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An EMBA might be the solution. It allows you to keep your job, learn from the experts and apply new skills immediately back in the work force.

What more do you want than learning the leadership skills and applying them in the firm where you are providing your services. This EMBA leadership program is designed to create quality leaders who can take their companies high.

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country, located mostly on Anatolia in Western Asia and on East Thrace in Southeastern Europe. Many Turkish universities (both public and private) are participating in pan-European student exchange programs (Socrates, Erasmus, and the like). Some also have agreements with non-European universities, too.

Istanbul is one of the largest urban agglomerations in Europe with around 14 million citizens. Many of the universities in Turkey are located there or at least have campuses there. It’s also known for private higher education sector and award-winning institutes, especially for biomedicine.

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Executive MBA

Koc University - Istanbul Turkey
Campus Part time 12 - 13 months September 2017 Turkey İstanbul

The Koç University Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA) enables mid-career professionals with a minimum work experience of 5 years to improve their managerial and leadership skills and to equip themselves with the analytical foundation necessary for higher levels in their careers. [+]

Business Studies in Leadership in Istanbul in Turkey. The Koç University Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA) enables mid-career professionals with a minimum work experience of 5 years to improve their managerial and leadership skills and to equip themselves with the analytical foundation necessary for higher levels in their careers. The design of the program allows students to complete their education without any disruption of work in 13 months. It starts with a two-week full-time module in August. It continues with classes taught only on Saturdays to fit corporate lifestyles. The program ends with another two-week full-time module at the end of the following August. Since its foundation, Koç University has made a commitment to being an academic center of excellence in teaching and research and being recognized worldwide with its students, faculty, educational and research programs. Basic Components of the Success of KOC Executive MBA We believe that the growing reputation of the program is a result of the following factors of success: Top-notch Professional Students Internationally Recognized Faculty Strong Return on Education Investment Rigorous Curriculum Supportive Learning Environment Excellent Resources and State-of-the-art facilities Rigorous Curriculum The Koç Executive MBA curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of business and management theory: economics, accounting, business strategy, management and decision sciences, finance, marketing, operations management, management information systems, and international business. The result is an MBA graduate with strategic insight, multi-functional expertise, a global perspective, and the analytical and informational skills required of a world-class business leader. The program combines a rigorous theoretical and analytical approach with practical and conceptual tools. Koç University has based its educational program on the principle of "creative teaching/participatory learning". The faculty use a variety of teaching methods. These include case analysis, role playing, written and oral presentations, model-building exercises and computer as well as management simulations. Some classes use the more traditional lecture and discussion methods. Each faculty member is encouraged to adopt the style that works best given course objectives, the nature of the material, and the instructor’s own preferences. Students are expected to participate actively in class discussions, make presentations, write papers and complete assignments individually as well as in group projects. Cases are used frequently to improve problem diagnosis, analysis, and creative problem-solving skills. Most cases describe complex, real organizational issues. Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Kellogg, Babson College and Darden cases are used in the program, in addition to the cases developed by Koç University faculty members. Leading executives frequently visit the school to make class presentations based on their own experiences. In classes and in project work groups, students discuss their own managerial problems and opportunities. Admissions Process and Requirements The first requirement of Koç Executive MBA Program is to be a highly motivated and dedicated individual. In addition, applicants must have the following qualifications and apply to the MBA office with the related documents: an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution normally a minimum of five years of full-time professional work experience completed their military service (if applicable) or have a valid deferment written statement of corporate support current employment in a managerial position, regularly taking on increasing responsibilities indications of quantitative achievement (transcripts, job duties, GMAT scores) requisite level of English language competence basic proficiency in Microsoft Excel Candidates must submit a package that contains the application form with essays, at least two reference letters, transcripts from all institutions attended and ALES score. Candidates may apply as early as the month of January. Personal interviews are used to assess potential candidates’ success in a highly demanding program. Standardized tests such as TOEFL and GMAT may be required. All Turkish nationals are required to take the ALES admission test administered by the Higher Education Council (YÖK). Candidates who have taken the GMAT test and have obtained a score of 550 or more are exempted from ALES. All international students are required to take the GMAT test. Our ambition is to provide the students with the discipline, discretion, and skills that are needed to meet the challenges that confront top-level managers. If you are a highly motivated professional willing to work hard to improve your managerial capability, the Koç University Executive MBA program is a good investment for you. [-]