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Once you have obtained a graduate degree in business and have significant hands-on experience, the next step is an Executive MBA (EMBA). Programs combine fundamentals such as finance, accounting and marketing with leadership studies to get you into high-level executive and management positions.

France, officially the French Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic located mostly in Western Europe, with several overseas regions and territories.

Top Executive MBA Programs in Asia in France 2016/2017

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Executive MBA Asia Pacific

ESSEC Business School
Campus Part time 15 months October 2017 France Cergy-Pontoise

This century has been touted by many experts as the “Asian Century”. The message is that much of the growth in the world will come from Asia, which heralds [+]

Best Executive MBA Programs in Asia in France 2016/2017. This century has been touted by many experts as the “Asian Century”. The message is that much of the growth in the world will come from Asia, which heralds much positivism but along with it the challenges of managing an inhomogeneous market, cultural diversity and unique public and private institutional partnerships. ESSEC Business School, on the invitation of the Singapore government in 2005 to develop an alternative approach to corporate executive education, has invested in an experienced team of faculty, predominantly from Asia who have carried out research and delivered executive education in Asia, in order to develop management programmes for a new breed of Asia-focused business leaders with a global outlook. The ESSEC Executive MBA Asia-Pacific is intended to address the ever changing demands on senior management operating in the Asia-Pacific region. Programme Highlights: Innovative, Inclusive and International 1. An innovative curriculum incorporating the latest trends in Big Data and Mass Targeting, Value-creating Innovation, Business Negotiations in Asia and Branding with Digital and Social Networks 2. An inclusive learning approach with a strong focus on actionable learning and tactical frameworks applicable back in the workplace 3. An international outlook with a pan-Asian core, highlighting unique trends in the estimated 2.3bn Islamic business and future global powerhouses A modular program to fit the schedule of busy executives, 6 days every 6 weeks over 15 months with residencies in China and USA, the Executive MBA aims to provide participants with the best learning environment, exposure to an excellent network of contacts, and new insights from a strong faculty team to support you in developing your vision and strategy for Asia and coach you on the hard and soft skills needed to execute that strategy. Program Overview - Starting Date: October 2017 - Total duration: 15 months – Broken down into 6 days every 6 weeks - Working days: 60-65 days – Broken down into 48 days of courses, 10 days of residencies and 4 days of group strategic project. - International Residencies in China and USA Admission Requirements - At least 7-10 years of work experience - A good academic degree from a reputable institution (Bachelor, Master or other) - Completion of the GMAT exam (High score may be required if applicant does not have an academic degree) - A track record showcasing excellent work performance and leadership potential - Fluent in English [-]