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Once you have obtained a graduate degree in business and have significant hands-on experience, the next step is an Executive MBA (EMBA). Programs combine fundamentals such as finance, accounting and marketing with leadership studies to get you into high-level executive and management positions.

If you want to broaden your career prospects, the EMBA International program is for you. With just one year of study in a multi-cultural environment, you get the exciting international experience of your life. This program covers the fundamental cultural issues of management and economics.

Switzerland (German: Schweiz, French: Suisse, Italian: Svizzera, Romansch: Svizra. Switzerland has some of the world renown universites like ETH in Zurich, EPFL in Lausanne, IHEID in Geneva, University of Lausanne or the University of St. Gallen. Keep in mind, it's much better to speak the local language, so if you can't speak either French, German or Italian, better go for a language course first.

Winterthur is also one of Swiss cities with over 70% high educated people. They are known for Technikum, the largest school of technology in Switzerland. It’s not the only thing you can study there – various different courses are available, arts classes in English, are also well known.

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International Executive MBA

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Campus Part time 4 semesters February 2017 Switzerland Winterthur

With international markets becoming increasingly more dynamic and the influence of different contexts, cultures, and consumer needs growing steadily, business leaders are faced with enormous challenges. The generalist International Executive MBA (IEMBA) Master’s degree program has been tailored to meet these challenges. [+]

Executive MBA Degrees in International in Winterthur in Switzerland. With international markets becoming increasingly more dynamic and the influence of different contexts, cultures, and consumer needs growing steadily, business leaders are faced with enormous challenges. The generalist International Executive MBA (IEMBA) Master’s degree program has been tailored to meet these challenges. It prepares executives for demanding tasks in a global environment. Areas of particular focus are leadership methodology, international business, and business ethics. This degree program is a unique combination of innovative leadership training, special emphasis on business ethics, strategy-oriented training in international business, and the use of interdisciplinary segments such as action learning, study trips, a reference case study, and a team-based business simulation week. At a glance Qualification: Executive Master of Business Administration ZFH (60 ECTS) Start: on request Length: 4 Semester Costs: CHF 48,200.00 Comment on Costs: The fee includes all travel and accommodation expenses for the study trips abroad, all accommodation expenses for the intensive Business Simulation week in Switzerland, as well as all program fees and charges, including textbooks and other teaching materials. Venue: The module seminars take place in the classrooms and lecture halls of the ZHAW School of Management in Law in Winterthur / (Zurich). Separate arrangements are made during intensive study weeks and study trips abroad. Language of Instruction: English Objectives and Content Participants The IEMBA program is aimed at business leaders in small, medium-sized, and large companies, young professionals with strong leadership potential, and English-speaking executives from all over the world. Objectives After completing the program, participants will be able to do the following: Lead groups that are demographically and culturally diverse and make sound and timely decisions even under pressure Identify, evaluate, and analyze general (advanced) management problems of a multi-dimensional nature Plan and implement international business strategies Design and implement internationalization strategies and processes Anticipate strategic and operative problems as well as general and financial risks arising from international business activity, and be proactive in developing effective solutions Communicate effectively Consider the business ethics perspective in their management decisions Content Participants are required to have a minimum of five years of professional experience as well as some leadership experience. They first receive a foundation of in-depth business administration knowledge on which to build more advanced competencies in the focus areas. These are leadership and networking (Global Leadership and Relationship Management), international business processes (International Business), and business ethics (Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility). The management training program combines individual and organizational leadership based on a well-founded, practically oriented leadership methodology, which also incorporates intercultural aspects. Additional interdisciplinary segments use methods of instruction that are geared to real-world needs. The IEMBA program consists of the following modules: Foundation Module Advanced General Management (6 ECTS) Leadership and Decision-Making (6 ECTS) Organizational Behavior & Global Relationship Management (6 ECTS) Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility (6 ECTS) International Business Environment (6 ECTS) Strategy and Internationalization (6 ECTS) Value-Chain Internationalization & Risk Management (6 ECTS) Application and Integration (6 ECTS) EMBA Thesis (12 ECTS) Methodology In teaching the IEMBA program, instructors combine theory and practice. In particular, this synergy is created by means of the following methods: Interactive impulse lectures Class and group discussions Group projects and application exercises Working with case studies Written assignments In addition, the following innovative program segments are used: Case study used to demonstrate and try out specific concepts and tools Action learning situations using specific everyday business issues as provided by participants Study trips aimed to enable participants to experience other cultures, become familiar with business in the core markets of Swiss commerce and industry, and build a network of business contacts International Business Simulation, a business game that participants play for one whole week of intensive study and during which they are put to the test to apply the skills they have acquired in a crisis management scenario. Classes Part-time course of study taking place for a period of 18 months on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (all day), except during vacation periods. The Master’s thesis is usually produced in the period following this period, i.e. in Months 19-24. An intensive week of instruction takes place in Semesters 2, 3, and 4. [-]