and Brussels. The program, totaling 450 contact hours, targets working professionals and business executives who have obtained a Bachelor degree, who are proficient in English and who have a minimum of 3 years of work experience.


Contemporary issues such as business ethics, corporate responsibility, and sustainaibilty, all form an integral part of the various courses offered in the program. Students are also introduced to management consulting activities.

GEMBA110 Corporate Finance GEMBA120 International Economics GEMBA130 Managerial Accounting GEMBA210 Marketing Management GEMBA220 Strategic Management GEMBA230 Corporate Communication GEMBA310 Human Resource Management GEMBA320 Organizational Behavior and Change Management GEMBA330 Leadership GEMBA410 Operations Management GEMBA420 Management Information Systems and Business Intelligence GEMBA430 Project Management GEMBA510 Entrepreneurship GEMBA520 Business Law GEMBA530 Negotiation Techniques ... [-]


HSO Executive Business School
Campus Part time February 2017 Switzerland Zurich

The Executive MBA (Executive MBA program in the format) will prepare you for your next career move as a squad member in the middle or senior management [+]

The Executive MBA (Executive MBA program in the format) will prepare you for your next career move as a squad member in front of middle or senior management.

This comprehensive and in-depth training enables you to run a business or division. They thus acquire the necessary universal knowledge management in key business areas.

Thanks to the transfer and competency-based learning design, you'll quickly be able to successfully apply new learning into practice. Your own company forms the subject of study and the problems. Collaborative learning and working methods to promote your skills to the interdisciplinary cooperation and communication, and teamwork.... [-]

Executive Master in International Hotel and Hospitality Management

ABMS The Open University Of Switzerland
Online Full time Part time 12 months Open Enrollment Switzerland Zug + 1 more

This Executive Master (EMBA) in International Hotel and Hospitality management study program is ideal for students who worked directly after high school for at least 5 years in a managerial position in the same field or similar, [+]

EMBAs in Switzerland 2016/2017. Advance Your Expertise at ABMS Connect with learners and leaders just like you in our online master's programs. You will go as far as your mind will take you as a master's student at ABMS. For Academic Researchers and Educators The Executive Master's of International Hotel and Hospitality Management (eMBA) signifies the next level of achievement in any academic discipline. This Executive Master (EMBA) in International Hotel and Hospitality management study program is ideal for students who worked directly after high school for at least 5 years in a managerial position in the same field or similar, at the end of Master in International Hotel and Hospitality Management study program the graduates will combine theory with their experiance and display a sound knowledge of Hotel management. Students are equipped with useful hospitality tools and theories to re-enter the tourism market and contribute more effectively and efficiently to organizations within the International Hotel and Hospitality field. The Executive Master in International Hotel and Hospitality Management is designed for students who are aspiring to hold careers in the management industry, and is comprised of four 3-month blocks; this study will help students to gain skills as well as a respected qualification that will better their chances of entering the career of their dreams. By 2017, the hotel and tourism industry is expected to generate 262.000.000 jobs, approx. 1 in every 10 jobs worldwide. In our master's programs, you will: Develop and practice innovative research methods. Earn the highest quality of education. Achieve the expertise to publish in peer-reviewed journals. Become a successful researcher and professional. eMBA: 6 months + thesis The master will take your leadership to the next level. In our master's programs, you will: Study and apply innovative research methods. Combine applied research and professional practice. Prepare to make an impact in policy and practice. Learn strategies to facilitate more effective, adaptable organizations and create positive change. Become a more innovative leader in your field. Study Language: this study program taught entirely in English. Modules: Hotel and Hospitality Management Study Skills for Postgraduate Learning Research Methods Information and Knowledge Management International Marketing Strategy Management, Control and Accountability for Financial Resources Managing People in Organisations Strategic Management Strategic Operations Management We have 4 intakes per year: January, April, July and October Admission Requirements: Duration: 6-month + Thesis (thesis takes around 6 months) Diploma: Executive MBA in International Hotel and Hospitality Management Age: Minimum age 23 years Previous study: 5 years Management experience + High School Diploma or Bachelor or equivalent English level: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (Only for students from non-English speaking countries or students who did not study at English speaking school) IF you dont have english certificate you can do our own english test for free of charge. Study Method: Online Fee: 10900 Euro Note: Study fee does not include application and reservation fee (to guarantee you a study place) of 240 Euro (onetime payment and non-refundable). European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System: this program is equivalent to 60 ECTS European Qualifications Framework: this program is equivalent to EQF Level 7 [-]