Business Studies Programs

MBA and EMBA degrees are graduate academic programs offered by business schools or by business faculties in universities. Business programs are offered at schools around the world and feature a wide range of concentrations. Holding an MBA or an EMBA give students a solid understanding of business, as well as the critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills necessary to hold management and leadership positions.

Many universities around the world offer MBAs and EMBAs, online, part time as well as on campus. It is common for students to specialize in a field within the business discipline such as International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, etc.

The variety of different Business programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular business degrees and listed below.

News and Events


The 50 Most Powerful People in UK Higher Education—and What That Means for Your MBA

September 29, 2016

Consider using that MBA to reshape the course of higher education in a post-Brexit UK. Wonkhe, a higher education policy think tank, recently published a list of the 50 most powerful people in UK higher education this year.  Wonkhe measured power in two ways: Who has the power to allocate resou…


Do More Universities Mean More Money?

September 22, 2016

Most people would agree that universities are good for their communities. After all, students contribute everything from diversity to dollars to the areas in which they study, work and live. But a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that the impact of universities may be…


Which European Country Has the Best-Paid Graduates?

September 14, 2016

Many students want to know what they can expect to earn after they graduate, but do you know where to study if you want to earn more than the rest of your peers? One European country is topping the charts for graduate earnings – can you guess which one?

Newly added MBAs and EMBAs

Maastricht School of Management Romania

Executive MBA Program

September 29, 2016
The 2-year, part-time MSM Romania EMBA program provides state-of-the-art postgraduate education in business administration to mid-career professionals with the aim to advance their knowledge and practice of management and to train them to lead in a dynamic global business environment.

Aachen University of Applied Sciences

OpenBorders MBA

September 30, 2016
Drawing on a tradition of more than one hundred years of business academic training, HEC Liège, UHasselt and FH Aachen have combined their efforts to offer a multilingual Executive MBA program: the OpenBordersMBA program.

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)


September 24, 2016
If you’re a professional working for a company or organization driven by technology, the MSOE MBA is designed for you. Built upon more than 50 years of tradition preparing engineers and technical professionals for advancement to leadership careers...



Applying for an MBA? Don’t Make One of These Five Resume Mistakes

September 19, 2016

While attending business school can open the door to unparalleled career opportunities, the competition to gain entrance to MBA programs is fierce. One way to distinguish yourself from the pack of qua...


Top Four Business School Preparation Tips

September 5, 2016

Getting into business school is a big deal, but it’s only the first part of your journey to becoming a future business leader. Also an essential step in the process? Getting through business school. And while there’s no arguing that you won’t face some obstacles along the way, thes...>


How to Choose Between a Traditional MBA and a Specialized Master's

August 22, 2016

If you're thinking about business school, it's likely that you're also trying to decide between an MBA and a specialized master's degree. Both degrees require dedication and commitment, and successful graduates can expect career advantages from both an MBA and an MS. So which degree should you choos...>

What are Business Studies?

Business Studies is a term for a particular academic discipline which merges accounting, marketing, organizational studies and finance. The term can also refer to the broader study of Business as an academic discipline, which is then divided into sub-disciplines such as: International Trade, Business Technologies, Risk Management, Marketing, Labor Relations, E-Business, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Business Administration and Finance.

What are the benefits of taking a degree in Business?
A degree in Business at the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level provides valuable qualifications for a career in a diverse range of professional fields. The knowledge and skills gained in a Business degree program transfer well into work in public or private organizations, small businesses or large corporations, government organizations or non-profits, and more. A business studies undergraduate degree fulfills the key academic prerequisite for an MBA, EMBA or PhD studies in a related field.

What do we study in a degree in Business?
Various degrees are available in the field of Business studies, including:

  • Bachelors degrees,
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA),
  • Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA),
  • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA),
  • PhD in Business and more. Depending on the degree program, subject and business school or university, coursework subject matter will vary. Bachelors degrees tend to begin with foundational courses aimed at providing a broad overview of core subjects within the Business degree program. Then, undergraduate business studies courses increase in specificity, complexity and difficulty. MBA and EMBA programs may maintain a broad focus, or students can choose to enroll in a specialized Business Administration graduate program, concentrating on Banking, Heathcare Management, IT, Law, Logistics, Sales, Economics, Entrepreneurship or another field.

What kind of career improvement can you expect with a Business degree?
A Business degree offers opportunities for professional enhancement, not just for undergraduates starting out in their career, but also working professionals looking to make a career change or move up within their organization. When being considered for leadership positions in business, an MBA is at times a necessity or at least a very strong benefit. Graduate business degrees provide students with a fresh outlook and a broadened scope, which can help in addressing challenges.

How much does it cost to take a Business degree?
The cost of a Business degree will vary depending on a number of factors: the university or business school, the type of degree, the duration of the course and the country where the academic institution is located. Financial assistance or funding may be available for Business students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or PhD studies. It is best to contact the business schools of interest regarding tuition costs, fees and financial assistance opportunities.

What are the requirements to take a Business degree?
The prerequisites for business degrees vary, depending on whether they are undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate programs. Most graduate business degree programs require applicants to submit scores from a graduate admissions test, such as the GMAT or GRE. It is a good idea to read more about the program of interest for specific requirements information.

Why take a Business degree Online?
Online business study provides the student with the flexibility to manage their schedule in the way that best works for them. Business schools put to use the most up-to-date e-learning technology to offer a rigorous, engaging and communicative educational experience for their online business studies students. Business students enrolled in online courses get feedback directly from their professors, improve their written communication skills and participate in web conferences with their mentors and peers. Online study is available to business students at many business schools and universities, at any time - day or night - when it best suits their busy schedule.

Where to take a Business degree?
Top business schools and universities around the world offer a diverse range of business studies degree programs, from bachelor’s to PhDs. Look for business degree programs in New York, Dubai, London, Sydney, Toronto, Shanghai, Geneva, Bangalore and more. Find the business degree that suits you best today and contact directly the schools!